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The black smoke monster releases several distinct noises.

  • The howling sound is usually in concert pitch A. The frequency of this pitch is 440 hertz. In music, "A-440" is the standard to which musical instruments are tuned.
  • In the voice-over commentary for "The 23rd Psalm" on the Season 2 DVD, producer Bryan Burk confirmed that one of the Monster's sound effects is the receipt printer from a NYC taxi cab. You can hear the sound at this link EDIT: Link doesn't work, hopefully it will be fixed soon..
    • This may be why Rose says that she recognizes the sound, being from the Bronx.
  • This was reaffirmed in the May 21, 2007 Official Lost Podcast, but it was clarified that the mythology of the Monster is unrelated to the cabs and was just a matter of sound effects. This sound effect was heard in the following scenes:

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Sound (Earth-616)
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Formerly the High Evolutionary's base, Savage Land


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West Coast Avengers Annual #3


History of character is unknown.


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In Tibia, some creatures can be identified by the sounds that they make, even if they are not on your screen, or if they are in the darkness of a cave. Some sounds that creatures make can be heard over long distances.

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List of Creature Sounds

Creature Sounds
Achad Image:Achad.gif "You won't pass me."; "I have travelled far to fight here.".
Acid Blob Image:Acid Blob.gif "Kzzchhhh".
Acolyte of Darkness Image:Acolyte of Darkness.gif
Acolyte of the Cult Image:Acolyte of the Cult.gif "Praise Voodoo!"; "Power to the cult!"; Feel the power of the cult!".
Adept of the Cult Image:Adept of the Cult.gif "Feel the power of the cult!"; "Praise the voodoo!"; "Power to the cult!".
Amazon Image:Amazon.gif "Your head shall be mine!"; "Yeeee ha!".
Ancient Scarab Image:Ancient Scarab.gif
Annihilon Image:Annihilon.gif "Flee as long as you can!"; "Annihilon's might will crush you all!"; "I am coming for you!".
Apprentice Sheng Image:Apprentice Sheng.gif "I will protect the secrets of my master!"; "Kaplar!"; "This isle will become ours alone"; "You already know too much.".
Arachir the Ancient One Image:Arachir the Ancient One.gif "I was the shadow that haunted the cradle of humanity!"; "Your worthles existence will nourish something greater!"; "I exist since eons and you want to defy me?"; "Can you feel the passage of time, mortal?".
Armenius (Creature) Image:Armenius (Creature).gif
Arthei Image:Arthei.gif "Marziel! Lersatio! Boreth! Come join me in this fight!".
Ashmunrah Image:Ashmunrah.gif "No mortal or undead will steal my secrets!"; "Ahhhh all those long years.".
Assassin Image:Assassin.gif "You are on my deathlist!"; "Die!"; "Feel the hand of death!".
Avalanche (Creature) Image:Avalanche (Creature).gif "Puny warmblood."; "You will pay for imprisoning me here.".
Axeitus Headbanger Image:Axeitus Headbanger.gif "Hicks"; "Stand still! Both of you! <hicks>"; "This victory will earn me a casket of beer.".
Azerus Image:Azerus.gif "The ultimate will finally consume this unworthy existence!"; "My masters and I will tear down barriers and join the ultimate in its realm!"; "The power of the Yalahari will all be mine!"; "We will open the rift for a new time to come!"; "He who has returned from beyond has taught me secrets you can't even grasp!"; "The end of times has come!"; "The great machinator will make his entrance soon!"; "You might scratch my shields but they will never break!"; "You can't hope to penetrate my shields!"; "Do you really think you could beat me?".
Azure Frog Image:Azure Frog.gif "Ribbit!"; "Ribbit! Ribbit!".
Badger Image:Badger.gif
Bandit Image:Bandit.gif "Hand me your purse!"; "Your money or your life!".
Bane of Light Image:Bane of Light.gif
Banshee Image:Banshee.gif "Dance for me your dance of death!"; "Let the music play!"; "I will mourn your death!"; "Are you ready to rock?"; "Feel my gentle kiss of death."; "That's what I call easy listening!"; "IIIIEEEeeeeeehhhHHHH!".
Barbaria Image:Barbaria.gif "To me, creatures of the wild!"; "My instincts tell me about your cowardice.".
Barbarian Bloodwalker Image:Barbarian Bloodwalker.gif "YAAAHEEE!"; "SLAUGHTER!"; "CARNAGE!"; "You can run but you can't hide".
Barbarian Brutetamer Image:Barbarian Brutetamer.gif "To me, creatures of the wild!"; "My instincts tell me about your cowardice."; "Feel the power of the beast!".
Barbarian Headsplitter Image:Barbarian Headsplitter.gif "I will regain my honor with your blood!"; "Surrender is not option!"; "Its you or me!"; "Die! Die! Die!".
Barbarian Skullhunter Image:Barbarian Skullhunter.gif "You will become my trophy."; "Fight harder, coward."; "Show that you are a worthy opponent.".
Baron Brute Image:Baron Brute.gif "Mash'n!"
Bat Image:Bat.gif "Flap! Flap!".
Battlemaster Zunzu Image:Battlemaster Zunzu.gif
Bear Image:Bear.gif "Grrrr"; "Groar".
Behemoth Image:Behemoth.gif "Crush the intruders!"; "You're so little!"; "Human flesh - delicious!".
Beholder Image:Beholder.gif "You've got the look!"; "Let me take a look at you."; "Eye for eye!"; "I've got to look!"; "Here's looking at you!".
Berserker Chicken Image:Berserker Chicken.gif "Gokgoooook"; "Cluck Cluck"; "I will fill MY cushion with YOUR hair! CLUCK!".
Betrayed Wraith Image:Betrayed Wraith.gif "Rrrah!"; "Gnarr!"; "Tcharrr!".
Big Boss Trolliver Image:Big Boss Trolliver.gif
Black Knight Image:Black Knight.gif "No prisoners!"; "By bolg's blood"; "You're no match for me!"; "NO MERCY!"; "MINE!".
Black Sheep Image:Black Sheep.gif "Maeh".
Blazing Fire Elemental Image:Blazing Fire Elemental.gif
Blightwalker Image:Blightwalker.gif "I can see you decaying!"; "Let me taste your mortality!"; "Your lifeforce is waning!".
Blistering Fire Elemental Image:Blistering Fire Elemental.gif "FCHHHRRR".
Blood Crab Image:Blood Crab.gif
Blood Crab (Underwater) Image:Blood Crab (Underwater).gif
Bloodpaw Image:Bloodpaw.gif
Blue Djinn Image:Blue Djinn.gif "Simsalabim"; "Wishes can come true"; "Feel the power of my magic, tiny mortal!"; "Be careful what you wish for.".
Bog Raider Image:Bog Raider.gif "Tchhh!"; "Slurp!".
Bonebeast Image:Bonebeast.gif "Knooorrrrr!"; "Cccchhhhhhhhh!".
Boogey Image:Boogey.gif "Since you didn't eat your spinach Bogey comes to get you!"; "Too bad you did not eat your lunch, now I have to punish you!"; "Even if you beat me, I'll hide in your closet until you one day drop your guard!"; "You better had believe in me!"; "I'll take you into the darkness ... forever!"; "".
Boreth Image:Boreth.gif
Bovinus Image:Bovinus.gif
Braindeath Image:Braindeath.gif "You have disturbed my thoughts!"; "Let me turn you into something more useful!"; "Let me taste your brain!"; "You will be punished!".
Bride of Night Image:Bride of Night.gif "The darkness is coming!"; "The light will be extinguished!"; "Embrace the night!".
