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The Soul Shrine is a bonus dungeon in Final Fantasy VI Advance. The Shrine becomes available after the Dragons' Den has been completed. It is located on a small island near Mobliz.

The Soul Shrine contains a series of 128 battles against most of the enemies and bosses, including the new dragons from the Dragons' Den. While the battles are set up in a particular order (i.e. the Dragon's Den Dragons are the last tier the player faces), there is a bit of randomness included with some enemies swapping levels. The player can also can also fight monsters missed during the initial play through, meaning there is a chance he can get a 100% completed bestiary here. Leaving the Shrine causes the battles to be reset.

Another important thing about the Soul Shrine is that the enemies do drop items. This gives another chance to pick up some nice rewards as well as the possibility of getting multiples of some of the ultra-powerful items. For example, Samurai Soul is in the soul shrine which means the player can get as many Master Scrolls (Offering) as possible.

The Soul Shrine also includes a few new monsters called Glutturns. They appear asking for curative items like Elixirs and Hi Ethers and, if not fed, attack the party with some particularly devastating moves, including Ultima and Diabolic Whistle (the latter causing many status ailments), among others. The real goal here though is to steal. Glutturns have very useful rare steals including Soul of Thamasas (Gem Box), Celestriads (Economizer), Force Shields, and Master Scrolls (Offering). They are the only source in the game of unlimited Soul of Thamasas.

The four Glutturns randomly encountered in the Soul Shrine: From left to right: Elixir Glutturn, X-Ether Glutturn, Hi-Ether Glutturn, and Ether Glutturn.

Upon completing the challenge, the player is given the Key Item Master's Crown. Like other Final Fantasy arena items (i.e. Final Fantasy X's Mark of Conquest), it has no in-game purpose. Beating Soul Shrine several times does not give more Master's Crowns. It is possible to use this area to level up and gather up some rare items for use against the Omega Weapon.

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