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The Sorceress's Garden is a Thieving minigame located in Al Kharid. This is a safe minigame, as there is nothing to kill you here, unless you are already poisoned when you start playing. In the game, players attempt to sneak past elementals guarding the sorceress's gardens, in order to pick Sq'irk fruit to make sq'irk juice or to gather herbs. Sq'irk juice can be exchanged for thieving experience or used to temporarily increase thieving level and restore run Energy. Picking fruit or herbs also gives you Farming experience.

You need to have completed the Prince Ali Rescue quest in order to play this minigame.

The popularity of this minigame increased somewhat after the 2008 Hallowe'en event in which the Broomstick given as a reward can be enchanted by the Sorceress' Apprentice to teleport you to the Sorceress's Garden when operated for an indefinite number of times.



If you talk to Osman, you will find out that he wants to get Sq'irk juice, but the Sorceress with whom he used to deal now refuses to give any to him. To this end he will enlist you to steal Sq'irk fruit from her garden. You must have completed Prince Ali Rescue to do this minigame. You can access the garden from the Sorceress's house, which is just east of the path leading to Shantay Pass. Speak to the Sorceress's Apprentice on the ground floor until you convince her to teleport you to the garden. (Speaking to the Sorceress on the first floor does not get you entry to the garden. Also, you only need to go through to the apprentice's story once. In subsequent trips, you can right click the apprentice and choose the teleport option.) After completion of Swept Away, the broomstick can be enchanted to give unlimited teleports to the central garden.

The central garden.

The garden is divided into five areas. You appear in the central garden with a fountain and Del-Monty the cat. Drinking from the fountain will teleport you back to the Sorceress's house. Del-Monty will tell you about the garden and the minigame, if you speak to him while wearing a Catspeak amulet from Icthlarin's Little Helper. This is not required to play the minigame.

Around the central garden are the four seasonal gardens, each of which has a Sq'irk tree:

  • The Winter garden has a tree with the most under-ripe fruits (five required for one glass of Sq'irk juice).
  • The Spring garden has a tree with the slightly under-ripe fruits (four for one glass).
  • The Autumn garden has a tree with overripe fruits (three for one glass).
  • The Summer garden has a tree with perfectly ripe fruits (two for one glass).

You can only enter a seasonal garden if your current Thieving level matches or exceeds the garden's required level. Fruits gained from a garden can be crushed into a beer glass using a Pestle and mortar to make Sq'irk juice. Drinking the juice raises your thieving level temporarily and recovers run energy, while giving the juice to Osman yields thieving experience. Several fruits and an empty Beer glass are required to make Sq'irk juice. Beer glasses needed for this minigame can be obtained for free by searching the shelves in the Sorceress's house.

Season Fruit image Juice image Thieving level Required number of Sq'irks Thieving boost Energy recovery Experience from Osman
Winter File:Wintersquirk.gif File:Winterjuice.gif 1 5 0 10% 350
Spring File:Springsquirk.gif File:Springjuice.gif 25 4 1 20% 1350
Autumn File:Autumnsquirk.gif File:Autumnjuice.gif 45 3 2 30% 2350
Summer File:Summersquirk.gif File:Summerjuice.gif 65 2 3 40% 3000

You can only pick one fruit per trip, upon which you will then be teleported back to the central garden. If you pick herbs instead, you always get two grimy herbs before you are teleported out of the garden. These two grimy herbs will vary and are completely random. From the central garden, you can enter the season gardens again to pick more fruit or herbs.

Season Farming Experience
Winter 30
Spring 40
Autumn 50
Summer 60

To leave the garden, simply drink from the fountain located in the central garden. Alternatively, use an Amulet of Glory to teleport to Al Kharid which gets you close to Osman to hand in the Sq'irk Juice. Getting through a maze is easier with run mode. Low weight and good agility helps significantly to extend the period of time for running. Use super energy potions and weight reducing gear if possible.

Garden Walkthroughs


The Winter Garden consists of 6 ice elementals. The first two located on the left of the maze are rarely seen teleporting people out. This maze is by far the easiest maze, however to make one glass of juice you require 5 fruits.

Safe Spots for Winter Sq'irk Garden

When the first elemental circles around to the other side, you should make a jolt for the pocket. The spot you must run to the area that can be seen in the picture on the left. You do not have to be fully in the pocket to be out of sight. You can simply stand at the entrance of the pocket and watch for the rotating elemental to pass by before continuing to step 2.

Now you should run to the little corner pocket located where the player in the image is standing. You must ensure the first elemental is, like in the first step, on the opposite side. The next elemental (which rotates around the corner pocket) should also be on the opposite side. At this point no elementals can spot you.

