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Written by  Valjean McLenighan
Illustrator  Richard Brown
Published  1980
Publisher  Golden Press
Series  Sesame Street Book Club
ISBN  0307231089

Special Delivery is a 1980 Sesame Street storybook featuring Prairie Dawn.

Prairie Dawn is given a package from Ernie to deliver to Bert, who is away at the Pigeon Fanciers' Convention in Pinfeather Falls. She comes across many obstacles, and travels by bus, by rail, and even by balloon, courtesy of Melba T. Burdbrane, the president of the Birds of a Feather Company.

Prairie Dawn ultimately delivers the package to Bert, and it turns out to be a framed photograph of Ernie.


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Blood Ties

location: Megaton (Optional)
Meresti Metro Station
given by: Lucy West
Evan King
other npcs: Ian West
reward: Schematics - Shishkebab
Hematophage (Optional)
leads to: I Want to Drink Your Blood
base id: 00014E9C
Blood Ties

requirements: Complete Blood Ties
gamerscore: 20
trophy type: Bronze

Blood Ties is a Fallout 3 quest. It is also an Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC achievement. It is the story of a man's struggle within his own mind and the consequences of that inner turmoil, directed onto his family. Also, vampires.


Objectives and walkthrough

Quest Start

Given by Lucy West in (or wandering outside) Moriarty's Saloon in Megaton. However, if you have already destroyed Megaton, it can also be started just by visiting Arefu and talking to Evan King.

Deliver Lucy's Message

Lucy West asks the player to deliver a letter to her family in Arefu. She will mark the location of Arefu on the player's Pip-Boy 3000 if the player accepts the quest. If the quest was declined, you can find the location of Arefu here, on top of the highway overpass.

Report to Evan King

Evan King will toss a grenade at the player as you approach Arefu. He apologizes, explaining that the town is defending itself from a gang known as The Family. Evan will ask the player to check the Ewers, Schenzy, and West residences to make sure everyone is all right (this starts the quest for the player if he/she didn't pick it up from Lucy). The player discovers the bodies of Lucy's parents; further examination shows they have bite marks on their necks (requires 30 in Medicine skill). With 70-75+ medicine skill, the bite marks can be identified as caused by human teeth. When the player reports to Evan King he will ask about Lucy's brother, Ian West, who turns out to be missing. Evan presumes that he was kidnapped by The Family and asks you to locate them. At this point, the player can extort 100 caps out of Lucy West with the Scoundrel perk.

Locate The Family

Evan King now will reveal three possible locations of The Family when the Lone Wanderer tells him that Ian's body was not found with his parents; these are Northwest Seneca Station, Hamilton's Hideaway and Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema. If the Lone Wanderer has a high enough Medicine skill (90 or higher) he/she will notice trainyard residue on the bodies of the Wests and will be given the option to ask King if there are any trainyards nearby, he'll respond by mentioning the Meresti Trainyard.

The Family is hiding in Meresti Metro Station which can be reached via the tunnels under Meresti Trainyard or via the adjoining tunnels from Northwest Seneca Station, but the Meresti Trainyard offers the most direct route. Beware of mines and traps inside the tunnels, and two Mirelurks if you take the Northwest Seneca Station route.

Entering from Northwest Seneca Station:

Enter the station and you will find Murphy's chem lab operation. In the back of his office you'll find a hatch. This hatch leads down to the Meresti Service Tunnel. When inside the tunnel be cautious, there are various traps and two mirelurks there. After going through the cave you will enter the old train trail, then make a left at the first train wreck.

The front gate to The Family's hideout is guarded by Robert who will allow the player into The Family's home for one of the following:

  • 100 caps
  • Free with a successful Speech check
  • If the Lone Wanderer has Lucy's Letter for Ian
  • Speech options from the Cannibal perk which also opens up many speech options which make the quest much easier

There is a room to the right after entering the gate. A table is in the room that has a Tumblers Today book on it which doesn't cause you to lose karma to pick it up. Robert can be killed and the terminal in the room adjacent to his post can be hacked to gain entrance, but the rest of The Family will attack the player on sight as a result. Sneaking past Robert and into the compound will also result in the rest of The Family turning hostile. Killing a member of The Family at this point in the quest will result in negative karma.