Brutus Bloodbeard Image:Brutus Bloodbeard.gif
Bug Image:Bug.gif
Butterfly (Blue) Image:Butterfly (Blue).gif
Butterfly (Purple) Image:Butterfly (Purple).gif
Butterfly (Red) Image:Butterfly (Red).gif
Captain Jones Image:Captain Jones.gif
Carniphila Image:Carniphila.gif
Carrion Worm Image:Carrion Worm.gif
Cat Image:Cat.gif "Mew!"; "Meow!"; "Meow meow!".
Cave Rat Image:Cave Rat.gif "Meep!"; "Meeeeep!".
Centipede Image:Centipede.gif
Chakoya Toolshaper Image:Chakoya Toolshaper.gif "Chikuva!"; "Jinuma jamjam!"; "Suvituka siq chuqua!"; "Kiyosa sipaju!".
Chakoya Tribewarden Image:Chakoya Tribewarden.gif "Quisavu tukavi!"; "Si siyoqua jamjam!"; "Achuq! jinuma!"; "Si ji jusipa!".
Chakoya Windcaller Image:Chakoya Windcaller.gif "Siqsiq ji jusipa!"; "Jagura taluka taqua!"; "Mupi! Si siyoqua jinuma!"; "Quatu nguraka!".
Charged Energy Elemental Image:Charged Energy Elemental.gif
Chicken Image:Chicken.gif "Cluck Cluck"; "Gokgoooook".
Chizzoron the Distorter Image:Chizzoron the Distorter.gif
Cobra Image:Cobra.gif "Fsssss"; "Zzzzzz".
Cockroach Image:Cockroach.gif
Coldheart Image:Coldheart.gif
Colerian the Barbarian Image:Colerian the Barbarian.gif "Flee, coward!"; "You will lose!"; "Yeehaawh".
Coral Frog Image:Coral Frog.gif "Ribbit!"; "Ribbit! Ribbit!".
Countess Sorrow Image:Countess Sorrow.gif "I'm so sorry ... for youuu!".
Crab Image:Crab.gif
Crazed Beggar Image:Crazed Beggar.gif "Hehehe!"; "Raahhh!"; "You are one of THEM! Die!"; "Wanna buy roses??"; "Make it stop!"; "They're coming! They're coming!"; "Gimme money!".
Creatures File:.gif
Crimson Frog Image:Crimson Frog.gif "Ribbit!"; "Ribbit! Ribbit!".
Crocodile Image:Crocodile.gif
Crypt Shambler Image:Crypt Shambler.gif "Aaaaahhhh!"; "Hoooohhh!"; "Uhhhhhhh!"; "Chhhhhhh!".
Crystal Spider Image:Crystal Spider.gif "Screeech!".
Cublarc the Plunderer Image:Cublarc the plunderer.gif
Cursed Gladiator Image:Cursed Gladiator.gif "Death where are you?".
Cyclops Image:Cyclops.gif "Human, uh will dyh!"; "Youh ah trak!"; "Let da mashing begin!"; "Toks utat"; "Il lorstok human!".
Cyclops Drone Image:Cyclops Drone.gif "Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!"; "Luttl pest!"; "Me makking you pulp!"; "Humy tasy! Hum hum!".
Cyclops Smith Image:Cyclops Smith.gif "Outis emoi g' onoma."; "Whack da humy!"; "Ai humy phary ty kaynon".
Damaged Worker Golem Image:Damaged Worker Golem.gif "Klonk klonk klonk"; "Failure! Failure!"; "Good morning citizen. How may I serve you?"; "Target identified: Rat! Termination initiated!"; "Rrrtttarrrttarrrtta"; "Danger will...chrrr! Danger!"; "Self-diagnosis failed."; "Aw... chhhrrr orders.".
Darakan the Executioner Image:Darakan the Executioner.gif "FIGHT LIKE A BARBARIAN!"; "VICTORY IS MINE!"; "I AM your father!"; "To be the man you have to beat the man!".
Dark Apprentice Image:Dark Apprentice.gif "Outch!"; "I must dispose of my masters enemies!"; "Oops, I did it again."; "From the spirits that I called Sir, deliver me!".
Dark Magician Image:Dark Magician.gif "Feel the power of my runes!"; "Killing you gets expensive!"; "My secrets are mine alone!"; "Stand still!".
Dark Monk Image:Dark Monk.gif "You are no match to us!"; "Your end has come!"; "This is where your path will end!".
Dark Torturer Image:Dark Torturer.gif "You like it, don't you?"; "IahaEhheAie!"; "It's party time!"; "Harrr, Harrr!"; "The torturer is in!".
Deadeye Devious Image:Deadeye Devious.gif "Let's kill 'em"; "Arrrgh!"; "You'll never take me alive!"; "§%§&§! #*$§$!!"; "You won't get me alive!".
Death Blob Image:Death Blob.gif
Deathbringer Image:Deathbringer.gif "YOU FOOLS WILL PAY!"; "YOU ALL WILL DIE!"; "DEATH, DESTRUCTION!"; "I will eat your soul!".
Deathslicer Image:Deathslicer.gif
Deathspawn Image:Deathspawn.gif
Deer Image:Deer.gif
Defiler Image:Defiler.gif "Blubb".
Demodras Image:Demodras.gif "I WILL SET THE WORLD ON FIRE!"; "I WILL PROTECT MY BROOD!".
Demon Image:Demon.gif "Your soul will be mine!"; "CHAMEK ATH UTHUL ARAK!"; "I SMELL FEEEEAAAAAR!"; "Your resistance is futile!"; "MUHAHAHA".
Demon Skeleton Image:Demon Skeleton.gif
Demongoblin Image:Demon (Goblin).gif
Destroyer Image:Destroyer.gif "COME HERE AND DIE!"; "Destructiooooon!"; "It's a good day to destroy!".
Dharalion Image:Dharalion.gif "Feel my wrath!"; "Noone will stop my ascension!"; "My powers are divine!"; "You desecrated this temple!".
Diabolic Imp Image:Diabolic Imp.gif "Muahaha!"; "He he he.".
Diblis the Fair Image:Diblis the Fair.gif "Not in my face you barbarian!"; "I envy you to be slain by someone as beautiful as me."; "I will drain your ugly corpses of the last drop of blood."; "My brides will feast on your souls!".
Dipthrah Image:Dipthrah.gif "You can't escape death forever"; "Come closer to learn the final lesson"; "Undeath will shatter my shackles."; "You don't need this magic anymore.".
Dire Penguin Image:Dire Penguin.gif "Grrrrrr".
Dirtbeard Image:Dirtbeard.gif "You are no match for the scourge of the seas!"; "You move like a seasick whale!"; "Yarr, death to all landlubbers!".
Diseased Bill Image:Diseased Bill.gif "People like you are the plague and I'll be the cure!"; "You all will pay for not helping me!"; "Cough! Cough!"; "Desolate! Everything is so desolate!".
Diseased Dan Image:Diseased Dan.gif "Where... Where am I?"; "Is that you, Tom?"; "Phew, what an awful smell ... oh, that's me.".
Diseased Fred Image:Diseased Fred.gif "You will suffer the same fate as I do!"; "The pain! The pain!"; "Stay away! I am contagious!"; "The plague will get you!".
Doctor Perhaps Image:Doctor Perhaps.gif "I might use some parts of you in my next creation!"; "You're only a testsubject to me!"; "My creations will kill you!"; "You can't beat what you can't comprehend!".
Dog Image:Dog.gif "Wuff wuff".