This part is the most difficult part of the winter garden. You must watch three elementals and time your moves perfectly. You watch the elemental above you which circles the long piece and the one on the far right that patrols north to south. When they line up and both go north, you should follow behind the one above him on the left side of the path. Once you reach the top, both elementals will travel south. You simply run around the corner and the maze will be complete.

Note: You can wait in the gap for the elemental to go south, then run around (as shown in the image). This can add time to each run but it assures success at the end.

Here is a video of how to complete the Winter Garden [1]

The "One-Click" Trick

This trick makes the Winter Garden a lot easier. When you enter the garden, set your compass south (the North arrow is pointing down); you should see three elementals, one straight ahead of your character, one to the north, and one to the south (patrolling a long wall). When the one to the south (patrolling the wall) starts turning to the other side of the wall, click the area where the tree is, you should run straight through the whole course. You can also watch the southern elemental (patrolling a long wall) on the minimap, and when it's next to the last two bushes click the area around the tree. This trick works a small amount of the time.


Safe Spots for Spring Sq'irk Garden

Run there and wait for the elemental to go to the position marked in step 2. You can do this step walking.

Wait for the elemental to face that way before going on to the position marked in step 3. This step can be completed walking.

When the elementals are facing like that you can continue on into the crevice on the minimap as shown in step 4, this step is hard to do and run is a big help. *note* A sign of when they will be facing this way is that the elemental patrolling in between the top and bottom crevices will have just turned when you have your map facing west.

When you're there, you can run to: either above or below the crevice just northeast of where you are now, remember to be out of the sight of both elementals.

You can run from the top of the crevice straight to the tree as shown in picture 5 or if you time it perfectly from below. Your timing must be immaculate. This is arguably the hardest part of the level. You click on the tree when the elemental draws even with you.

From here you only need to pick the fruit.


Safe Spots for Autumn Sq'irk Garden

Begin by positioning yourself in the spot beside the path the elemental patrols. Wait until it tags the wall and turns around before making a quick dart to the "hiding alcoves" in the walls.

Wait once more for the elemental to tag the wall on the other end, and once it passes, make another run around the corner and to the position shown in the picture. This elemental patrols a short back and forth path with a total of three alcove to hide in. Ignore the ones on the right hand side.

Click on the alcove in front of you, just as the elemental has turned and is lined up with the starting part of the left hand outcrop in the wall. You will follow the elemental and go into the alcove just as it turns. It might seem like you're spotted, but this part is actually not hard, with quite a lot marginal. Ignoring the right hand alcove saves you time.

Now comes the hardest part: Moving around to the other side. This takes timing; As it's hard to run around while both elementals are unaware that the player is present. However, simply wait until both elementals are in sync, looking away and then run around into the spot in the image. From here none of the elementals can spot you. The key to getting it right is clicking just when the upper elemental is traveling left in the picture, lined up with the left part of the entrance above you. At the same time the vertically traveling elemental must be facing downward. This is only posible in about three out of the elemental cycles, before they repeat their movements again.

You're almost done with the maze. Wait until the rotating elemental is on the other side of the wall. Then go for the alcove on the right hand side.

Once you're safe and secure, wait once more for it to return to the other side before taking a long run to the huge alcove far off, be sure that the elemental below you has passed going left. Much better than heading for the alcove as in this picture, step up into the doorway which is also a safe spot. This will let you ignore the lower traveling elemental and the rest is child's play.



Safe Spots for Summer Sq'irk Garden

For the first elemental in the summer garden, go as far right as you can go without entering into the patrol path (shown), and with running on go down to the safespot in the middle when the elemental has turned around.

Once you have done this, run down to the bottom of the patrol area when the elemental has passed, and you have got past the first elemental.

Walk down as far south as you can go until you match the image. Once you are here you must wait for the elemental to walk past you, and then run down to the safespot at the bottom of its patrol.

Walk up as far north as you can go before coming to a block. Now wait for the elemental to patrol south past you and run (you may get away with walking) up past it.

Walk up until you are standing between the two flowers, then once you are here, do as this picture tells you, running up to the momentary safespot (this will not remain a safespot for long so make sure you are paying attention!).

As previously said, you must be on your toes here. Run to where this picture shows and then immediately go to where the next picture shows a person standing.

Now you must get past this elemental. Wait until it has turned around and then run as shown to the next safespot. If you are collecting herbs, you can now safely get to them (except if you are standing where the elemental is looking at in this picture).

Since Jagex's changes to the elementals in the minigame, this is now the hardest part in the whole garden to do. The quickest way is to tackle two elementals at once, as this picture shows you. Click at the safespot once the first elemental has almost past you, and the other is in that position. If you are running, you should make this. (There is some leeway to your timing, though too much will mean you get caught). The two elementals can be handled sequentially, although this takes longer. From the starting position, run north all the way up the path when the first elemental clears out, then click in the garden. You will then run down the other path while the second elemental is out of the way. If the first method is not working for you, try the second method, as sometimes it seems the game gives elemental slightly different timing that makes the one-click method very difficult or impossible.

