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Introduced with the Anti-Cheat Measures in the Summer 2005 update to prevent macro users.
A normal player has a maximum of 100 soulpoints, a promoted player can raise his soulpoints to
200 by hunting or sleeping in a bed.
You can see your current amount of soulpoints on the lower left of your Inventory.

Using soulpoints

Soul Points are used when making runes. Every rune takes a number of Soul points to make, from 1 to 5 soul points per rune.
When your soulpoints run out, you will no longer be able to make any runes.


Soulpoints table for runes

  Rune Soul points
Image:Animate_Dead.gif Animate Dead 5
Image:Antidote_Rune.gif Antidote Rune 1
Image:Avalanche_(Rune).gif Avalanche (Rune) 3
Image:Chameleon.gif Chameleon 2
Image:Convince Creature.gif Convince Creature 3
Image:Desintegrate.gif Desintegrate 3
Image:Destroy_Field.gif Destroy Field 2
Image:Energy_Field.gif Energy Field 2
Image:Energy_Wall.gif Energy Wall 5
Image:Energy_Bomb.gif Energy Bomb 5
Image:Envenom.gif Envenom 2
Image:Explosion.gif Explosion 4
Image:Fire_Field.gif Fire Field 1
Image:Fire_Wall.gif Fire Wall 4
Image:Fireball.gif Fireball 3
  Rune Soul points
Image:Firebomb.gif Firebomb 4
Image:Great_Fireball.gif Great Fireball 3
Image:Heavy_Magic_Missile.gif Heavy Magic Missile 2
Image:Holy_Missile.gif Holy Missile 3
Image:Icicle_(Rune).gif Icicle (Rune) 3
Image:Intense_Healing_Rune.gif Intense Healing Rune 2
Image:Light_Magic_Missile.gif Light Magic Missile 1
Image:Magic_Wall.gif Magic Wall 5
Image:Paralyze.gif Paralyze 3
Image:Poison_Bomb.gif Poison Bomb 2
Image:Poison_Field.gif Poison Field 1
Image:Poison_Wall.gif Poison Wall 3
Image:Soulfire.gif Soulfire 3
Image:Stalagmite_(Rune).gif Stalagmite (Rune) 2
Image:Stone_Shower.gif Stone Shower 3
Image:Sudden_Death.gif Sudden Death 5
Image:Ultimate_Healing_Rune.gif Ultimate Healing Rune 3

Soul Points are also used when casting a supply spell.

Soulpoints table for instant supply spells

  Spell Soul points
Image:Arrow.gif Conjure Arrow 1
Image:Bolt.gif Conjure Bolt 2
Image:Burst_Arrow.gif Explosive Arrow 3
Image:Ham.gif Food 1
Image:Poison_Arrow.gif Poisoned Arrow 2
Image:Power_Bolt.gif Power Bolt 4
Image:Enchanted_Spear.gif Enchant Spear 3

Soulpoints by enchanting

There are gems can be made in Holy Shrines. Druids (Premium Accounts and with level 30+) can make enchanted small sapphires (ice) and enchanted small emeralds (earth). Sorcerers (Premium Accounts and with level 30+) can make enchanted small rubies (fire) and enchanted small amethysts (energy). This will always cost 300 mana and 2 soul points. More in Enchanting.

Regaining soulpoints

There are two ways to regain soulpoints: the first and most common way is by killing Creatures, if you receive Experience points greater than or equal to your level, you will regain soulpoints for 4 minutes.
Killing more than one Creature greater or equal to your level will reset the 4 minute duration.
A normal character will regain one soulpoint every 2 minutes.
A promoted character will receive one soulpoint every 15 seconds, which is a total of 16 soulpoints in four minutes.
You will also receive a soulpoint every 15 minutes while you sleep in a Bed.

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