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The house on the Solitary Island
Celes leaving the Island

The Solitary Island is a remote island in Final Fantasy VI that only appears in the World of Ruin. It is named because of its remote location compared to the rest of the world. After the apocalypse, several people washed ashore, but one year later only Celes Chere and Cid survived. Cid took care of Celes during the year, and as a result, he became sick. Celes went out to catch fish for him and feed them to him. This may or may not save Cid, dependent on the quality of the fish caught. Fast moving, healthy fish help improve his condition, whereas the slow moving "rotten" fish can outright kill him. If Cid dies, Celes attempts suicide by throwing herself off of the cliffs to the north, but luckily she hits the water and not the rocks below. After seeing Locke's bandana come floating by, Celes' hope is restored. She finds a note from Cid and a raft which she uses to travel in search of friends. If Cid lives, he shows Celes the raft himself, and begs her to go searching for the others, which she does.

After obtaining the Falcon, returning to the beach on the island allows players to obtain the Esper Quetzalli.



The Solitary Island

Monster formations




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