Doom Deer Image:Doom Deer.gif "I bet it was you who killed my mom!".
Doomhowl Image:Doomhowl.gif
Doomsday Cultist File:Doomsday Cultist.gif
Dracola Image:Dracola.gif "DEATH CAN'T STOP MY HUNGER!"; "Your new name is breakfast".
Dragon Image:Dragon.gif "FCHHHH"; "GROOOOAAAAAAAAR".
Dragon Hatchling Image:Dragon Hatchling.gif "Fchu?"; "Rooawwrr".
Dragon Lord Image:Dragon Lord.gif "YOU WILL BURN!"; "ZCHHHHHHH".
Dragon Lord Hatchling Image:Dragon Lord Hatchling.gif "Fchu?"; "Rooawwrr".
Draken Spellweaver Image:Draken Spellweaver.gif
Draken Warmaster Image:Draken Warmaster.gif
Dreadbeast Image:Dreadbeast.gif
Dreadmaw Image:Dreadmaw.gif
Dreadwing Image:Dreadwing.gif
Dryad Image:Dryad.gif "Feel the wrath of mother Tibia!"; "Defiler of nature!".
Duskbringer Image:Duskbringer.gif "Death!"; "Come a little closer!"; "The end is near!".
Dwarf Image:Dwarf.gif "Hail Durin!".
Dwarf Dispenser File:Dwarf Dispenser.gif
Dwarf Geomancer Image:Dwarf Geomancer.gif "Earth is the strongest element."; "Dust to dust.".
Dwarf Guard Image:Dwarf Guard.gif "Hail Durin!".
Dwarf Henchman Image:Dwarf Henchman.gif "This place is for our eyes only!"; "We will live and let you die!"; "I will die another day!"; "We have license to kill!".
Dwarf Miner Image:Dwarf Miner.gif "Work, work!"; "Intruders in the mines!"; "Mine, all mine!".
Dwarf Soldier Image:Dwarf Soldier.gif "Hail Durin!".
Dworc Fleshhunter Image:Dworc Fleshhunter.gif "Grow truk grrrrr."; "Brak brrretz!"; "Prek tars, dekklep zurk.".
Dworc Venomsniper Image:Dworc Venomsniper.gif "Grow truk grrrrr."; "Brak brrretz!"; "Prek tars, dekklep zurk.".
Dworc Voodoomaster Image:Dworc Voodoomaster.gif "Grow truk grrrrr."; "Brak brrretz!"; "Prek tars, dekklep zurk.".
Earth Elemental Image:Earth Elemental.gif "Stomp.".
Earth Overlord Image:Earth Overlord.gif
Eclipse Knight Image:Eclipse Knight.gif "Yes, flee from me!".
Efreet Image:Efreet.gif "I grant you a deathwish!"; "Good wishes are for fairytales".
Elder Beholder Image:Elder Beholder.gif "Inferior creatures, bow before my power!"; "Let me take a look at you!"; "659978 54764!"; "653768764!".
Elephant Image:Elephant.gif "Hooooot-Toooooot!"; "Tooooot!"; "Trooooot!".
Elf Image:Elf.gif "Death to the Defilers!"; "You are not welcome here."; "Flee as long as you can."; "Bahaha aka!"; "Ulathil beia Thratha!".
Elf Arcanist Image:Elf Arcanist.gif "I'll bring balance upon you!"; "Vihil Ealuel"; "For the Daughter of the Stars!"; "Tha'shi Cenath"; "Feel my wrath!".
Elf Scout Image:Elf Scout.gif "Tha'shi Ab'Dendriel!"; "Evicor guide my arrow!"; "Your existence will end here!"; "Feel the sting of my arrows!"; "Thy blood will quench the soil's thirst!".
Energy Elemental Image:Energy Elemental.gif
Energy Overlord Image:Energy Overlord.gif
Enlightened of the Cult Image:Enlightened of the Cult.gif "Praise to my master Urgith!"; "You will rise as my servant!"; "Praise to my masters! Long live the triangle!"; "You will die in the name of the triangle!".
Enraged Bookworm Image:Enraged Bookworm.gif .
Enraged Squirrel Image:Enraged Squirrel.gif Chchch
Esmeralda Image:Esmeralda.gif "Fcccccchhhhhh".
Essence of Darkness Image:Essence of Darkness.gif
Eternal Guardian Image:Eternal Guardian.gif
Evil Mastermind Image:Evil Mastermind.gif "You won't stop my masterplan to flood the world market with fake beholder language dictionaries!"; "My calculations tell me you'll die!"; "You can't stop me!"; "Beware! My evil monolog is coming!".
Evil Sheep Image:Evil Sheep.gif "Grrrr".
Evil Sheep Lord Image:Evil Sheep Lord.gif "You can COUNT on us!"; "Maeh!"; "I feel you're getting sleepy! Maeh!".
Eye of the Seven Image:Eye of the Seven.gif
Fahim The Wise Image:Fahim The Wise.gif You should know better than to be an enemy of the Marid;
Fallen Mooh'Tah Master Ghar Image:Fallen Mooh'Tah Master Ghar.gif "You are no match for a master of the Mooh'Tah!"; "I will finish you"; "I might be fallen but you will fall before me!".
Fatality Image:Fatality.gif
Fernfang Image:Fernfang.gif "You desacrated this place!"; "Yoooohuuuu!"; "I will cleanse this isle!"; "Grrrrrrr".
Ferumbras Image:Ferumbras.gif "NO ONE WILL STOP ME THIS TIME!"; "THE POWER IS MINE!"; "I returned from death and you dream about defeating me?"; "Witness the first seconds of my eternal world domination!"; "Even in my weakened state I will crush you all!".
Fire Devil Image:Fire Devil.gif "Hot, eh?"; "Hell, oh, hell!".
Fire Elemental Image:Fire Elemental.gif
Fire Overlord Image:Fire Overlord.gif
Flamecaller Zazrak Image:Flamecaller Zazrak.gif
Flamethrower Image:Flamethrower.gif
Flamingo Image:Flamingo.gif
Fleabringer Image:Fleabringer.gif
Foreman Kneebiter Image:Foreman Kneebiter.gif
Frost Dragon Image:Frost Dragon.gif "YOU WILL FREEZE!"; "ZCHHHHH!"; "I am so cool."; "Chill out!".
Frost Dragon Hatchling Image:Frost Dragon Hatchling.gif "Rooawwrr"; "Fchu?".
Frost Giant Image:Frost Giant.gif "Hmm Humansoup!"; "Stand still ya tasy snack!"; "Joh Thun!"; "Hörre Sjan Flan!"; "Bröre Smöde!"; "Forle Bramma".
Frost Giantess Image:Frost Giantess.gif "Ymirs Mjalle!"; "No run so much, must stay fat!"; "Hörre Sjan Flan!"; "Damned fast food."; "Come kiss the cook!".
Frost Troll Image:Frost Troll.gif "Brrr"; "Broar!".
Frostfur Image:Frostfur.gif
Furious Troll Image:Furious Troll.gif "Slice! Slice!"; "DIE!!!".
Fury Image:Fury.gif "Ahhhhrrrr!"; "Waaaaah!"; "Carnage!".
Gang Member Image:Gang Member.gif "This is our territory!"; "Help me guys!"; "I don't like the way you look!"; "You're wearing the wrong colours!"; "Don't mess with us!".
Gargoyle Image:Gargoyle.gif "Feel my claws, softskin!"; "There is a stone in your shoe"; "Stone sweet stone"; "Harrr harrr!".
Gazer Image:Gazer.gif "Mommy!?"; "Buuuuhaaaahhaaaaa!"; "Me need mana!".
