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DR: 1
item HP: 10,000,000
weight: 5
value: 60
repair: Radiation Suit, Advanced Radiation Suit
base id: xx0058eb

This 20th century USSA Spacesuit is a piece of clothing which is added to Fallout 3 in the Mothership Zeta add-on.

It provides a damage resistance of 1 and has a very high item health (10 million HP). Radiation Suits and Advanced Radiation Suits can be used to repair it.



When you complete the quest Not of This World you will unfreeze people from different time periods. One of them, Colonel Hartigan, died from the thawing, allowing you to loot his spacesuit. It is in the pod to the far right.


The Spacesuit appears in the Mothership Zeta add-on for Fallout 3.


  • Although a Space Suit in design is supposed to block out harmful Interstellar radiation, this suit will not protect you from Radiation sources.
  • When the Player Character is doing his or her spacewalk, you can hear breathing sounds.
  • It is unknown how the Lone Wanderer survives so long during the spacewalk, due to the fact there is no visible oxygen supply. It is possible that the aliens embedded some of their technology in it, or that it is simply following the 1950's science stereotypes that much of the game follows.
  • If you take off the spacesuit during the spacewalk, an obviously fatal course of action, you will be given positive or negative karma based on your own karma level (positive for evil characters, negative for good). In essence, the game is either punishing you or rewarding you for your own suicide.
  • During the spacewalk, the player is unable to use their Pip-Boy due to it being inaccessible inside the sleeve. However, your Pip-Boy is still visible in 3rd person. In real life this would render the suit completely useless by breaking the pressurized seal. This may be an oversight by the developers.
  • In connection to the above, the Lone Wanderer's left hand is still clearly visible (wearing the fingerless glove, like always), despite the fact that having an exposed area of skin like this would lead to the hand instantly freezing, not to mention depressurization and death.
  • On the PC version of the game, the suit cannot be hotkeyed.
  • Strangely enough, the space suit does not allow you to breathe underwater even though it allows you to breath perfectly well in a vacuum. The gaskets on a spacesuit are positioned such that they are sealed when the pressure inside the spacesuit is greater than outside, so it makes sense.
  • When highlighted in the Pip-Boy, "Equip" isn't lit, though the PC can still equip it. (confirmed, 360)
  • If the depressurization is activated without the suit on, the player's head explodes. Again, this may be following the 1950's stereotype, or imagining some Alien method of depressurization that would cause this.
  • Like the Winterized T-51b Power Armor from the Operation: Anchorage add-on, the spacesuit has extremely high durability. This is probably because the developers wanted to make sure the suit wouldn't break before the player can begin the spacewalk.
  • After returning to the Wasteland, the spacesuit can be given to a companion. Oddly, despite the extremely low damage resistance, when given the choice, NPCs like Charon and Star Paladin Cross will wear the spacesuit instead of their default armor or other pieces of armor (even Power Armor). This may be due to its extremely high condition.
  • Comedicly, you may also find the display case for a spacesuit in the Museum of Technology near the final terminal in the Jiggs' Loot unmarked quest. Whether or not this is foreshadowing is unknown.


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An enviro-suit, environment suit, pressure suit, space suit, vac suit, or EVA suit was a sealed, self-contained suit (including helmet) worn by a humanoid to survive in hostile environments, such as poisonous gas, deep ocean water, or vacuum. They provided breathing substance (such as oxygen) and maintained necessary pressure inside the suit. They were normally used in type IV atmospheres, but with some exceptions.



There were many types of enviro-suits in the galaxy, as indicated by the variety of names which this type of outfit was called. Their common feature was that they offered protection for the wearer from lethal or nearly-lethal effects of the environment.

The majority of the species in the galaxy could not survive in every environment, either due to one or more of the factors below:

  • Most species had body liquids, which were under pressure by muscles which circulated them. If an individual of these species got into a medium with a lower pressure than a certain degree, the pressure difference between the environment and their body liquid caused the latter to explode from the individual's veins, the result was instant death.
  • Most species required some type of gas to breathe, if an individual of some of these species was deprived from this gas, he/she suffocated usually in a few minutes.
Ahsoka Tano in a space suit
  • There were some gases which were toxic to some species, and there were also some planets with atmospheres which contained one or more of these gases in abundance. Members of species to which these gases were toxic, could only survive in the atmospheres of these planets if they used environmental suits.

Common characteristics of enviro-suits were that they sealed the user's body from the environment hermetically. For most species, however, if they wanted to work or just survive for a longer period in the hostile environment, they had to carry at least an amount of their own atmosphere with them for breathing and for maintaining the pressure around their body. The supply for this atmosphere was usually in a high-pressure tank mounted on the back of the suit, which carried an amount of the user's atmosphere which was usually enough for a few standard hours of average activity. Most environmental suits usually provided their users with some degree of protection from heat, too.

Enviro-suits were often used in space. To allow mobility for the user in zero gravity, they were usually fitted with jetpacks.


Obi-Wan Kenobi in a space suit moving towards Dooku's flagship.

Typically, enviro-suits were used by individuals to enter space, often for the purpose of doing repairs on the surface or in the depressurized compartments of starships or space stations, usually if there were no droids available for this task. The typical enviro-suit for this purpose was often called a space suit. The usage of enviro-suit covered even military activities: in the Clone Wars, the Republic's clone troopers were able to assault enemy starships directly through space, when they were equipped with a specialized armor with jetpacks, which was of course also an enviro-suit. A famous example was when, under the command of General Saesee Tiin, the troopers of the seriously damaged Star Destroyer, the Impavid, captured the Prosperous, a Confederate Providence-class destroyer in the Battle of Coruscant.

Later under the Empire, the stormtroopers had a special division called space troopers, whose special armor was in fact a reinforced environmental suit with a jetpack on the back. These type of stormtroopers were deployed sometimes in space battles, where their task was to sabotage enemy starships after landing on their surface.

Another area of frequent usage was the activity of dry-land species under water, members of which would otherwise suffocate or be crushed by the high pressure of kilometer-thick water layers. This type of enviro-suit was sometimes called pressure suit.

Some species had to wear pressure suit on almost any planet other than their homeworld. Famous examples were the Skakoans, who could only travel to other planets wearing a special protective suit, otherwise their body would depressurize with an explosion upon contact with the low-pressure mixture of gases of most planets with a Type I atmosphere.

Notable uses

Revan wore an enviro-suit to survive the high pressure at the bottom of the Hrakert Rift on Manaan in 3,956 BBY. Later that year, Revan, Carth Onasi and Bastila Shan also donned environmental suits in order to access the bridge of the Leviathan, which had been sealed off.

The miners at the Peragus Mining Facility wore such suits when working in vacuum, as did the Jedi Exile when she visited the facility in 3,951 BBY. Mira later stole the suit from the Exile and used it to gain entry into the Jekk'Jekk Tarr.

On their mission to infiltrate Centerpoint Station in 40 ABY, Jedi Knight Jacen Solo and his apprentice Ben Skywalker donned environmental suits in order to move on the airless surface of the station.

During the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi wore a space suit to sneak aboard Count Dooku's frigate to "rescue" Anakin Skywalker. Skywalker had allowed himself to be taken captive in a planned operation to capture the leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


Jarael and Zayne Carrick in space suits.


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