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Space Station Sierra 18, previously known as Intelligence Installation 18, originally began as a small observation platform concealed on the surface of two engineering-joined asteroids near the Klingon Border. It was built during a time of heightened tension between the Klingon Empire and the Federation some 90 years ago. During that time span, as tensions began to grow so did Intelligence Installation 18 until it grew to the size and usefulness to attain outpost status and was renamed to Outpost 18. (Federation Space RPG)

Shortly after the destruction of the USS Enterprise-C at Narendra III, communications and relations with the Klingon Empire strengthened, and with Station K7 and Starbase 157 present in the sector along with the construction of a newer starbase, Starbase 124, it was determined that leaving outpost 18 would create too strong of a presence in the sector which was no longer required near the boarder. During this downsizing, which removed several other outposts in the sector as well, Outpost 18 was decommissioned, all material was removed, and the frame of the outpost was left to drift in space.

Outpost 18 was merely a forgotten fact until a time near the Dominion war when it suddenly found use again as an intelligence installation, and was designated once again as an intelligence installation named Sierra 18.

Sierra’s usefulness only began to grow from then on. With the First Federation-Romulan War, and First General War, Sierra 18 proved to be valuable staging ground for several assaults into Romulan territory. During these wars Sierra was proven to once again be a valuable asset to Star Fleet, and was deemed worthy of expansion and permanent operational status. The station was then designated Space Station Sierra 18.

During the Second Federation-Romulan War Sierra 18 fell under attack, and was nearly destroyed. This was a crippling blow for that portion of the sector, but because of economical and logistical issues, priority wasn’t given to repairs.

Soon after, the Borg invaded Federation Space, and the Armageddon Directive was initiated. In response, Sierra 18 was quickly evacuated. Contact with the station had been lost since then, and along with many other station, presumed destroy by the Borg until recent reports suggested otherwise. With so many assets destroyed by the Romulan War or Borg invasion, Sierra was deemed once again a prudent investment, and a Star Fleet ship, the USS Yeager8018, was sent to investigate its existence. Upon confirming its existence and rescuing the station from a group of pirates, Space Station Sierra 18 was repaired and refitted, and it is once again helping protect the boarders of the Federation.



Asteroid composition

Sierra-18 was built into a large class-C asteroid. The primary make up of the asteroid was mainly silicates, oxides and sulfides, while the minerals olivine and serpentine were present throughout the silicate matrix that formed the various components of the asteroid into a cohesive whole. Mettalic and conductive minerals, other than those that made up the hull of the station’s interior and exterior components, were absent.

Crew manifest


Command staff

Tactical Department

Engineering Department

Security Department

Science Department

Medical Department

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