General Murius Image:General Murius.gif "You will get what you deserve!"; "Feel the power of the Mooh'Tah!"; "For the king!"; "Guards!".
Ghastly Dragon Image:Ghastly Dragon.gif "EMBRACE MY GIFTS!";"I WILL FEAST ON YOUR SOUL!"
Ghost Image:Ghost.gif "Huh!"; "Shhhhhh"; "Buuuuuh".
Ghostly Apparition Image:Ghostly Apparition.gif "Fresh life spirit.... aaahhh.... let me feeeeed..."; "Theeeese waaalls.... hold unholy secretsss...."; "Saaaaave ussss....."; "Aaahhhh.....";
Ghoul Image:Ghoul.gif
Giant Spider Image:Giant Spider.gif
Gladiator Image:Gladiator.gif "You are no match for me!"; "Feel my prowess"; "Fight!"; "Take this!".
Gloombringer Image:Gloombringer.gif
Gnarlhound Image:Gnarlhound.gif "Gnarllll!"; "Grrrrrr!".
Gnorre Chyllson Image:Gnorre Chyllson.gif "I am like the merciless northwind."; "Snow will be your death shroud."; "Feel the wrath of father chyll!".
Goblin Image:Goblin.gif "Zig Zag! Gobo attack!"; "Me green, me mean!"; "Bugga! Bugga!"; "Help! Goblinkiller!"; "Me have him!".
Goblin Assassin Image:Goblin Assassin.gif "Goblin Powahhh!"; "Me kill you!"; "Me green menace!"; "Gobabunga!"; "Gooobliiiins!".
Goblin Leader Image:Goblin Leader.gif "Go go, Gobo attack!!"; "Me the greenest and the meanest!"; "Me have power to crush you!"; "Goblinkiller! Catch him!!".
Goblin Scavenger Image:Goblin Scavenger.gif "Shiny, shiny!"; "You mean!"; "All mine!"; "Uhh!"; "Gimme gimme!".
Golgordan Image:Golgordan.gif "Latrivan, you fool!"; "We are the right hand and the left hand of the seven!".
Gozzler Image:Gozzler.gif "Huhuhuhuuu!"; "Let the fun begin!"; "Yihahaha!"; "I'll bite you! Nyehehehe!"; "Nyarnyarnyarnyar.";
Grand Mother Foulscale Image:Grand Mother Foulscale.gif "GROOAAARRR"
Grandfather Tridian Image:Grandfather Tridian.gif "I will bring peace to your misguided soul!"; "Your intrusion can't be tolerated!".
Gravelord Oshuran Image:Gravelord Oshuran.gif "Your mortality is disgusting!".
Green Djinn Image:Green Djinn.gif "Good wishes are for fairytales"; "I wish you a merry trip to hell!"; "Muahahahahaha"; "I grant you a deathwish!".
Green Frog Image:Green Frog.gif "Ribbit!"; "Ribbit! Ribbit!".
Grim Reaper Image:Grim Reaper.gif "Death!"; "Come a little closer!"; "The end is near!".
Grimgor Guteater Image:Grimgor Guteater.gif "Don't run, You're burning off precious fat.".
Grorlam Image:Grorlam.gif
Grynch Clan Goblin Image:Grynch Clan Goblin.gif "T'was not me hand in your pocket!"; "Look! Cool stuff in house. Let's get it!"; "Uhh! Nobody home! <chuckle>"; "Me just borrowed it!"; "Me no steal! Me found it!"; "Me had it for five minutes. It's family heirloom now!"; "Nice human won't hurt little, good goblin?"; "Gimmegimme!"; "Invite me in you lovely house plx!"; "Other Goblin stole it!"; "All presents mine!"; "Me got ugly ones purse"; "Free itans plz!"; "Not me! Not me!"; "Guys, help me here! Guys? Guys???"; "That only much dust in me pocket! Honest!"; "Can me have your stuff?"; "Halp, Big dumb one is after me!"; "Uh, So many shiny things!"; "Utani hur hur hur!"; "Mee? Stealing? Never!!!"; "Oh what fun it is to steal a one-horse open sleigh!"; "Must have it! Must have it!"; "Where me put me lockpick?"; "Catch me if you can!".
Hairman The Huge Image:Hairman The Huge.gif
Hand of Cursed Fate Image:Hand of Cursed Fate.gif
Harbinger of Darkness Image:Harbinger of Darkness.gif
Haunted Treeling Image:Haunted Treeling.gif "Knarrrz"; "Huuhuuhuuuhuuaarrr"; "Knorrrrrr".
Haunter Image:Haunter.gif "Surrender and I'll end it quick."
Hell Hole Image:Hell Hole.gif
Hellfire Fighter Image:Hellfire Fighter.gif
Hellgorak Image:Hellgorak.gif "I'll sacrifice yours souls to seven!"; "I'm bad news for you mortals!"; "No man can defeat me!"; "Your puny skills are no match for me."; "I smell your fear."; "Delicious!".
Hellhound Image:Hellhound.gif "GROOOOWL!".
Hellspawn Image:Hellspawn.gif "Your fragile bones are like toothpicks to me."; "You little weasel will not live to see another day."; "I'm just a messenger of what's yet to come."; "HRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR!"; "I'm taking you down with me!".
Herald of Gloom Image:Herald of Gloom.gif
Hero Image:Hero.gif "Let's have a fight!"; "I will sing a tune at your grave."; "Have you seen princess Lumelia?"; "Welcome to my battleground!".
Hide Image:Hide.gif
High Templar Cobrass Image:High Templar Cobrass.gif
Hot Dog Image:Hot Dog.gif "Wuff Wuff"; "Grrr Wuff"; "Show me how good you are without some rolled newspaper!".
Hunter Image:Hunter.gif "Guess who we are hunting!"; "Guess who we're hunting, hahaha!"; "Bullseye!"; "You'll make a nice trophy!".
Husky Image:Husky.gif "Yoooohuuuu!"; "Grrrrrrr"; "Ruff, ruff!".
Hyaena Image:Hyaena.gif "Grrrrrr"; "Hou hou hou!".
Hydra Image:Hydra.gif "FCHHHHH"; "HISSSS".
Ice Golem Image:Ice Golem.gif "Chrrr."; "Crrrrk."; "Gnarr.".
Ice Overlord Image:Ice Overlord.gif
Ice Witch Image:Ice Witch.gif "So you think you are cool?"; "I hope it is not too cold for you! HeHeHe."; "Freeze!".
Incineron Image:Incineron.gif
Infernal Frog Image:Infernal Frog.gif "Ribbit!"; "Ribbit! Ribbit!"; "No Kisses for you!".
Infernalist Image:Infernalist.gif "Nothing will remain but your scorched bones!"; "Some like it hot!"; "It's cooking time!"; "Feel the heat of battle!".
Inky Image:Inky.gif "Tssss!"; "Gaaahhh!"; "Gluh! Gluh!"; "Boohaa!".
Insect Swarm Image:Insect Swarm.gif
Island Troll Image:Island Troll.gif "Hmmm, turtles"; "Hmmm, dogs"; "Hmmm, worms"; "Groar"; "Gruntz!".
Jagged Earth Elemental Image:Jagged Earth Elemental.gif "*STOMP STOMP*".
Juggernaut Image:Juggernaut.gif "RAAARRR!"; "GRRRRRR!; "WAHHHH!".
Killer Caiman Image:Killer Caiman.gif
Killer Rabbit Image:Killer Rabbit.gif "Who is lunch NOW?".
