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Spacetrooper in the Kathol Rift.

The Zero-G assault stormtroopers, commonly known as a spacetroopers, were members of a specialized branch of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps equipped and trained to capture enemy vessels intact. Their loyalty and skill were second only to that of the Emperor's Royal Guards.



Light spacetrooper armor.

To perform their missions, spacetroopers wore a two-meter tall suit of armor that interfaced with standard stormtrooper armor. The suit provided a hermetic seal against the vacuum of space and propulsion that allowed spacetroopers to move and fight in space for extended periods.

In addition, the suit allowed them to carry heavy firepower, turning each trooper into the equivalent of a light tank. Weapon systems included two shoulder mounted, magazine fed grenade launchers able to fire concussion, gas and stun projectiles; a right gauntlet blaster cannon; and a left gauntlet miniature proton torpedo launcher. Each gauntlet also included laser cutters to penetrate ship hulls.

In addition to the large, boxy armor most commonly seen, spacetroopers during the Thrawn campaign made use of a more form fitting style of armor. This style appeared as a bulkier form of standard stormtrooper armor that afforded greater flexibility but greatly reduced firepower, armor, and mobility. It is unclear if this model of spacetrooper armor replaced the older design or was a variant.

A third style of "Spacetrooper" emerged early, during the building of the first Death Star, but was rarely seen. These units were deployed to many zero-g environments, such as areas outside the Death Star's artifically generated atmosphere. It was simply standard Stormtrooper armor vacuum sealed, with a rebreather unit and a back-mounted jetpack. This system had no built-in weapons, and just relied on what the trooper carried in-hand. While it had much less mobility in space, it did have the advantage of being lighter, smaller and easier to move in small spaces, such as inside ships or bases that did not have atmosphere or gravity.


A squad of spacetroopers enter a booby-trapped hangar.

Originating during the Clone Wars, the Galactic Marines tested prototype spacetrooper suits during the Battle of New Bornalex. The weapon systems failed, and the marines were forced to use hand-to-hand combat and succeeded. The Empire corrected the problem with a new armor design by Dr. Nashiak Llalik (based on Llalik's own scrapped pet project Sunder 9 armor)[1] and made use of them.

Platoons of forty spacetroopers were deployed from Gamma-class assault shuttles. Enemy capital ships could be easily overtaken with well organized assaults.

Notable spacetroopers include Rom Mohc, the developer of the Dark Trooper Project.

Spacetroopers, along with representatives from every specialized stormtrooper corps, were assigned to Darth Vader's personal Death Squadron.[2]

Several spacetroopers served in the Battle of Endor,attacking Rebel Ships entering the Second Death Star

Behind the scenes

The Hasbro 2009 version of the Spacetrooper (Hasbro's 2nd Spacetrooper toy, the first based on the Light Spacetrooper armor above) looks like an ordinary Stormtrooper but with jetpack and attachable breathing apparatus. He is armed with E-11 blaster rifle and a weapon which resembles a grenade launcher from the Battlefront series. Production photos from A New Hope reveal that effects-designer Joe Johnston was the man behind the mask, leading to speculation from fans that the Hasbro 2009 figure would feature Johnston. Hasbro stated in a June 2008 Q&A that although they could never do Johnston's likeness on the Spacetrooper figure, they seemed to joke that there could be a "coincidental resemblance." [3][4]



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