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Sovereign-class Super Star Destroyer
Production information

Kuat Drive Yards

Product line

Star Dreadnoughts


Sovereign-class Super Star Destroyer


Star Dreadnought

Technical specifications

15,000 meters

Minimum crew



130,100 troops

Cargo capacity

400,000 tons


5 years


New Republic era


The 15-kilometer-long Sovereign-class Super Star Destroyer, also known as the Sovereign-class Star Destroyer, was one of the largest Imperial warship designs, surpassed only by the Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer and Executor-class Star Dreadnought.





The Sovereign was essentially a smaller cousin to the Eclipse-class design, with fewer weapons, a slower hyperdrive, and a smaller complement of starfighters and crew. Nevertheless, the Sovereign-class ships were vastly larger than almost any other warships they might encounter, and designed to instill fear in any enemies of the Empire.[2]

In terms of scale, they were the successors to heavy warships like the Eye of Palpatine[3] and the Star Dreadnaughts that preceded the New Republic era.[4][5] Like the Eclipse-class, they were regarded as a new generation of Super-class Star Destroyer.[6]

Offensive and defensive systems

They boasted 500 heavy turbolaser cannons, 500 turbolaser batteries, 75 ion cannons, 100 tractor beam projectors, and 5 gravity well projectors. They were equipped with an axial superlaser designed to devastate a world, penetrating even the strongest planetary shields.[2]

Crew requirements

The Sovereign-class needed 605,745 individuals to crew each vessel.[2]


Many Sovereigns were planned, with the first, Sovereign, undergoing construction at the time of the first defeat of the resurrected Emperor. Despite its unfinished state, the Sovereign was used by Warlord Zsinj at some point of his campaign against the New Republic.[1]

Only three additional ships were known to have been named at the time of the project's cancellation: Autarch, Heresiarch, and Despot.[2] It was believed that all four named ships under construction had been lost around Palpatine's final death.[7]

Behind the scenes

Similar vessels in orbit around Byss.

The only official image of the Sovereign-class is a silhouette in the Dark Empire Sourcebook. Designs reminiscent of slim Sovereigns and Eclipses can be seen in various locations in Dark Empire.


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