Kitty Image:Kitty.gif
Kongra Image:Kongra.gif "Ungh! Ungh!"; "Hugah!"; "Huaauaauaauaa!".
Kongra (Anti-Botter) Image:Kongra (Anti-Botter).gif "Don't be a fool - don't fight me. Am not here for you."; "If I get you I'll crash you.".
Koshei the Deathless Image:Koshei the Deathless.gif "Your pain will be beyond imagination!"; "You can't defeat me! I will resurrect and take your soul!"; "Death is my ally!"; "Welcome to my domain visitor!"; "You will be my toy on the other side!"; "What a disgusting smell of life!"; "You will endure agony beyond thy death!"; "Ahhh, your life energy tastes so delicious!".
Kreebosh the Exile Image:Kreebosh the Exile.gif "I bet you wish you weren't here.".
Lancer Beetle Image:Lancer Beetle.gif "Crump!"
Larva Image:Larva.gif
Latrivan Image:Latrivan.gif "I might reward you for killing my brother ~ with a swift death!"; "Colateral damage is so fun!"; "Golgordan you fool!"; "We are the brothers of fear!".
Lavahole Image:Lavahole.gif
Lersatio Image:Lersatio.gif "The monsters in the mirrors will come eat your dreams."; "Your pitiful life has come to an end"; "One day I will see my pretty face in a mirror again."
Lethal Lissy Image:Lethal Lissy.gif
Leviathan Image:Leviathan.gif "CHHHRRRR"; "HISSSS".
Lich Image:Lich.gif "Doomed be the living!"; "Death awaits all!"; "Thy living flesh offends me!"; "Death and Decay!"; "You will endure agony beyond thy death!"; "Pain sweet pain!"; "Come to me my children!".
Lion Image:Lion.gif "Groarrr!".
List of Creatures by Convince Cost File:.gif
Lizard Chosen Image:Lizard Chosen.gif "Grzzzzzzz!"
Lizard Dragon Priest Image:Lizard Dragon Priest.gif
Lizard Gate Guardian Image:Lizard Gate Guardian.gif
Lizard High Guard Image:Lizard High Guard.gif
Lizard Legionnaire Image:Lizard Legionnaire.gif Tssss!
Lizard Sentinel Image:Lizard Sentinel.gif "Tssss!".
Lizard Snakecharmer Image:Lizard Snakecharmer.gif "I smeeeel warm blood!"; "Shhhhhhh".
Lizard Templar Image:Lizard Templar.gif "Hissss!".
Lizard Zaogun Image:Lizard Zaogun.gif
Lord of the Elements Image:Lord of the Elements.gif "WHO DARES CALLING ME?"
Lost Soul Image:Lost Soul.gif "Mouuuurn meeee!"; "Forgive Meee!"; "Help meee!".
Mad Scientist Image:Mad Scientist.gif "Die in the name of Science!"; "You will regret interrupting my studies!"; "Let me test this!"; "I will study your corpse!".
Mad Sheep Image:Mad Sheep.gif "Maeh"; "Groar!"; "Fchhhh"; "Meow!"; "Woof!".
Mad Technomancer Image:Mad Technomancer.gif "I'm going to make them an offer they can't refuse."; "My masterplan cannot fail!"; "Gentlemen, you can't fight here! This is the War Room!"; "I love the smell of firebombs in the morning.".
Madareth Image:Madareth.gif "I am going to play with yourself!"; "Feel my wrath!"; "No one matches my battle prowess!"; "You will all die!".
Magic Pillar Image:Magic Pillar.gif
Magicthrower Image:Magicthrower.gif
Mahrdis Image:Mahrdis.gif "Ashes to ashes!"; "Fire, Fire!"; "The eternal flame demands its due!"; "Burnnnnnnnnn!"; "May my flames engulf you!"; "This is why I'm hot.".
Mammoth Image:Mammoth.gif "Troooooot!"; "Hooooot-Toooooot!"; "Tooooot.".
Man in the Cave Image:Man in the Cave.gif "THE MONKS ARE MINE!"; "I will rope you up! All of you!"; "You have been roped up!"; "A MIC to rule them all!".
Marid Image:Marid.gif "Wishes can come true"; "Feel the power of my magic, tiny mortal!"; "Simsalabim"; "Djinns will soon again be the greatest!"; "Be careful what you wish.".
Marziel Image:Marziel.gif "My brides will show you how to suffer beautifully." "I smell warm blood." "Why are you disturbing me and my brides?" "You shouldn't have come." "You! You had no right to read my diary!" "I... want... your... blood!"
Massacre Image:Massacre.gif "HATE! HATE! KILL! KILL!"; "GRRAAARRRHH!"; "GRRRR!".
Massive Earth Elemental Image:Massive Earth Elemental.gif
Massive Energy Elemental Image:Massive Energy Elemental.gif
Massive Fire Elemental Image:Massive Fire Elemental.gif
Massive Water Elemental Image:Massive Water Elemental.gif
Mechanical Fighter Image:Mechanical Fighter.gif
Medusa Image:Medusa.gif "You will make sssuch a fine ssstatue!"; "There isss no chhhanccce of essscape"; "Are you tired or why are you moving thhat ssslow <chuckle>"; "Jussst look at me!".
Menace Image:Menace.gif
Mephiles Image:Mephiles.gif "I have a contract here which you should sign!"; "I sence so much potential in you. It's almost a shame I have to kill you."; "Yes, slay me for the loot I might have. Give in to your greed."; "Wealth, Power, it is all at your fingertips. All you have to do is a bit blackmailing and bullying."; "Come on. being a bit evil won't hurt you.".
Mercury Blob Image:Mercury Blob.gif "Crackle".
Merikh the Slaughterer Image:Merikh the Slaughterer.gif
Merlkin Image:Merlkin.gif "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!"; "Holy banana!"; "Chakka! Chakka!".
Merlkin (Anti-Botter) Image:Merlkin (Anti-Botter).gif "I am a healer, you fool."; "Am just watching what you're doing to my brothers."; "I'm Rakifi, And I'm not amused."; "Once you angered me enough; I'll call the big one."; "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!"; "Leave me alone. Will you?"; "Your little weapons can't even cause a scratch.".
Midnight Spawn Image:Midnight Spawn.gif
Midnight Warrior File:Midnight Warrior.gif
Mimic Image:Mimic.gif
Minotaur Image:Minotaur.gif "Kaplar!".
Minotaur Archer Image:Minotaur Archer.gif "Ruan Wihmpy!"; "Kaplar!".
Minotaur Guard Image:Minotaur Guard.gif "Kirrl Karrrl!"; "Kaplar".
Minotaur Mage Image:Minotaur Mage.gif "Learrn tha secrret uf deathhh!"; "Kaplar!".
Monk Image:Monk.gif "Repent Heretic!"; "A prayer to the almighty one!"; "I will punish the sinners!".
Mooh'Tah Master Image:Mooh'Tah Master.gif "Kaplar!"; "Kirll Karrrl!".
Morguthis Image:Morguthis.gif "I am the supreme warrior!"; "Come and fight me, cowards!"; "Vengeance!"; "You will make a fine trophy."; "Let me hear the music of battle."; "Another one to bite the dust!".
Morik the Gladiator Image:Morik the Gladiator.gif "To be the one you'll have to beat the one!"; "Where did I put my ultimate health potion again?"; "I am the best!"; "I'll take your ears as a trophy!".
Mr. Punish Image:Mr. Punish.gif "I kept my axe sharp, especially for you!"; "Time for a little torturing practice!"; "Scream for me!".
