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Special Seeds are seeds which need to be planted in a unique farming patch. They are used in the Farming skill.

Level Seed Payment Growth time* Plant XP Harvest or Check-health XP GE Seeds Price Notes
42 File:Evil_turnip_seed_single.PNG
Evil turnip seed
--- <5 mins 41 H:46 452 Grown north of Draynor Manor. Evil turnips are used in summoning.
53 File:Mushroom_spore.PNG
Mushroom spore
--- 220 mins 61.5 H:57.7 180 Grown west of Canifis. Mushrooms are used to make Supercompost, to protect Whiteberries, are used for potato toppings, and are used to brew Moonlight Mead.
53 File:Jade vine seed.png
Jade Vine Seed
10 Wildblood hops 76 C:1500 N/A Available after Back to my Roots quest. Grown in the gardens of Handelmort Mansion in Ardougne. Grows into a Jade Vine, which can be slain for 2500 slayer experience - drops another seed, so can be repeated.
55 File:Cactus_seed.PNG
Cactus seed
--- 520 mins 66.5 C:374 H:25 435 Grown near Al Kharid's Crafting shop. Cactus spines are used for making Extra strong weapon poison.
63 File:Belladonna_seed.png
Belladonna seed
--- 280 mins 91 H:512 116 Grown east of Draynor Manor. Nightshade can be used in Super strong weapon poison.
72 File:Calq.PNG
Calquat seed
8 Poison ivy berries >1440 mins 129.5 C:12096 H:48.5 46200 Grown in Tai Bwo Wannai Village. A Calquat keg can be made by using a Calquat fruit with a knife and can be used as a keg for player-brewed ales.
83 File:Spirit_Seed.PNG
Spirit tree seed
5 Monkey nuts, 1 Monkey bar, 1 Ground tooth 3680 mins 199.5 C:19301.8 N/A Grown south of Etceteria castle, in north-east Port Sarim, or north-east Brimhaven. Players may only have one Spirit tree at a time and once grown they can use it to teleport to Tree Gnome Village. After Path of Glouphrie quest players may speak to it to teleport to any Spirit Tree.

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