Locate Ian West

The next task is to locate Ian West to determine if he is still alive. Several members of the family will reveal Ian's location and the password to unlock the room where he is meditating, following is a list of possible scenarios:

  • The leader of The Family is Vance - a mysterious and charismatic man who is trying to help the members of his "Family" overcome their disturbing hunger for human flesh by drinking human blood akin to the mystical vampires in the stories from before the Great War. If the player fails a Speech check, Vance will advise the player to learn the rules of The Family by asking other members and reading from the terminal in the main lobby. If the player passes the Speech check, uses the Cannibal perk, or reads the rules and explains they understand The Family then Vance will surrender the pass code that allows entry into Ian's meditation room.
  • Alan notices that Justin has been trying to befriend Ian and suggests the player talk to Justin about him.
  • Justin believes that Ian belongs with The Family having witnessed the murder of his parents and done nothing. If the player suggests that Ian needs an 'outside voice' to help and passes a Speech check Justin will reveal the pass code that allows entry into Ian's meditation room. The Impartial Mediation perk gives a similar dialogue option with an identical result (even if you do not have neutral karma when you ask the question).
  • Karl will become annoyed if asked about Ian. Karl can be seduced by the player by using the Black Widow perk (female) or by Strength (both sexes). In either scenario, Karl gives up the pass code to Ian's meditation room.
  • Brianna also feels that being with The Family is the best for Ian but that he could use an outside friend. If the Lone Wanderer picked up the Lady Killer perk he will have the option to seduce Brianna into handing over the password to the room where Ian is. Scoundrel or Intelligence or even Speech will work as well.
  • Holly, Vance's wife, can be persuaded to reveal the pass code with a sufficiently high Charisma or with the scoundrel perk.
  • Vance can simply be killed and the pass code looted from his remains. This will of course cause the rest of The Family to become hostile towards the player, attacking on sight. Each family member killed will result in negative karma at this point. Ian will be angry that Vance has been killed but will give the player the same ultimate options regardless, as long as you do not respond flippantly to his death. (responding with "Well, he's worm food now." results in Ian attacking you and the quest failing)
  • You may also goad Vance with certain conversation options, finally calling him a "psycho", and he will order the Family to attack - this will allow you to follow the above option but result in no negative karma from killing them. (Note: This path must be taken before Ian comes to any decision. See Bugs.)

Talking to Ian will confirm he was not kidnapped but voluntarily joined The Family after killing his parents. After a childhood encounter with a threatening Wastelander Ian has craved human flesh and blood, even that of his mother and father. The player is then faced with the choice of convincing Ian to leave - which requires either the letter from his sister Lucy or passing a Speech check if Vance is still alive - or leaving him with The Family.

Settling Accounts

Ian's decision must be relayed to Evan King back in Arefu. Depending on which choice Ian made the appropriate parties will react with enthusiasm or disappointment. Reporting the news of Ian's decision to King will result in a sizable amount of good karma regardless of Ian's ultimate choice. After Ian's decision The Family and the residents of Arefu are considered to be the same faction even before the deal is made with Vance.

Vance may also be convinced to either not attack or to defend Arefu if he and the family are not already dead. If the player simply asks Vance to stop attacking Arefu, he will agree. Through a successful Speech, Medicine, or Intelligence check, the player can also convince Vance to enter into a deal to use blood packs instead of attacking the residents of Arefu. Regardless of the conversation choice, Vance will award the player with Schematics - Shishkebab, a flaming sword, after the initial conversation about the deal is over.

If the player brokered a deal they can return to Vance after the deal is relayed to King and ask to be shown the ways of the vampire. The player will then be taught to drink blood and awarded the Hematophage perk which modifies Blood Packs to restore 20 HP. If the player suggested the Family guard the town in exchange for blood Alan will be dispatched to Arefu, fulfilling their end of the deal.