Muddy Earth Elemental Image:Muddy Earth Elemental.gif
Mummy Image:Mummy.gif "I will ssswallow your sssoul!"; "Mort ulhegh dakh visss."; "Flesssh to dussst!"; "I will tassste life again!"; "Ahkahra exura belil mort!"; "Yohag Sssetham!".
Munster Image:Munster.gif "Meep!"; "Meeeeep!".
Mutated Bat Image:Mutated Bat.gif "Shriiiiiek".
Mutated Human Image:Mutated Human.gif "Take that creature off my back!! I can feel it!"; "HEEEEEEEEEELP!"; "You will be the next infected one... GRAAAAAAAAARRR!"; "Science... is a curse."; "Run as fast as you can."; "Oh by the gods! What is this... aaaaaargh!".
Mutated Rat Image:Mutated Rat.gif "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"; "Fcccccchhhhhh".
Mutated Tiger Image:Mutated Tiger.gif "GRAAARRRRRR"; "CHHHHHHHHHHH".
Necromancer Image:Necromancer.gif "Taste the sweetness of death!"; "Your corpse will be mine.".
Necropharus Image:Necropharus.gif "You will rise as my servant!"; "Praise to my master Urgith!".
Nightmare Image:Nightmare.gif "Close your eyes... I want to show you something."; "I will haunt you forever!"; "Pffffrrrrrrrrrrrr."; "I will make you scream."; "Take a ride with me."; "Weeeheeheeeheee!".
Nightmare Scion Image:Nightmare Scion.gif "Weeeheeheee!"; "Pffffrrrrrrrrrrrr."; "Peak a boo, I killed you!".
Nightslayer Image:Nightslayer.gif
Nightstalker Image:Nightstalker.gif "The sunlight is so depressing."; "Come with me, my child."; "I've been in the shadow under your bed last night."; "You never know what hides in the night."; "I remember your face - and I know where you sleep."; Only the sweetest and cruelest dreams for you, my love.".
Nomad Image:Nomad.gif "I will leave your remains to the vultures!"; "We are the true sons of the desert!"; "We are swift as the wind of the desert!".
Norgle Glacierbeard Image:Norgle Glacierbeard.gif "I'll extinguish you warmbloods."; "REVENGE!"; "Far too hot."; "DISGUSTING WARMBLOODS!"; "Revenge is sweetest when served cold.".
Novice of the Cult Image:Novice of the Cult.gif "Fear us!"; "You will not tell anyone what you have seen!"; "Your curiosity will be punished!".
Omruc Image:Omruc.gif "Now chhhou shhhee me ... Now chhhou don't."; "Chhhhou are marked ashhh my prey."; "Psssst, I am over chhhere."; "Catchhhh me if chhhou can."; "Die!".
Orc Image:Orc.gif "Grow truk grrrrr."; "Prek tars, dekklep zurk."; "Grak brrretz!".
Orc Berserker Image:Orc Berserker.gif "KRAK ORRRRRRK!".
Orc Leader Image:Orc Leader.gif "Ulderek futgyr human!".
Orc Marauder Image:Orc Marauder.gif Grrrrrr
Orc Rider Image:Orc Rider.gif "Orc arga Huummmak!"; "Grrrrrrr".
Orc Shaman Image:Orc Shaman.gif "Huumans stinkk!"; "Grak brrretz gulu.".
Orc Spearman Image:Orc Spearman.gif "Ugaar!".
Orc Warlord Image:Orc Warlord.gif "Ikem rambo zambo!"; "Orc buta bana!"; "Ranat Ulderek!"; "Fetchi Maruk Buta".
Orc Warrior Image:Orc Warrior.gif "Alk!"; "Trak grrrr brik."; "Grow truk grrrr.".
Orchid Frog Image:Orchid Frog.gif "Ribbit!"; "Ribbit! Ribbit!".
Orcus the Cruel Image:Orcus the Cruel.gif
Orshabaal Image:Orshabaal.gif "PRAISED BE MY MASTERS, THE RUTHLESS SEVEN!"; "YOU ARE DOOMED!"; "ORSHABAAL IS BACK!"; "Be prepared for the day my masters will come for you!"; "SOULS FOR ORSHABAAL!".
Overcharged Energy Element Image:Overcharged Energy Element.gif "BZZZZZZZZZZ".
Panda Image:Panda.gif "Groar"; "Grrrr".
Parrot Image:Parrot.gif "You advanshed, you advanshed!"; "Neeewbiiieee!"; "Screeech!"; "Hunterrr ish PK!"; "BR? PL? SWE?"; "Hope you die and loooosh it!"; "You powerrrrrrabuserrrrr!"; "You are corrrrupt! Corrrrupt!"; "Tarrrrp?"; "Blesshhh my stake! Screeech!"; "Leeave orrr hunted!!"; "Shhtop whining! Rrah!"; "I'm heeerrre! Screeeech!".
Penguin Image:Penguin.gif
Phantasm Image:Phantasm.gif "Oh my, you forgot to put your pants on!"; "Weeheeheeheehee!"; "Its nothing but a dream."; "Dream a little dream with me!"; "Give in.".
Pig Image:Pig.gif "Oink oink"; "Oink".
Pillar Image:Pillar.gif
Pirate Buccaneer Image:Pirate Buccaneer.gif "Give up!"; "Hiyaa"; "Plundeeeeer!".
Pirate Corsair Image:Pirate Corsair.gif "Hiyaa!"; "Give up!"; "Plundeeeeer!".
Pirate Cutthroat Image:Pirate Cutthroat.gif "Give up!"; "Plundeeeeer!"; "Hiyaa!".
Pirate Ghost Image:Pirate Ghost.gif "Yooh Ho Hooh Ho!"; "Hell is waiting for You!"; "It's alive!"; "The curse! Aww the curse!"; "You will not get my treasure!".
Pirate Marauder Image:Pirate Marauder.gif "Plundeeeeer!"; "Hiyaa!"; "Give up!".
Pirate Skeleton Image:Pirate Skeleton.gif
Plaguesmith Image:Plaguesmith.gif "You are looking a bit feverish!"; "You don't look that good!"; "Hachoo!"; "Cough Cough".
Plaguethrower Image:Plaguethrower.gif
Poacher Image:Poacher.gif "You will not live to tell anyone!"; "You are my game today!"; "Look what has stepped into my trap!".
Poison Spider Image:Poison Spider.gif
Polar Bear Image:Polar Bear.gif "GROARRR!".
Priestess Image:Priestess.gif "Your energy is mine."; "Now your life is come to the end, hahahaha!"; "Throw the soul on the altar!".
Pythius the Rotten (Creature) Image:Pythius the Rotten (Creature).gif "YOU'LL NEVER GET MY TREASURE!"; "MINIONS, MEET YOUR NEW BROTHER!"; "YOU WILL REGRET THAT YOU ARE BORN!"; "YOU MADE A HUGE WASTE!".
Quara Constrictor Image:Quara Constrictor.gif "Boohaa!"; "Tssss!"; "Gluh! Gluh!"; "Gaaahhh!".
Quara Constrictor Scout Image:Quara Constrictor Scout.gif "Tssss!"; "Gaaahhh!"; "Gluh! Gluh!"; "Boohaa!".
Quara Hydromancer Image:Quara Hydromancer.gif "Qua hah tsh!"; "Teech tsha tshul!"; "Quara tsha Fach!"; "Tssssha Quara!"; "Blubber."; "Blup.".
Quara Hydromancer Scout Image:Quara Hydromancer Scout.gif "Qua hah tsh!"; "Teech tsha tshul!"; "Quara tsha Fach!"; "Tssssha Quara!"; "Blubber."; "Blup.".
