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The Space shuttle was a type of early space vessel used by Humans on Earth during the late 20th and early 21st centuries, the earliest example of Human-designed shuttlecraft. Designed and built by the United States of America's NASA space agency, the shuttle played an important role in humanity's early exploration of space.

The space shuttle was composed of three components, a reusable orbiter, a large fuel tank, and two booster rockets. After launch the fuel tank and the booster rockets would be jettisoned, and the orbiter would orbit the Earth. After the completion of the mission, the orbiter would reenter the atmosphere and land like an airplane.

Over the years, the United States constructed six of these shuttles, which were;

  • Enterprise (OV-101) - The prototype vehicle. As a test vehicle, this shuttle was not built to actually enter orbit, but was instead used to test the viability of certain systems - such as the landing gear. NASA briefly considered making the orbiter functional after the Challenger was destroyed, but instead decided to build a new shuttle to replace Challenger.
  • Columbia (OV-102) - The second shuttle, and the first shuttle that was actually functional. The Columbia was destroyed in 2003 when it broke up upon reentering Earth's atmosphere.
  • Challenger (OV-099) - The third shuttle built. This shuttle was destroyed in 1986 when it exploded shortly after takeoff. The USS Challenger (NCC-71099) was built to honor this orbiter.
  • Discovery (OV-103)
  • Atlantis (OV-104)
  • Endeavour (OV-105) - This shuttle was built to replace Challenger.

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From The Vault

The space shuttle is a reusable nuclear-powered spacecraft built before the Great War. There is one located in the ruins of San Francisco, though it lacks either rocket boosters or an external fuel tank; a quest involves finding fuel for it. The Enclave may have planned to use one or more shuttles to leave Earth and colonize other planets, but it seems likely that most were destroyed in the Great War or succumbed to neglect in the years that followed.

There are two endings for the Hubologists regarding the shuttle that are inaccessible due to incomplete scripting. If the Chosen One does not get them fuel, the Hubologists use a cheap alternative, resulting in the shuttle blowing up during liftoff. If they get fuel, the liftoff is without complications, but the shuttle's air insulation is damaged, resulting in the Hubologist crew suffocating in space.


A space shuttle appears only in Fallout 2.

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