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Solus Dellagar was already widely known as the "murder mage" prior to beginning the Wanted! quest, due to the fact that he was a mass murderer. Solus Dellagar is a follower of the Mahjarrat Lucien; his temple knight dossier states that he participated in Lucien's infamous zombie attack on Varrock (during the 5th age, not the same assault where Arrav and Zemouregal fought).

He had managed to elude the authorities for so long due to his incredible Magical abilities, as he had enough skill to be able to slow down the process of teleportation enough that he was literally in three places at once - the point from which he teleported, the Abyss and also the destination of his teleport spell. Sir Tiffy Cashien describes him as 'honestly, one of the most dangerous men on the planet', 'extremely adept at magic' and 'also quite prepared to use that magic at a moments' notice, because he is quite, quite mad.'

He was also capable of greatly increasing the damage that is dealt by the Flames of Zamorak spell, allowing him to deal up to 96 damage in one spell, crippling even the strongest players (though he does not hit near as high during the final battle). Fortunately, Solus was captured at some point by the Temple Knights and was kept their prisoner until recently.

Solus is so malevolent that even fellow Zamorakians, such as Lord Daquarius, Lord of the Kinshra, and the Mage of Zamorak of the Z.M.I., shun him and refuse to serve as his allies, with the former stating that neither he nor the Black Knights, nor anyone else, would be friends with 'that creature', and the latter wishing that Solus is disposed of, even bargaining information with the Temple Knights to do so, due to Solus stealing a large degree of his research into various subjects as well as all of his money. Daquarius says that Solus is not a Zamorakian, as he worships nothing but his own selfish ambitions.

Dellagar's clothing and stance bears some resemblance to that of an Infernal Mage. It is unknown who would win a duel between Dionysius and Solus as they are both the magical champions of their respective gods.


Release into society

When the player originally joined the Temple Knights (see Recruitment Drive), Sir Tiffy Cashien had failed to go through the proper method of recruitment, and so in order for the player to progress up the ranks of Temple Knight, they were required to join the White Knights. In order to do this a crisis was needed, and so it was arranged for the Temple Knights to not aid in the capture of Solus Dellagar as they normally would have, in the hope that the player would capture him, thus being allowed to join the white knights.


Solus is ambushed by the Temple Knights yet again.

By using secret Temple Knight technology, the player was able to track Solus to the Kinshra (Black Knights) headquarters and then the Zamorakian shrine in Varrock. Eventually the player managed to trap him at the rune essence mine.

A squad of Temple Knight archers arrived to take Solus into custody, but he was able to defeat them all in a single blow, using Ice Barrage. That left just the player to fight him.

Fortunately, Solus' powers were severely drained from dealing this massive attack, and Solus was eventually defeated, leaving only his hat as proof and allowing the player to fully join the ranks of the White Knights.


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