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The SoroSuub Anniversary celebration, 31 BBY was interrupted by the crash landing of a stolen prototype, a radiation storm and an argument between the SoroSuub Corporation and the Metatheran Cartel.



Every year, the SoroSuub Corporation held a celebration to commemorate the first production of first Cannibalizer production in the Edic Bar facility.[1]

In 31 BBY, a party of heroes infiltrated the Conkesta, a flying fortress created by a dark Jedi and hidden near the planetary core. The heroes destroyed the Conkesta and escaped in a prototype ship stolen from SoroSuub. The ship was damaged in the escape and they crash-landed in the party. SoroSuub executives recognized the stolen model and offered a reward for her. The heroes's ally Alec, a Jedi Knight offered them a honor reception with authorities from Genarius and Almas.[2]

Later during the party, the celebration almost became a disaster when a radiation storm swept over the floating city, knocking out the city's shields. Other damage threatened to sent the city plunging into the gas giant Genarius far below. Only rapid action by a number of heroes managed to avert this crash.[3] Scholar of Jedi lore and witness of the storm, Dazen Mok later theorized that the Conkesta, created by a dark Jedi, was strong in the dark side and so was the core of Genarius, so the destruction of the fortress might have created the storm.[4]

The celebration was also marred by a public argument between Miim Te'Suub of the SoroSuub Corporation and Thurm Loogg of the Metatheran Cartel. Te'Suub had taken offense to the Cartel overlaying his annual speech with their logo, and Jedi Consulars were required to resolve the dispute before it turned to violence. Major Kurth San of the Thaereian military used to party to value the interest talented individuals might have in joining his army.[5]

At the end of the celebration, SoroSuub gratefully gave one of the helping pilots a prototype SoroSuub RK-720 Light Freighter, the Sivulliq.[5]

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