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House of Solo
General information

Berethron e Solo


currently Han Solo

Notable members

Dalla Solo, Thrackan Sal-Solo, Jaina Solo, Jacen Solo, Anakin Solo, Allana Solo[1], and Han Solo

Other information
"For a quarter of a standard century, the Solo family has dominated galactic affairs of all kinds."
Nom Anor

The House of Solo refers to Berethron e Solo and his descendants.[2] Han Solo was a member of this line; though he was either unaware of this or loathe to invoke its prestige for much of his life. However, due to Berethron's abolishing of the monarchy, it likely held little real substance.[2]

Though its members were once the kings of the Corellian Empire, by 29 BBY their standing had sunk so low that Han Solo was born into poverty.[3] The Solo line regained some prominence circa 8 ABY when Han married into the Skywalker family through Leia Organa.[2] As a result of its members' already-legendary accomplishments, the Solo-Skywalker clan was considered one of the most influential and famous groupings in history.


Family tree

"I must say that the two of you belong to the most interesting family."
Traest Kre'fey to the Solo twins
                 Berethron e Solo[2]
                          + (many [6?] generations)
                     Korol Solo[2]
        Unknown woman-+-Dalla[2]/Den Solo[3]-+-Tira Gama Solo[3]
                      |                      |
Unknown Man (Horm)-+-Unknown Daughter        |
                   |                         |
              Threkin Horm                   |
                                      |             |
                 Randil Sal[3]-+-Tiion Solo[3] Jonash Solo[2]-+-Jaina Solo
                               |                             | (see Skywalker family)         
                               |                             |          |(see House of Organa)     
                               |                             |          |(adopted) 
                               |                             |          |   |  
                       Thrackan Sal-Solo                  Han Solo-+-Leia Organa
          (see Fel dynasty)            |           | (see Hapan Royal House)  |
                   |                   |           |             |            |
          Jagged Fel[4] (Fiancé)-+-Jaina Solo[5] Jacen Solo[5]-+-Tenel Ka Djo Anakin Solo[6]
                                                        Allana Solo[1]

Other possible or putative members

"Is every third human in this galaxy named Solo?"
―Khalee Lah

Jarik Solo claimed to have been a long-lost cousin of Han Solo. Though Han Solo knew this was not true, he did not tell Jarik that he knew the truth. Instead, Han befriended Jarik and allowed him to continue using the Solo name. When a dying Jarik admitted his imposture, Han told him that he had earned the name.

Danielle Kieran claimed to be the illegitimate daughter of Han Solo. She imitated the man she believed to be her father by adopting his dress and mannerisms, flying a ship called the Century Hawk, and attempting the Kessel Run.

As of c. 130 ABY, Cade Skywalker and his uncle Nat Skywalker were the last surviving members of the Skywalker family; whether this included its Solo offshoots is unknown.

Behind the scenes

Han Solo's family line has been elaborated over the course of various novels, and, at times, certain elements seem contradictory. Daniel Wallace offered this advice to the creator of the Timetales family tree:

"Han's family tree is missing a couple of members. It's not an easy fix, since COPL and TPS give two contradictory accounts of Han's parentage. Per COPL, Korol fathered Dalla (b. 60 years before COPL, or -52 BSW4) who fathered Jonash, who fathered Han. But note that this timeline *can't* work, unless Korol and Jonash each had children when they were about 11 years old. In TPS, Dalla Solo is mentioned (this time b. 50 years before Han was 11, or -68 BSW4), but he's not specified as Han's grandfather. Instead, Han's grandfather and grandmother are named Denn Solo and Tira Gama Solo. (And no, these can't be his "other" grandparents, since like Dalla they also carry the Solo name.) They had twins=Tiion & Han's father (unnamed in TPS). The family tree mixes & matches from these two contradictory accounts, which is probably the best we're able to do given the information, but I would strongly suggest that Denn Solo and Tira Gama Solo be added back as Han's grandparents, since they're more likely "correct" than the ever-shifting "Dalla Solo" info."

Again, this may be explained by the Corellian dating system deriving from a longer year on Corellia, so 11 may be 21 or more if the year is twice standard measure.



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