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Snipers is a Slayer gametype.


Halo CE

On Halo 1, Snipers is a game where there is only M6D Pistols and S2AM Sniper Rifles. It takes 15 kills to win, the Respawn Time growth is on, There are no motion sensors, and only M12 LRV Warthogs are the vehicles. Sniper is best suited to people who are very calm. In a snipers match, do NOT go into the open field, as you are easy pickings. At the beginning of a sniper match, try to find a place that is NOT one of the main sniper perches. If you choose a commonly known sniper perch, everyone will look there first. Instead, try to find an out-of-the-way spot that you can see a lot of the map from. Go on and snipe. Of course, you can always use pistols... Snipers is also usually best experienced when on a large map.

Halo 2

Team Snipers became a very popular gametype when Bungie finally made it into a Ranked matchmaking variant for Halo 2. This was due to the incorporation of online multiplayer, which Halo: CE lacked. Some maps often featured in Team Snipers matchmaking are Sanctuary, Lockout, Beaver Creek, Relic and Turf.

Halo 3

As stated before, in Halo 3 Matchmaking, sniper-based variants are hard to come upon. Luckily, Team Snipers was also a Double EXP Weekend gametype on Halo 3. The variants in Team Snipers included: Team Snipers, Shotty Snipers and Team Splasers; all Slayer based games. Team Snipers is a traditional sniper game with Sniper Rifle, as the primary weapon and Magnum, which was the secondary firearm. Both of these weapons are set as default weapons. Hence its title, there were no other weapons on the map that the player could use (i.e. battle rifle, assault rifle, rockets, spartan lasers, etc, in Team Snipers and Shotty Snipers). Nothing else, besides these two factors, were different from a standard Halo 3 Team Slayer game. Shotty Snipers, as the name implies, is just Team Snipers with a Shotgun replacing the Magnum. Team Splasers is a little bit different from the first two variants, the respawn weapons being Spartan Laser and Magnum. Bungie meant it to be Spartan Laser and Sniper Rifle, thus it is believed that a glitch is preventing the player from respawning with the Spartan Laser and Sniper Rifle.

Vehicles are in the variants of Team Snipers and Shotty Snipers. However, the only variant of the vehicles provided is the Mongoose. Some experienced players will use these light armored vehicles to its full potiental, especially in Shotty Snipers as the passenger in the back can use their shotgun to kill enemies at close combat. This hit and run method is not recommended however, due to the lack of armor cover the Mongoose provide and should be avoided in Team Snipers.


  • It is in fact one of the most popular playlists in Halo 2 and Halo 3.
  • Players who don't have considerable skill with a Sniper Rifle or a Shotgun should think about not entering this playlist, as it does take skill to snipe players and players wanting medals (ect, Sharpshooter, Sniper Spree).
  • It is the easiest way to get a Sharpshooter or a Sniper Spree, or you have to do is camp and snipe players who go by. But be warned someone can spot you from a distance so pick a really nice place of cover to snipe from.
  • When your "victim" is running aim where they are going to be, not where they are this is especially true at long ranges.


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Ice Hockey

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A 'Sniper, ia a player with a powerful, accurate shot skilled at finishing plays. Snipers frequently score more goals than assists. Snipers can be either forwards or defensemen.


Vancouver Canucks forward Markus Naslund and former NHL forward Brett Hull are commonly referred to as snipers. This entry is a stub. You can help the Ice Hockey Wiki by expanding it. Click the "edit" tab to add information.

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Sharpshooter redirects here. You may be looking for Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Sharpshooter.
"Just like shooting womp rats back home, eh, kid?"
―Anonymous Rebel soldier
Aurra Sing was a skilled sniper

A sniper, or sharpshooter, was an individual trained to shoot an opponent from a distance, often hundreds of meters away, and most of the time from a concealed and/or high location, patience, control and cunning were some of the attributes that were needed for this, but stealth was considered the greatest asset; the ability to strike a target without warning and with uncanny accuracy caused the Rebel SpecForce, who hired Myn Donos, one of the most famous snipers in the New Republic, to call their snipers "TK"s, short for "telekinesis," because of their ability to invisibly "touch" their target from great distances.

