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The Snow Cave
The Snow Cave on the world map

The Snow Cave (雪原の洞窟, せつげんのどうくつ Setsugen no doukutsu lit. "Cave of the Snowfield") is a location from Final Fantasy II, where the Goddess's Bell, a relic required to access the Sunfire, is located.



Firion and his friends head into the cave alongside Josef of Salamand, to find the Goddess's Bell so as to enter Kashuan. As they descend into the cave, they locate a group of beavers. Guy is able to interpret their speech, and the beavers tell him where to find the bell, which is guarded by an Adamantoise. They eventually find the Goddess's Bell, and after defeating the Adamantoise, are able to claim it.

On the way out, however, the heroes are confronted by the traitor Borghen. They defeat him, but as he dies, he triggers a trap mechanism which sends a boulder hurtling toward them. However, Josef, holds back the boulder while the others get out of the way, but he is unable to save himself. The boulder comes down on top of him, and he is killed.


Item Location
300 Gil B1
350 Gil B1
Antarctic Wind B3
Battle Axe B2
Antidote B2
Mythril Mace B2
Potion B4
Blizzard Tome B4
Potion B4
Mythril Spear B4
Mythril Shield B5
Ancient Sword B5
Silver Cuirass B6
Goddess's Bell B6


Snow Cave's battle background


The Background Music that plays inside the Snow Cave is Final Fantasy II's "Dungeon" theme.



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