Quara Mantassin Image:Quara Mantassin.gif "Shrrrr"; "Zuerk Pachak!".
Quara Mantassin Scout Image:Quara Mantassin Scout.gif "Shrrrr"; "Zuerk Pachak!".
Quara Pincher Image:Quara Pincher.gif "Clank! Clank!"; "Clap!"; "Crrrk! Crrrk!".
Quara Pincher Scout Image:Quara Pincher Scout.gif "Clank! Clank!"; "Clap!"; "Crrrk! Crrrk!".
Quara Predator Image:Quara Predator.gif "Gnarrr!"; "Tcharrr!"; "Rrrah!"; "Rraaar!".
Quara Predator Scout Image:Quara Predator Scout.gif "Gnarrr!"; "Tcharrr!"; "Rrrah!"; "Rraaar!".
Rabbit Image:Rabbit.gif
Rahemos Image:Rahemos.gif "It's not a trick, it's Rahemos."; "Abrah Kadabrah!"; "It's a kind of magic."; "Meet my friend from hell!"; "I will make you believe in magic."; "Nothing hidden in my wrappings.".
Rat Image:Rat.gif "Meep!".
Renegade Orc Image:Renegade Orc.gif "Harga puchak muhmak!"
Rift Brood Image:Rift Brood.gif
Rift Lord Image:Rift Lord.gif
Rift Phantom Image:Rift Phantom.gif
Rift Scythe Image:Rift Scythe.gif
Rift Worm Image:Rift Worm.gif
Roaring Water Elemental Image:Roaring Water Elemental.gif "BLUB BLUB"; "SWASHHH".
Rocko Image:Rocko.gif
Rocky Image:Rocky.gif "Another little gladiator!"; "Come into my embrace.".
Ron the Ripper Image:Ron the Ripper.gif "Muahaha!".
Rottie the Rotworm Image:Rottie the Rotworm.gif
Rotworm Image:Rotworm.gif
Rotworm Queen Image:Rotworm Queen.gif
Rukor Zad Image:Rukor Zad.gif "I can kill a man in a thousand ways. And that`s only with a spoon!"; "You shouldn`t have come here!"; "Haiiii!".
Sandcrawler Image:Sandcrawler.gif Chrk chrk!
Scarab Image:Scarab.gif
Scorpion Image:Scorpion.gif
Sea Serpent Image:Sea Serpent.gif "CHHHRRRR"; "HISSSS".
Seagull Image:Seagull.gif
Serpent Spawn Image:Serpent Spawn.gif "HISSSS"; "I bring your deathhh, mortalssss"; "Sssssouls for the one"; "Tsssse one will risssse again".
Servant Golem Image:Servant Golem.gif "Do you think I might become a real boy one day?"; "How may I serve you, Sir or Ma'am?"; "Washing procedure initiated!"; "Can I help you?"; "Scan result: dusty human! Cleansing initiated!"; "I am listening!"; "Awaiting orders!"; "Where are we going, Sir or Ma'am?"; "How are you, Sir or Ma'am?"; "Praise the Yalahari!"; "Is that love or do you have a magnet in your pocket?"; "Move on! There's nothing to see!"; "Do you want to taste a sample of the newest dish?"; "I hope I am not annoying, Sir or Ma'am?"; "WARNING: BAD HAIRCUT DETECTED! Initializing haircut procedure!"; "Mommy?"; "Everything is working as intended!"; "Rrrtttarrrttarrrtta".
Shadow Hound Image:Shadow Hound.gif Grrrr!
Shadow of Boreth Image:Shadow of Boreth.gif
Shadow of Lersatio Image:Shadow of Lersatio.gif
Shadow of Marziel Image:Shadow of Marziel.gif
Shard of Corruption Image:Shard of Corruption.gif
Shardhead Image:Shardhead.gif
Sharptooth Image:Sharptooth.gif "Gnarrr!"; "Tcharrr!"; "Rrrah!"; "Rraaar!".
Sheep Image:Sheep.gif "Maeh".
Shredderthrower Image:Shredderthrower.gif
Sibang Image:Sibang.gif "Eeeeek! Eeeeek!"; "Huh! Huh! Huh!"; "Ahhuuaaa!".
Silver Rabbit Image:Silver Rabbit.gif
Sir Valorcrest Image:Sir Valorcrest.gif "I challenge you!"; "A battle makes the blood so hot and sweet."
Skeleton Image:Skeleton.gif
Skeleton Warrior Image:Skeleton Warrior.gif
Skunk Image:Skunk.gif
Slick Water Elemental Image:Slick Water Elemental.gif "BLUUUUB"; "SPLISH SPLASH".
Slim Image:Slim.gif "Zhroozzzzs."?
Slime (Creature) Image:Slime (Creature).gif "Blubb".
Smuggler Image:Smuggler.gif "You saw something you shouldn't!"; "I will silence you forever!".
Smuggler Baron Silvertoe Image:Smuggler Baron Silvertoe.gif "I will make your death look like an accident!"; "you should not have interferred with my bussiness!"; "Bribes are expensive, murder is cheap!"; "I see some profit in your death!"; "I expect you to die!".
Snake Image:Snake.gif "Zzzzzzt".
Son of Verminor Image:Son of Verminor.gif ?
Spawn of Despair Image:Spawn of Despair.gif "Tibia will suffer and writhe today!", "Times of darkness are at hand", "The light weakens! The darkness grows stronger!", "YOU CALLED US! HERE WE ARE!", "The world will end today", "HRAAAAAAAAAAH", "OUR DAY HAS COME!", "HIDE YOU WEAKLINGS!", "Give it up. You fragile beings cannot have hope to defeat us demons."
Spectre Image:Spectre.gif "Revenge ... is so ... sweet."; "Life...force! Feed me your... lifeforce"; "Mor... tals!".
Spider Image:Spider.gif
Spirit of Earth Image:Spirit of Earth.gif "Show your strengh ... or perish.".
Spirit of Fire Image:Spirit of Fire.gif "Feel the heat.".
Spirit of Light Image:Spirit of Light.gif
Spirit of Water Image:Spirit of Water.gif "Blubb".
Spit Nettle Image:Spit Nettle.gif
Splasher Image:Splasher.gif "Qua hah tsh!"; "Teech tsha tshul!"; "Quara tsha Fach!"; "Tssssha Quara!"; "Blubber."; "Blup.".
Squirrel Image:Squirrel.gif "Chchch".
Stalker Image:Stalker.gif
Stone Golem Image:Stone Golem.gif
Stonecracker Image:Stonecracker.gif "HUAHAHA!".
Svoren The Mad Image:Svoren The Mad.gif "NO mommy NO. Leave me alone!"; "Not that tower again!"; "The cat has grown some horns!"; What was I doing here again?", "Are we there soon mommy?"
Swamp Troll Image:Swamp Troll.gif "Me strong! Me ate spinach!"; "Groar!"; "Grrrr".
Tarantula Image:Tarantula.gif
Target Dummy Image:Target Dummy.gif "I hope you are enjoying your sparring Sir or Ma'am!"; "Threat level rising!"; "Engaging in hostile interaction!"; "Rrrtttarrrttarrrtta"; "Please feel free to hit me Sir or Ma'am!"; "klonk klonk klonk"; "Self-diagnosis running."; "Battle simulation proceeding."; "Repairs initiated!".
Terramite Image:Terramite.gif "Zrp zrp!"
Terror Bird Image:Terror Bird.gif "Carrah! Carrah!"; "Gruuuh Gruuuh."; "CRAAAHHH!".