Snipers could be soldiers, removing high-ranking opposing personnel and targets of opportunity in times of war, assassins, killing unwitting marks from a distance, or even part of a security force, who trained snipers to protect important political figures. In the military, sharpshooters, sometimes operating with a spotter, were required to infiltrate deep into enemy territory to eliminate high-profile targets, sow fear and generate confusion within the ranks of the opposite forces.

The different classes of snipers throughout the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War included the: clone sharpshooter, assassin droid, rebel marksman and Imperial scout trooper. Some of these snipers were equipped with recon droids for scouting and calling down orbital bombardment.



Clone Wars

Senate Hostage Crisis

During the Senate hostage crisis on Coruscant, when the members of Cad Bane's posse arrived at the Republic Executive Building, Cad Bane was confronted by a squad of Senate Commandos. Aurra Sing demonstrated her skills as a sniper by single-handedly eliminating almost the entire commando squad from an adjacent high-rise building.

Battle droid assassin

The Battle droid assassin was a variation of the B1 battle droid used by the Trade Federation and the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. Programming for incredible accuracy, proved lethal to the Galactic Republic's clone troopers. The droids were equipped with a BAW E-5s sniper rifle as well as a standard blaster pistol, thermal detonators, and an autoturret.[1]

During the first half of the Clone Wars, battle droid assassins wore either no markings, like the standard infantry droids, or red markings, like the security droids. Assassin droid were used more frequently during the second half of the war, during which they were painted with camouflage patterns.These sniper units were used mostly for eliminating special targets such as enemy commanders or other highly dangerous foes. Droid assassins were deployed at the Battle of Geonosis in defense of the most important units waiting to be loaded onto transports, the Battle of Muunilinst against Advanced Recon Commandos, and at the defense of the Separatist stronghold on Yavin 4.

Sniper Droid

The CIS also used a variation of droideka, known as sniper droid during the Clone Wars. These droids were equipped with a cannon mounted on their heads. One such droid was used during the Battle of Kiros. [2]

Neimoidian Sniper

This variant trooper of the Neimoidian Gunnery Battalion focused upon using Sniper rifles to target enemies from afar. These CIS troopers wore the same armor as that of the Neimoidian Warriors, but the uniform was colored a bottle-green. The units were assigned near Neimoidian leaders for protection, such as Nute Gunray on his fatal occupation on Mustafar. The Neimoidian Snipers were all killed by Darth Vader on Mustafar. [3]

Clone snipers

During the Clone Wars, RC-1207, a member of Delta Squad, was a notable sharpshooter who used the sniper attachment of the DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System for missions.

Clone snipers, also known as Clone sharpshooters, were a specialized variant of Clone troopers that served in the Grand Army of the Republic. They carried specialized DC-15x sniper rifles, DC-15A blaster rifles, autoturrets, thermal detonators, and R-1 recon droids while in the field. Clone sharpshooters wore camouflage suits at the Battle of Kashyyyk.

Their main mission on the battle field was to eliminate the Separatist B2 super battle droids from a distance, but they could also use their recon droids to carry out short-range reconnaissance. Clone snipers were chosen from only the most accurate and alert Clone troops, and may have received specialized training from clone assassins. The Clone sharpshooters later reformed into the scout troopers.

Galactic Civil War

Rebel Marksmen

Rebel marksmen were chosen from only the most accurate of soldiers that joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and were used in long-range engagements, typically to knock out enemy commanders and create confusion among the troops. Many marksman were used in the Battle of Hoth to slow the enemy advance. It was said that a good rebel sniper could make an advancing group of storm troopers into two fleeing ones.

The primary weapon used was a sniper rifle. Rebel marksmen were also equipped with blaster pistols for close-quarters fighting, a thermal detonator and either an auto turret or recon droid. Auto turrets were used to create a fortified position. [1]


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