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Soul Split
File:Soul split.gif
Members only? Yes
Level 92
Drain rate 1 Point every 2 Seconds
Effect Opponent loses 1 prayer
point and you gain
1 hp per 5 damage you deal.
A player using the ancient curse, Soul Split.

Soul Split is a prayer in the Ancient Curses prayer book which requires level 92 Prayer to use. If this curse is active when a player is in combat, the opponent will lose 1 Prayer point and the player will gain 1 Hitpoint for every five points of damage the player deals. This curse drain effect isn't affected by the victim's protection prayers. For example, hitting a 20 on a monster results in gaining 4 hit points. Damage done by familiars does NOT count towards Soul Split and will not restore your Hitpoints. Also, damage performed by the Ruby Bolt (e) special will also not heal hp. If your hit kills the monster/player you are fighting, unlike the 20% of your hit you are supposed to heal, it will be 25% of your hit.

This prayer has great potential for PVP combat. If someone were to hit a 50 with a whip, they would be able to heal themselves 10 hp without eating any food. The downside to this is that, unlike food, Soul Split uses Prayer points. A good strategy would be to only use this prayer when you are just above the point where you normally eat, so you would be able to heal some hitpoints before you had to eat. Burst and Barrage spells from the Ancient Spellbook combined with Soul Split may heal up to half (or more) of the caster's hitpoints if cast on the optimum amount of targets.

This prayer is also practical for non-PVP situations, such as Slayer tasks. This prayer can be utilized for easier tasks such as Dust Devils and Fire Giants, and also tasks that have more than one attack style, such as Waterfiends.


  • This is an enhanced version of Smite, it has the same prayer drain rate and it heals Hitpoints in addition. However, it does not drain the opponent's prayer as much, as Smite drains 1/4 rather than Soul Split's 1/5.
  • Previous to 11 January 2010, the scrollover definition of the prayer said it gave the player 1/4th of the hit and removed 1/4th of the opponents prayer. However the prayer was observed by many to heal 1/5th of the damage, not 1/4th. On 11 January, the prayer's description was changed to say the correct value of 1/5th, not 1/4th.

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