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Interior of the Cave Palace

The Sochen Cave Palace (ソーヘン地下宮殿, Sōhen Chikakyuuden lit. Sochen Underground Palace) is a location in the land of Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII. It is an underground network of caves and broken down palaces that provide a passageway to the heart of the Archadian Empire: the city of Archades. Sochen Palace is an ancient palace overrun with undead, bats, imps, and other nasty creatures. The only royalty currently residing within the temple are a family of Mandragoras led by the Onion Queen. These Mandragoras have caused problems for hunters in the Archadian wilderness. Several ancient and powerful creatures are locked away in the depths of the Sochen.



The Sochen Cave Palace is located just to the northeast of Tchita Uplands and gives access to Old Archades.

Sage Knowledge

For the Sage Knowledge on the Sochen Cave Palace, you may also see Sage Knowledge piece 60.

"A giant underground complex in Archadia, consisting of natural caverns and the abandoned ruins of an ancient palace. Many of its ways and passages remain uncharted on current maps. From the style of the carvings adorning some of the walls, it is thought that the complex was built at some point during the Galtean Alliance, though no records of its construction remain. A survey mission was initiated to chart the many corridors here, but a particularly nasty infestation of creatures has significantly hampered progress."





Opening Pilgrim's Door

A powerful ninja sword can be found behind the Pilgrim's door.

Start within the Falls of Time area and travel through the southeast-most door and proceed clockwise following the pattern in the picture. While following the path, each time you enter into the Falls of time area a message like "the water falls have changed their course". When you reach the "Goal" you will receive the message "You hear a door open in the distance."

From then on it doesn't matter what order you enter or exit the Falls of Time area.

Opening Ascetic's Door

The Ascetic's door is located at the western most wall of Destiny's March. It is recommended that you enter this area later because it holds more difficult enemies then the rest of the Sochen Cave Palace area.

Begin by entering the eastern most chamber from the caves to the east. Proceed clockwise around the diamond shape until you arrive again at the eastern chamber. Upon completing the route you will recieve the message "You hear a door open in the distance."

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