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Sorceress War
Final Fantasy VIII
The Sorceress War spanned the globe
Location: Galbadia Continent
Result: Defeat of Adel
Galbadia Esthar
Vinzer Deling Sorceress Adel
Unknown, heavy. Unknown, heavy.

The Sorceress War refers to a war in Final Fantasy VIII that occurred approximately 17 years prior to the main events of the game. The war was named for its initiator, Sorceress Adel, who was on a quest for global domination.

The war's effects are seen and mentioned throughout the game, most notable of which are the orphans whose parents and family died during the war. A large half of Laguna Loire's story also occurs during the war.



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Vinzer Deling was elected President of Galbadia sometime beyond eighteen years prior to game events, whereupon he began to unite the independent nations within the Galbadian continent by amassing a military dictatorship. It is unknown how Sorceress Adel came to her position of power within Esthar, whether it was a coup or election, however she too wanted to unite everything under her power. The first encounter between the two forces were thought to occur within Galbadia over the possession of a single independent nation and escalated from there.


The two year-long war spread across the globe with reported events occuring in the Centra, Galbadia and Esthar continents.


The war was initiated by the tyrannical Sorceress Adel, who ruled over the technological city of Esthar and terrorized it with her mighty magic. She attempted to take over the country of Galbadia using a combination of her magic and Esthar's technology, but Galbadia--headed by its own dictator, President Deling--resisted fiercely. Esthar took a serious blow when it lost its peaceful neighbor, Timber, to Galbadia--after Timber was occupied by Galbadia, a resistance faction called the Forest Owls crops up. The two men who started up the Forest Owls, Zone and Watts' fathers, were killed by Galbadian soldiers, and their sons, Zone and Watts, take their places.

During the ferocious fighting of the war, many children end up orphaned, among them Squall Leonhart, Zell Dincht, Irvine Kinneas, Selphie Tilmitt, Quistis Trepe, and Seifer Almasy. Many of these war orphans are taken into an orphanage started by Sorceress Edea and her Knight, Cid. Perhaps losing faith in their country as they saw the number of these orphans grow by the day, a group of Estharian scientists and researchers left Esthar and formed their own country, a pacifistic nation they christened Fisherman's Horizon.

Two events occurred that turned the tide of battle in Esthar's favor. First was Sorceress Adel's discovery of the Crystal Pillar, a device that could react with the moon to cause a phenomenon called a Lunar Cry. The last Lunar Cry caused the destruction of the Centra civilization, and Adel planned to use it as a weapon against Galbadia by building a special enclosure she dubbed the Lunatic Pandora around the Crystal Pillar to amplify the power of the Cry.

The second breakthrough came when the deranged Dr. Odine stumbled across the secret of Junctioning Guardian Forces to human minds, allowing humans to have easy access to an incomplete kind of magic called para-magic. Adel presumably planned to use Guardian Forces to transform her citizens into an army of demi-Sorceresses--however, at the same time, she had another goal. As she was nearing the end of her life, Adel required a successor to her Sorceress powers, and she began to search for an appropriate girl to carry on her legacy. The girl she eventually found, and began to zero in on with a terrifying determination, was Ellone, a mysterious orphan from Winhill who had the ability to send her consciousness backwards in time.

Ellone was kidnapped by Adel and taken to Esthar, where Dr. Odine imprinted her brainwaves into a computer to create the Junction Machine Ellone, which could simulate her time-traveling powers. However, Ellone was rescued by Laguna Loire, who had joined the rebellion against Sorceress Adel and hatched an ingenious plan to take her out of action. Although she was too powerful for any non-Sorceress to defeat, Laguna managed to trick Adel into a special sealing container using a facsimile of Ellone, then launched the container into space. The container's antitransmission waves began to cause worldwide radio static from this point until its destruction seventeen years later by the Ultimecia-controlled Rinoa.

With Adel disposed of, Laguna became the president of Esthar and ordered the Crystal Pillar to be dropped into the ocean in an attempt to prevent another Lunar Cry. He then ordered that Esthar seal itself away from the rest of the world to prevent another Sorceress War from occurring, although he knew this would separate him from his wife and Ellone forever.


The aftermath of the war can still be seen even seventeen years after its conclusion with the still popular song Eyes on Me, the abundance of war orphans (most of which are now in their mid to late teens), the existence of static in any radio-wave transmission and the most notable existence of the Lunatic Pandora. Relations between Esthar and Galbadia were never patched up, mostly due to the former cutting itself off from the rest of the world.


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