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For the human of the same name, see Antarctica (Human).

Antarctica was a continent situated at the South Pole of planet Earth.


History of Antarctica

Distant past

12 million years BCE, future Time Lords set up a base in Antarctica and attempted to free the Fendahl for use against the Enemy. (EDA: The Taking of Planet 5)

During the Eocene, the Silurians had at least one city there. (MA: The Scales of Injustice)

Circa 20,000 BCE, two Krynoid pods fell to Earth there and lay frozen and dormant. (DW: The Seeds of Doom)

Modern era

Early modern era

In the 17th century a group of Daleks set up an underground base in Antarctica, where they began capturing Human ships and their crew and used hypnosis to turn them into slaves.

20th century


Some time prior to April, 1929, Lord Barset went on an ill-fated Antarctic and discovered a city of intelligent reptiles. (DWM: City of Devils, BFA: Frozen Time)


In the 1970s, the Daleks captured a nuclear submarine and left their base to attack Sydney, Australia, destroying a nearby weather station before doing so. (TVA: *Sub Zero)

The two Krynoid pods were discovered in the Antarctic permafrost. One of the pods germinated in a living Human host, Charles Winlett, shortly before the Doctor arrived at the base there. (DW: The Seeds of Doom)


A landing party of Cybermen landed in a flying saucer and attacked the Snowcap space tracking station shortly after the Doctor and his companions arrived there in the TARDIS. (DW: The Tenth Planet)

21st century


In 2006, the FLIPback project was based in Antarctica. (NA: Iceberg)


In 2010, members of the Blathereen family parked their spaceship there. (SJA: The Gift)

A 2012 expedition by Lord Barset's descendant finds the Doctor's TARDIS. (BFA: Frozen Time)

Post-21st century

In 2595, Bernice Summerfield visited Antarctica. (BNA: The Sword of Forever)

Behind the Scenes

City of Devils and The Scales of Injustice, both by Gary Russell make reference to Endurance, Nicholas Briggs' AudioVisuals story about a 1920s Antarctic expedition which finds a Silurian city. Nicholas Briggs' Frozen Time functions as a sort of sequel to the story, though it replaces the AudioVisuals Doctor with the Seventh Doctor and Silurians with Ice Warriors. (Although the reference in City of Devils still makes sense.)

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The South Pole was the term, that civilians residing in Hollowtown within the Centerpoint Station used to describe the north cylinder which, along with the North Pole kept the spacestation rotating.


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