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Soaring Hawkbat Clan
General information
Notable members

Bogden 3, Coruscant


19 BBY

Other information

Rise of the Empire era


Jedi Order

The Soaring Hawkbat Clan were a group of Jedi Younglings, under the care of Jedi Masters Du Mahn and Chase Piru, stationed a the Bogden Jedi Training Facility around the end of the Siege of Saleucami. They were awaiting transport back to the Coruscant Jedi Temple, which had been delayed due to the battle there.

Masters K'Kruhk and Sian Jeisel arrived with their clone troopers on a damaged shuttle. As the Jedi rested and the clones repaired the ship, the younglings helped Piru make a great feast for their visiters. During the visiting master's stay, Order 66 was issued. Several of the younglings were killed as their masters defended them. Master Mahn was shot down leading a group of children to the exit. K'Kruhk destroyed many troops as he ran with the younglings to the door. Jeisel guarded the fleeing Jedi as they headed for the shuttle, detonating a thermal detonator in the entrance of the facility; killing the clones along with herself. K'Kruhk and Piru ultimately escaped with half a dozen younglings to parts unknown.

Chase Piru and the surviving younglings.

On their new temporary home, the clan has enough supplies to last them years and plentiful food. All was great until Lumbra came to stir up problems. The pirate Lumbra crashed on the planet after stealing a false crate from his boss Haka Hai and the crew of the Uhumele, which was actually a bomb. K'Kruhk saw his ship fall and raced back to the younglings but he was too late. Lumbra had salvaged their ship and had discovered the younglings identities as Jedi. The Jedi Master healed Piru, who was shot and left for dead while the younglings had been taken away as prisoners, and learned that the rumors of the bounties on Jedi were true. To save the others, they split up. Finding the pirate's camp, K'Kruhk issued a loud roar followed by a warning to release the younglings. The pirates laughed at the warning, and K'Kruhk began picking them off with a bow and large arrows, until Lumbra extinguished the camp's fire. Piru then used the Force from a closer vantage point to guide K'Kruhk's arrows to their targets. Once the majority of the pirates had been decimated, K'Kruhk moved in with his lightsaber ignited. Lumbra took Piru hostage and threatened to kill her and the younglings, but K'Kruhk quickly disarmed him, then brutally slashed him to pieces.

He later apologized to Piru for giving in to un-Jedi-like behavior, and told her that he was going to drop them off somewhere safe, not wishing for the younglings to have to remember him as they saw him that night. He said he would check in from time to time, but would never stay.

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