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A soul room is a room exisiting within an individual's mind that contains items reflecting their personality.

Shadi was able to access various characters soul rooms through use of the Millennium Key. While inside he was able to redecorate their room to change their personality and have them do his bidding. He was also able to destroy the room in order to kill the person.

By redecorating the soul rooms of Yugi's friends, Shadi forced Dark Yugi into a series of tests.

Character Information Image
Yugi Inside Yugi's mind two soul rooms exist. One for his own soul and one for Dark Yugi's. Yugi's room is filled games and toys.
Dark Yugi Dark Yugi's soul room is filled with a labyrinth of staircases and traps. Inside are many other rooms. Only one such room is his true soul room.

Shadi tried to take the power of the Millennium Puzzle, while inside here, but was unable to do so until he found the true room. After getting caught in one of the traps, Dark Yugi saved him and advises he leaves.

In the second series anime, Shadi entered Yugi's mind during Duelist Kingdom just to explore. After falling into one of the Traps, Yugi saved him, unsure why Yami Yugi (Dark Yugi) was doing this to him.

Yoshimori Professor Yoshimori's room consists largely of objects related to his work as an archaeologist. There is one faded picture of his family, indicating he hasn't given them much attention lately.
Anzu Anzu's room contains a picture of the Statue of Liberty, reflecting her aspirations to move to America to study dance. There is also a picture of a hero, whose face cannot be seen. This is a representation of Dark Yugi, who has saved her before, but she has never seen him.
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