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Series: Starfleet Corps of Engineers, No. 12
Author(s): Scott Ciencin & Dan Jolley
Publication information
Published: eBook - January 2002
ISBN: ISBN 074342879X
Omnibus: Some Assembly Required


Introduction (blurb)

Keorga is a haven for artists and musicians, a place of contemplation and artistic appreciation. When their request for a planet-running computer is denied by Starfleet, they go elsewhere; unfortunately, the instruction manual is in a language they cannot understand.

A team from the U.S.S. da Vinci is brought in to help them, but soon they realize there's more to this than a simple translation problem. The computer seems to be running a test -- one that the Keorgans are failing! If the S.C.E. team can't get the information they need out of the recalcitrant Keorgans and figure out how to stop the rampaging computer, Keorga may well lie in ruins!


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From The Vault

Some Assembly Required
(Broken Steel add-on)
location: Citadel
given by: Scribe Rothchild
reward: 100 caps and 25 XP per Camera
75 caps and 10 XP per Sensor Module
related: Who Dares Wins

Some Assembly Required refers to an unmarked and repeatable quest in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.

Scribe Rothchild, when asked how you can (further) help the Brotherhood, requests that you bring him Sensor Modules and old Cameras to help fix Liberty Prime.


This is only available after completing the quest, Who Dares Wins


  • Although Liberty Prime will not actually function again in Fallout 3, you can speak to his severed head to hear a distorted form of his anti-communist propaganda.
  • This quest offers the highest payout in caps and XP as far as repeatable quests go.
  • There are actually two Liberty Prime heads: one in the Citadel and one at the place of its destruction.
  • If you want to make a lot of Bottlecap Mines, you are better off just keeping your sensor modules. Of course you can also get unlimited Bottlecap mines by doing the glitch in the bugs section for Frag Grenades.


  • Apparently, there's still a bug on the version for Xbox 360. When you attempt to give Scribe Rothchild the cameras, he will only say that he's glad you brought them. You won't get any caps or XP and the cameras will remain in your inventory. NOTE: This can be fixed by repeatedly offering him the cameras once more and/or waiting during the conversation for Scribe Rothchild to finish speaking.
    • Sometimes you have to wait about 4 seconds after exiting conversation for the camera to be removed and the caps to be added.
  • When having multiple followers and entering the vault where you find Fawkes it causes the other followers to die, but also can make Rothchild vanish from the Citadel.
Broken Steel (add-on)
The Citadel

This article uses material from the "Some Assembly Required" article on the Fallout wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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