Thalas Image:Thalas.gif "You will become a feast for my maggots!".
The Axeorcist Image:The Axeorcist.gif "FIGHT!"
The Big Bad One Image:The Big Bad One.gif
The Blightfather Image:The Blightfather.gif
The Bloodtusk Image:The Bloodtusk.gif
The Collector Image:The Collector.gif "Leave as long as you can."
The Count Image:The Count.gif
The Dark Dancer Image:The Dark Dancer.gif "I hope you like my voice!".
The Dreadorian Image:The Dreadorian.gif
The Evil Eye Image:The Evil Eye.gif "Inferior creatures, bow before my power!"; "653768764!".
The Frog Prince Image:The Frog Prince.gif "Don't Kill me!!".
The Hag Image:The Hag.gif "If you think I am too old to fight then you're wrong."; "I've forgotten more things than you have ever learned!"; "Let me teach you a few things youngster!"; "I'll teach you respect for the old!".
The Hairy One Image:The Hairy One.gif "Hugah!"; "Ungh! Ungh!".
The Halloween Hare Image:The Halloween Hare.gif
The Handmaiden Image:The Handmaiden.gif
The Horned Fox Image:The Horned Fox.gif "I'll be back!"; "Catch me, if you can!".
The Imperor Image:The Imperor.gif "Poke! Poke! <chuckle>"; "Let me tickle you with my trident!".
The Many Image:The Many.gif
The Masked Marauder Image:The Masked Marauder.gif "Didn't you leave your house door open?"; "Oops, your shoelaces are open!"; "Look! It's Ferumbras behind you!"; "Stop! I give up!".
The Mutated Pumpkin Image:The Mutated Pumpkin.gif "I had the Halloween Hare for breakfast!"; "Your soul will be mine...wait, wrong line"; "Trick or treat? I saw death!"; "No wait! Don't kill me! It's me, your friend!"; "Bunnies, bah! I'm the real thing!"; "Muahahahaha!"; "I've come to avenge all those mutilated pumpkins!"; "Wait until I get you!"; "Fear the spirit of Halloween!".
The Noxious Spawn Image:The Noxious Spawn.gif "I bring you deathhhh, mortalssss".
The Obliverator Image:The Obliverator.gif "NO ONE WILL BEAT ME".
The Old Whopper Image:The Old Whopper.gif "Han oydar hot auden oydar".
The Old Widow Image:The Old Widow.gif
The Pit Lord Image:The Pit Lord.gif "I won't let you escape!"; "I'LL GET YOU ALL!"; "I'll crush you beneath my feet!".
The Plasmother Image:The Plasmother.gif "Blubb"; "Blubb Blubb"; "Blubberdiblubb".
The Snapper Image:The Snapper.gif
The Voice of Ruin Image:The Voice of Ruin.gif
The Weakened Count Image:The Weakened Count.gif "1... 2... 2... Uh, can't concentrate.".
Thief (Creature) Image:Thief (Creature).gif "You dare stealing from us?"; "Intruder! Get him!"; "Alarm!"; "Don't let him escape!".
Thieving Squirrel Image:Thieving Squirrel.gif Chchch
Thornback Tortoise Image:Thornback Tortoise.gif
Thul Image:Thul.gif "Gaaahhh!".
Tiger Image:Tiger.gif
Tiquandas Revenge Image:Tiquandas Revenge.gif
Tirecz Image:Tirecz.gif Hissss!
Toad Image:Toad.gif "Ribbit! Ribbit!"; "Ribbit!".
Tormented Ghost Image:Tormented Ghost.gif "Haaahhh"; "Grrglll".
Tortoise Image:Tortoise.gif
Tortoise (Anti-Botter) Image:Tortoise (Anti-Botter).gif "Your efforts are in vain."; "You better run.".
Tremorak Image:Tremorak.gif *STOMP STOMP*
Troll Image:Troll.gif "Hmmm, bugs"; "Hmmm, dogs"; "Grrr"; "Groar"; "Gruntz!".
Troll Champion Image:Troll Champion.gif "Meee maity!"; "Grrrr"; "Whaaaz up!?"; "Gruntz!"; "Groar".
Troll Legionnaire Image:Troll Legionnaire.gif "Attack!"; "Graaaaar!".
Undead Dragon Image:Undead Dragon.gif "FEEEED MY ETERNAL HUNGER!"; "I SENSE LIFE".
Undead Gladiator Image:Undead Gladiator.gif "Let's battle it out in a duel!"; "Bring it!"; "I'll fight here in eternity and beyond."; "I will not give up!"; "Another foolish adventurer who tries to beat me.".
Undead Jester Image:Undead Jester.gif "Who's bad?"; "I have a cunning plan!"; "Resistance is futile! You will be amused!"; "Pull my finger!"; "Why did the chicken cross the road? TO KILL YOU!!!"; "I will teach you all to mock me!"; "He who laughs last, Laughs best!"; "Th-Th-Th-That's all, folks!"; "A zathroth priest, a druid and a paladin walk into a bar ..."; "Ha Ha!"; "Doh!"; "Zathroth made me do it!"; "And now for something completely different!"; "You think this is funny now?"; "Are we having fun yet?"; "Did I do that?".
Undead Mine Worker Image:Undead Mine Worker.gif
Undead Prospector Image:Undead Prospector.gif "Our mine... leave us alone."; "Turn back..."; "These mine is ours... you shall not pass.".
Ungreez Image:Ungreez.gif "I teach you that even heroes can die!"; "You will die begging like the others did!".
Ushuriel Image:Ushuriel.gif "You can't run or hide forever!"; "I'm the executioner of the Seven!"; "The final punishment awaits you!"; "The judgement is guilty! The sentence is death!"
Valkyrie Image:Valkyrie.gif "Another head for me!"; "Head off!"; "Your head will be mine!"; "Stand still!"; "One more head for me!".
Vampire Image:Vampire.gif "BLOOD!"; "Let me kiss your neck"; "I smell warm blood!"; "I call you my bats!, come!".
Vampire Bride Image:Vampire Bride.gif "Kneel before your Mistress!"; "Dead is the new alive."; "Come, let me kiss you, darling. Oh wait, I meant kill."; "Enjoy the pain - I know you love it."; "Are you suffering nicely enough?".
Vampire Pig Image:Vampire Pig.gif "Oink"; "Oink oink".
Vashresamun Image:Vashresamun.gif "If music is the food of death, drop dead."; "Are you enjoying my music?"; "Come my maidens, we have visitors!"; "Chakka Chakka!"; "Heheheheee!".
Wailing Widow Image:Wailing Widow.gif
War Golem Image:War Golem.gif "Azerus barada nikto!"; "Klonk klonk klonk"; "Engaging Enemy!"; "Threat level processed."; "Charging weapon systems!"; "Auto repair in progress."; "The battle is joined!"; "Termination initialized!"; "Rrrtttarrrttarrrtta"; "Eliminated".
War Wolf Image:War Wolf.gif "Yoooohhuuuu!"; "Grrrrrrr".
Warlock Image:Warlock.gif "Even a rat is a better mage than you!"; "Learn the secret of our magic! YOUR death!"; "We don't like intruders!".
Warlord Ruzad Image:Warlord Ruzad.gif
Wasp Image:Wasp.gif "Bssssss".
Water Elemental Image:Water Elemental.gif "Splish splash".
Weak Eclipse Knight Image:Weak Eclipse Knight.gif
Weak Gloombringer Image:Weak Gloombringer.gif
Weak Harbinger of Darkness Image:Weak Harbinger of Darkness.gif

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