After successfully dealing with the problem of Arefu each of its inhabitants will show their gratitude in the following ways:


  • Vampire's Edge can be found in Vance's sword cabinet in his room with a hard lock [75 lock pick to get]. You can pickpocket or kill him for his key. This is a modified Chinese Officer's Sword and the player will lose karma for stealing it, even if Vance is dead and the key is used.
  • If one decides to strike a deal with Vance and tells him to defend Arefu in return for bloodpacks the player can 'donate' their bloodpacks for 15 bottlecaps, which actually makes good money. So save those bloodpacks and exchange them with Vance after the quest is done
  • When you go back to Megaton after completing the quest by giving Ian the letter, Lucy West will react very nonchalantly about what happened. She even says "I almost forgot about it", even though if you earlier told her about her parents death and missing brother, she worriedly says "I've got to know if he's still alive!" If you leave Ian with the Family (the letter will still be in your Pipboy) you can not give the letter back to her and no dialog options appear to explain what happened. She never asks you about the letter or Ian again.
  • The player can complete this quest successfully without ever having delivered the letter from Lucy to Ian at all. You can even send Ian back to Arefu without passing a Speech test and not showing him the letter. Beyond the rewards from Arefu residents for saving their town, there is no reward for actually delivering the letter, beyond the gratitude of Ian and Lucy.
  • Picking the locked gate to the Famillys hideout will result in them becomeing hostile twards you in the 360 version as well the people in Arefu. You may also fail the mission.

If you decide to kill the people of Arefu, or possibly just Ian, you won't be able to talk to Lucy. When you try to approach her, she will say, "I heard about your little killing spree in Arefu. Get the hell away from me."

  • If you take Lucy's note directly to The Family's hideout without going to Arefu first, Robert will still let you in if you tell him you have a note for Ian from his sister, despite the fact that you do not know Ian's whereabouts at this point in the plot. Unfortunately, it seems you still must go to Arefu in order to complete the quest, as members of The Family do not talk to you about Ian (with the exception of Robert). If you kill Vance and use his password to open the door to Ian's meditation room, Ian West is not even there. Talking with Vance can still get you access to The Family's terminal and find out the true nature of The Family. Also, your objective will be updated to "Find out what happened in Arefu." Once in Arefu, you will have an extra dialogue option with Evan King, but the quest proceeds as normal from this point.
  • After making a defend deal with Arefu, making anyone in the metro station hostile, will also make the people in Arefu hostile, vise versa. Also Lucy will no longer talk to you, she will just say her "Get the hell away from me" speech.
  • Robert is quick to anger---even so much as turning off the radio broadcasting the Enclave signal will make him as hostile as if you'd stolen from or attacked him.
  • If you decide to kill everyone in the metro station, you can talk to Ian, but when you try to head back to Arefu, along the way, you will get a message that says You are hostile with the family and the residents of Arefu. This is odd because the people in Arefu don't want the Invasions to keep happening, yet killing Vance and the other residents will fail the quest, even if you didn't kill Ian.