  • Picking a fruit from the central tree in the summer garden gives 60 farming experience.
  • Picking the herbs from the summer garden gives you 50 farming experience.


Lap times

Round trip to the centre of the summer garden is approximately 60 seconds. The round trip to the herb patch is around 50 seconds. So this would give around 60 tree trips per hour or 30 drinks per hour. Factor in the occasional misclick or lag and a realistic figure of 75K experience per hour seems achievable, Note that these figures assume constant running.


It has been discovered possible to consistently one-click through the summer garden. Using the one-click method appropriately makes each lap around the garden about 35 seconds, nearly doubling the experience. Enter the summer garden and don't move. Be ready to click the mouse at the centre of maze, use minimap for clicking. Wait for the first Summer elemental to turn and the fourth has turned to east, look the picture for more info.

Squares show where the Summer elementals should be before running.

If the second Summer elemental is at the wrong place keep doing this until you can get past it. Every time you fail at the second Elemental the location of elemental moves. Use the same method to other Summer elementals. Elementals 1 and 4 can be at the wrong places too so use same method to put them on the correct places. Getting the rhythm right can take from 5 to 10 minutes. If you fail you may need to start from the beginning. This method may mess up if you skip a round or go to bank. There are other, more efficient methods that are simply difficult to describe in words or even pictures.


  • Beer glasses can be made using the Crafting skill, can be obtained by searching the shelves in the house that the Apprentice and Aadeela the Sorceress are in or can be purchased in some shops and on the Grand Exchange.
  • You should have your inventory either full of beer glasses, or either 2-3 super energy potions, whatever you need to make enough trips at run to fill all glasses, with space left for enough fruit to fill one glass. In this picture, the player's inventory is suited for making Autumn juices. Once three fruit fill up the empty space, they can simply use one of them on the pestle and fill a glass. They will repeat this sequence until they have all the glasses filled (in this player's case, 24 glasses).
  • Using the above method, you can also get one extra glassful. When all the glasses are full in your inventory, continue playing until you have one more set of sq'irks. Drink from the fountain to return to the Sorceress's house. Drop one glass of sq'irk juice. Search the shelves to get an empty beer glass. Squeeze the sq'irks. Now pick up the glass of sq'irk juice that you dropped!
  • It is possible to get into gardens using thieving bonuses, such as those from the juices themselves.
  • If you plan to do the minigame repeatedly, consider doing the As a First Resort... quest. This gives you access to the salt water spring there, which gives you unlimited run energy for 10–20 minutes. You can go to the pool first and then teleport to Al Kharid (using, for example, a Ring of duelling, Amulet of glory) or an Enchanted Broomstick (which teleports you to the middle of the garden) to get to the gardens quickly.
  • In some gardens, the walk to the herb patch is slightly shorter than to the sq'irk tree.
  • An incredible amount of patience is required to play this minigame most effectively. Always try and play it safe, as it WILL save you time in the long run
  • The elementals can only "see" and teleport the player when there are only two squares between them and the player.


A glitch in which an elemental leaves its route to teleport a player. The elemental in this image has been trapped behind a barrier in process.
  • Originally, Osman was going to have a part in Recipe for Disaster, but due to time constraints Jagex was forced to remove his section from the quest. They also made him get removed from the Lumbridge Dining hall by Evil Bob. Instead they expanded on his part and made it into the Sorceress's Garden mini-game.
  • The cat in the main garden (the one you are teleported into) is called "Del-Monty" this may refer to the producer of carton drinks "Del- Monte".
  • If you try to use the Broomstick while in the Sorceress's Garden you will get a message saying "You can't teleport to the Sorceress's Garden whilst you're in the Sorceress's Garden!"
  • If you head to the most northern part of the summer garden, you can see the clan wars free for all area from a distance. But it can't be accessed from the garden.
  • If the timing is just right, an elemental will leave its path to follow a player, inevitably catching them and then resetting to its normal path.
    An elemental following the player.
  • The sight of the elemental seems to be very impractical because they can't see you even if you're right beside them.
  • There was a glitch where a user could pass through all of the elementals without being noticed thus giving massive experience to players in a short period of time, this glitch was not patched for over a year but was eventually patched in a major overall project.
  • Sometimes, in the Spring Garden, the elemental which is patrolling parallel to the entrance of the Sq'irk Tree may spot you, but if you immediately click on the Sq'irk Tree, the teleport from the Elemental doesn't work, and you pick the fruit from the Tree. It seems as if you pick it just before the teleport starts working. Once you pick, the Tree's teleport overrides the Spring Elemental's teleport.
  • Using the orb of oculus from the summer room, you can see parts of the Blasted Forest and Forsaken Quarry Clan Wars arenas.



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