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Snow imp
Snow imp
Release date Unknown edit
Race Imp
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? Christmas events
Location Various locations
Sells items? Yes
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? No
Gender Male
  • Its tiny body radiates intense cold.
  • It looks right at home here.
  • Small, blue and mischievous. It's a snow imp all right.
Notable features An imp residing in the Land of Snow.
A detailed image of the snow imp

Snow imps were part of the 2007, 2008, and 2009 Christmas events. Unlike regular imps, these imps cannot be harmed by players and will not attack players.

Snow imps appear to love consuming snow as food, from their conversations with one another, even to the point of sharing recipes of snow-based foods, but show distaste for water.



In the 2007 event, they gave away hats and weapons for snowmen, and teleported players to the Land of Snow or back to RuneScape. In the 2008 event, they were seen trying to find Jack Frost. The snow imps gave players an Ice amulet, which allowed them to be summoned by operating it. After the release of Myths of the White Lands, players may summon snow imps in the Land of Snow using the "operate" option. They are also featured in Myths of the White Lands. In the A Christmas Warble, players team up with their old snow imp partners assigned to them to rescue Santa Claus, who has been kidnapped by Ebenezer Scourge.


2007 Christmas event

A Snow imp being summoned.

In the 2007 Christmas event Snow imps gave the player different kinds of hats. The player could get a pirate hat, top hat, barbarian hat, dragon hat or a dwarf hat to put on their snowman, the snowman inherited characteristics from the type of hat the player placed on them, (as can be seen in their speech, if the player use a dwarf hat they become dwarflike etc.) These hats temporarily gave life to the players snowman, enabling the player to talk to them. After a while, they went away.

The player could also get snowman weapons. The player could get a Holly Bow (Range), Winter Staff (Mage) or Ice Sword (Melee). These would make the players snowman jump to life and start fighting other snowmen. However, the player could not take these out of the Land of Snow. If a player wanted to help their players snowman win a fight, the snowmen could be healed by using snowballs with them, or by throwing snowballs at them.

2008 Christmas event

A snow imp being summoned in the Land of snow, well after the 2008 Christmas event.

Snow imps can be re-summoned with your Ice amulet (provided you've completed the 2008 Christmas event) in the Land of snow during and after the quest, Myths of the White Lands. Your snow imp from the holiday event can be summoned outside the cave entrance and talked to just like in the event. He will also explain that the portals used to enter and exit the Land of Snow are snow-imp-proof up until around Christmas, when the two planes are close together.

When you enter the cave, he will exclaim; "I gotta go! Bye!", followed by a message appearing in the text box, "Your snow imp returned to his duties."

2009 Christmas event

Snow imps re-appear in the 2009 Christmas Event. They help you rescue Santa by coming up with the idea to dress up in bed sheets to look like a ghost and scare Scrouge. Which, at first, doesn't work. After many failed attempts (and quite a long event) the player finally succeeds in scaring the old man.

After the 2009 Christmas event, the player's snow imp will have a red scarf around its neck as part of the gift from Santa, but cannot leave the Land of snow.

Names given to snow imps

In the 2008 and 2009 Christmas events, many of the snow imps had different names like Dennis, Murphy and many others. Players always called the imp by their name.

For a list of names given to snow imps, see here.



If a tinderbox is used on a snow imp it will scream "are you trying to melt me!"

2 imps having a conversation.
  • The hats that were given out to put on the player's snowman may refer to the story of Frosty the Snowman, where when children put a hat on the snowman it came to life.
  • When a player dies, his or her snow imp will not disappear.
  • During the 2008 Christmas Event, if you had a Snow Imp released and spoke to another Snow Imp, it was possible to watch dialogue between the two imps, telling each other if that player has found Jack Frost yet. During the 2009 Christmas event, you can watch some more dialogue between imps, either they will swap recipes or insult fire imps.
  • Snow imps have been criticized for many reasons, most which have been because of 'Snow Spamming', which is using Snow Imps to clog up areas such as the Party Room. Probably for this reason they are not allowed to reach Runescape land in 2009 Christmas event.
  • It is possible to resummon your imp at any time of the year in the Land of Snow.
  • According to the Snow Imps, Gielinor and the Land of Snow are especially close together during the time of Christmas each year, causing "random people to stumble across portals an' turn up in the Land of Snow", as said by your Imp. Santa Claus and the Queen of Snow first met this way.
  • When you ask your imp to return to Gielinor with you, he says he cannot, claiming that "Them planes are not close enuff for me ta make it through.", that even the exit portal to RuneScape is snow imp-proof, and that he must also stay to look after Jack Frost. However, your imp promises that you can come back any time to see him.
  • During the 2009 Christmas event, if you summon your imp in the near the Yeti's cave from the Myths of the White Lands quest, you will get a different dialogue from them. They will say , "Hey thanks for your help, (Player name). Us two make an awesome team. Come to the feast if you want to chat properly." He will then leave, and a message will appear saying "(Imp's name) returns to his duties."
  • If you directly teleport out, through methods ranging from cabbage-port to your Home Teleport, you will receive the message: "(Snow imp) stays in the Land of Snow." Directly attempting to leave through the Christmas cupboard will result in a brief dialogue with your imp, in which he explains to you that the cupboard is "imp-proof" and that thus he cannot reach RuneScape.
  • If you try to summon your imp during the event but beyond the boundaries of his native realm, you will receive the message: "You cannot summon (Your imp name) outside of the Land of Snow."
  • If you use a snowball on your imp, you will lose one and your imp would say " yum, snow, my favourite!"
  • Snow Imps appearing in 2009 Christmas also slightly runs with you, similar to a Banner carrier. Older versions don't; however, if players turn around corners of walls the imp would still get stuck behind walls.
  • A glitch in the 2009 Christmas event resulted in some players (rarely) bringing their snow imps into runescape. It is unknown if this glitch has been fixed.


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