  • When you first approach Arefu, Evan King may run past you to attack an enemy if you led them there. If this happens, the explosion will still occur and you will be frozen in place as the game waits for the encounter to occur. You can either load a previous save, or wait for Evan King to come back. He will walk past you and return to his usual position, in which the dialogue sequence will then initiate. The game may freeze (Confirmed, Xbox 360 & PS3).
  • Somtimes it is possible that Robert and The Family will attack you on sight for no reason, although no karma is lost if you choose to fight back (Confirmed Xbox 360).
  • If The Family are inexplicably hostile, Vance may never appear in the game, rendering the quest impossible due to the lack of password for the terminal (Confirmed Xbox 360).
  • There is a chance that even with the required medical skill, you will not be able to examine the trainyard debris on the Wests' corpses, and consequently will be unable to ask Evan about the nearby trainyards.(This appears to only occur when your natural Medical Skill is too low, Luck, items, and drugs bonus seem to not go into effect)
  • If the player kills any member of The Family after Ian makes his decision the inhabitants of Arefu will turn hostile even though no one from the town was directly attacked or killed. This is due to the fact that Arefu and The Family becomes the same faction after Ian makes his decision, rather than after the deal is struck between Evan and Vance. If the player attacked The Family instead of talking to them initially this can be a problem if Robert the gate guard is not killed before speaking with Ian. When the player goes to exit Robert will be hostile but if the player kills him the quest will be failed. If the player kills all residents of Arefu, the quest will also fail (Confirmed, PS3, PC, and Xbox 360).
  • You can work-around this problem by simply getting past the guard who will be hostile (Robert), without killing him, in sneak mode. A stealth boy may come in handy (although possible very difficult without!). Bear in mind that your followers (including Dogmeat, Jericho etc..) will probably attack Robert so be sure to tell them to wait far away as Robert will start a way point path after you stealth past him (or send to the entrance of Vault 101 in Dogmeat's case).
  • If you already killed Robert or another family member, but you haven't yet received the message that you are hostile to this faction, you can restart this by repeatedly pressing the "wait-button". Doing this, you still can walk to Evan and finish the quest successfully. Waiting for 24 hours seems to work the best (Confirmed, Xbox 360).
  • If you are in a situation where you would rather not fire and lose a companion you can tell your party members to wait you in the previous area. However after talking to Evan King (and completing the quest successfully) the player has to come back and regroup with their now-waiting followers. Killing Robert even then will result in violent reaction from Arefu residents and Lucy, making further contact with Arefu impossible. In short, you have to decide between loosing a companion (if you are using glitches to get more than one companion) or losing the goodwill of Arefu towards you.
  • If you haven't started the quest Blood Ties, and you go to Arefu during the time that the Enclave may randomly spawn in areas, you may see them attacking Arefu. When this happens, if you kill the Enclave, they may or may not have already killed Evan King. This will result in Lucy West and Robert assuming you killed Evan, and Lucy will never give you the quest start, and you cannot ever start the quest. However, Robert will not question you, and you can pick the lock on the gate. The Family will turn hostile, but you lose no karma for killing them.
  • While the Family's Terminals are not red when highlighted (it will be your regular HUD color, as if open-use), being seen hacking into them by any member of the Family will result the Family turning hostile as soon as you exit (Confrimed, Xbox 360).
  • Sometimes when you do this mission the option to ask Vance about Arefu does not appear, so save before talking to Ian in case this happens
  • While checking on the residents of Arefu, after you check on one, the door is locked (Confirmed, Xbox 360).
  • Sometimes, after getting Ian West to return to Arefu, the residents of Arefu will turn hostile for no reason and the quest will fail (Confirmed, PS3, Xbox 360, PC).
  • Rarely, you can start the quest normally from Lucy in Megaton, and talk to Vance, and when you go to give Lucy's Letter to her brother Ian - it will not leave your inventory. Has only happened to me Once in 20+ times of doing the quest (PC - Collector's Edition)
  • When knocking on the doors of one of the two locked houses, you get stuck on the "..." message. Possibly caused by entering the West's house before knocking on the doors of the other two houses.
  • When returning to Arefu you receive a message saying "Quest failed. You are now hostile with the residents of Arefu."

Behind the scenes

  • "Vespertilio", the password to Ian's cell, is a genus of Vespertilionidae bats.
  • Alan informs the player about the "Meresti" name originating from that a town in Romania. He probably refers to the town of Mărăşti, famous for a decisive WWI battle.
Quests in Fallout 3
The Family

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Guild Wars

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  1. Tell Field General Hayao to deploy the Zaishen.
  2. Talk to Castellan Puuba about Jerek.
  3. Deliver the orders to Jerek.
  4. See Castellan Puuba for your reward.

Obtained from

First Spear Dehvad in Kamadan, Jewel of Istan


Nightfall Character
Bad Tide Rising



"Kormir ordered me to take care of her council responsibilities. She wants you to coordinate defense preparations with Field General Hayao of the Zaishen, and also deliver her orders of field promotion to the Acting Spearmarshal while she's away. The big news is that she's appointing Jerek! He's a tried and true member of the Sunspears, so I can see why Kormir would appoint him.... He'll certainly keep things running. He's not really much of a Warrior, but he's a great scroll tender. Anyway, go speak to Field General Hayao, then take these orders to Jerek. Oh, you might want to talk to Castellan Puuba before you deliver Jerek's orders. They used to be friends."
Accept: "I will see to it!"
Reject: "A pencil pusher? Get someone else to deliver those orders."

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Field General Hayao)

"We will deploy our Zaishen around the areas you have requested. I must say you have quite the tactical mind and would do well as a Zaishen. I was impressed by your fighting abilities against the darkness. Some of our Zaishen trainees could learn from your example. Talk to me again if you are interested."

Intermediate Dialogue 2 (Castellan Puuba)

"Jerek, eh? An interesting choice. Let me tell you about Jerek. He gets along well with the consulate and is responsible, in part, for our good relations with the Istani. But, he was passed over as Spearmarshal when Kormir was chosen, and takes out his resentment on anyone she favors. It was a long time ago, but he has never forgiven her. I tell you this because he may not take well to seeing Kormir's best and brightest come charging into his homestead.
He has a place in the Issnur Isles not far from Kodlonu Hamlet. Good luck delivering his orders."

Intermediate Dialogue 3

Jerek: "So you are Kormir's rising star, eh? Let's see what you're made of before we talk!"

Intermediate Dialogue 4 (Jerek)

"So Kormir has ordered me out of retirement to become Spearmarshal. I'm surprised, given our past. But, it's about time. While she's been dabbling about in the ruins of the old city, the corsairs have gained unprecedented strength. Well, we shall set the Sunspears back on the right path. By the time she gets back, Elder Suhl will appoint me Spearmarshal... permanently."

Reward Dialogue

"I can't say everyone will be glad to have Jerek back. We were friends before that mess when Kormir became Spearmarshal. You should be especially careful. He likes to pull rank, and tends to lead through intimidation and petty rules rather than action. Talk to me again before you report to him. I can give you some help with dealing with the man."


Big News, Small Package


You will find General Hayao in the Sun Docks, after speaking to him, map travel over to the Sunspear Great Hall to speak with Castellan Puuba. Next, map travel to Kodlonu Hamlet and then head for Jerek from there. He will attack your party as you approach him, so be ready. After "defeating" him, you can talk to him and then return to the Sunspear Great Hall to claim your reward from Castellan Puuba.


  • During Intermediate Dialogue 1 from Field General Hayao, he makes mention that some trainees that could learn from your example; he is talking about the Zaishen Elite quest, which will also now be available to you.

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SWG Wiki

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Dunir Signos

You have now found Dunir, you need to speak to him about this "package" that Bib Fortuna needs delivered.

Level: 10


Bib needs you to take care of some deliveries for Dunir. It's probably best not to ask what's inside.

Recommended combat levels: 10 and higher

The following article contains "spoiler" information and may interfere with your game enjoyment.
Do not read this article if you wish to figure out its subject on your own.

Table of contents

Conversation with Dunir

Dunir: How'd you like to make some fast credits?
PC: I'm always interested in credits; fast, slow or otherwise.
Dunir: Good, good. See, all I need you to do is to take this package out to some friends of mine on the outskirts of town. Think you're up for that?
PC: Maybe. What's in the package?
Dunir: I don't have a clue, but I have been assured it contains nothing illegal or dangerous.
PC: Well then, I'll take care of it for you.
Dunir: Great, here's the box and its destination.

Deliver Package to Toggi Bok

Toggi Bok

You are provided with the waypoint of 3759, -4568 to Toggi Bok. He will be in an encampment outside Mos Eisley along with some CL 5-8 NPCs. The NPCs are not aggressive, so they will not attack unless you initiate an attack.

Toggi Bok: What do you want?
PC: I have a package for you from Dunir.
Toggi Bok: That's great, I have been waiting on this. I'll transmit the delivery code to Dunir.

Standby for Dunir's Comm

As soon as your conversation with Toggi Bok ends, you will get a pop-up message saying, "Timer has 10 seconds left!" Once the timer ends, Dunir will come over the comm-link.

Dunir: I just got the payment from Toggi, good job. I just need you to do one more thing for me. I need you to go to the White Thranta Shipping offices and pick up a package for me. Here is their location.

Pick Up Dunir's Package

White Thranta Receptionist

Dunir provides you the waypoint to the White Thranta Shipping Bunker at 3727, -4182. You need to go inside and speak to the receptionist in the first large room.

Receptionist: Hello, may I help you?
PC: I am here to pick up a package for Dunir.
Receptionist: I have that package right here. Here you go, and I have transmitted the pick up code to Dunir. Have a nice day!

Standby for Dunir's Other Comm

As soon as your conversation with the receptionist ends, you will get a pop-up message saying, "Timer has 10 seconds left!" Once the timer ends, Dunir will once again come over the comm-link.

Dunir: I just got the pick up confirmation code from the White Thranta receptionist. Bring that to me and we can get your fee all worked out. Here's a return location for convenience.

Return Package to Dunir

Head back into Mos Eisley and to Dunir.

Dunir: Great job our there.
PC: Thanks, now about that fee you promised me.
Dunir: Here is is, good pay for good work.
PC: Got any other jobs?
Dunir: I don't, but Bib wants you to talk to Reimos.
PC: Where can I find this Reimos?
Dunir: I'll load the directions into your datapad.
PC: Thanks.
Dunir: Take it easy.

Dunir will give you the quest, Find Reimos.

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