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Real Name
Current Alias





Snot-Boy (possible son, unconfirmed)


Base Of Operations
Deserts of California

Legal Status
Fred Kominsky was a citizen of the United States; criminal record unknown; legally deceased





Marital Status

Musician; cult leader


Place of Birth

Place of Death

First appearance
Last appearance



Fred Kominsky was a Polish-American born in the United States. In the 1960s he became infatuated with the Native American culture and adapted his style and mannerisms to that of the Hopi tribe of the Southwestern United States. He met a Native American woman named Brown Mary, who schooled him the ways of the spirit, and of the coming of the Fifth World. She introduced him to a hallucinogenic narcotic known as Ghostdancing. What Fred didn’t realize was that Brown Mary was actually the incarnation of an animal totem known as White-Buffalo-Woman. Fred and Brown Mary became very close, and together they decided to spread the word of spiritual enlightenment through the use of song. They founded a rock-and-roll band known as Fifth World Raga, and Fred began using the stage name of Snake. Fifth World Raga’s music became exceedingly popular and helped to inspire the hippie movement of the mid-late 1960s. By 1968, Snake and Brown Mary were associating with many famous performers including: the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Van Morrison and the Doors.

As time went on, Snake and Mary's hippie movement garnered the attention of a secret society known as the Mammonites. The Mammonites believed that concepts such as spirituality, naturism and primitivism threatened the structure of the cultural identity they had struggled to promote for so long. Working in concert with the Federal Bureau of Investigations, they took measures to destabilize the counterculture communities.

The Mammonites sent an agent named Cody to infiltrate Fifth World Raga. Cody befriended Snake and Brown Mary and began working as the group’s band manager. In 1973, he put his plan into action. He arranged for Snake and Brown Mary to meet him at a small commune in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. He told them that an activist group was establishing a movement there to propagate Native American values, and he felt that they would be interested. When Brown Mary and Snake arrived however, Cody surreptitiously had the trunk of Snake's Thunderbird filled with illegal automatic weapons. He then contacted the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and arranged for them to stage a raid on the commune. The raid evolved into a massive firefight and the site erupted into chaos. During the melee, Cody abducted Brown Mary while Snake ran for the hills. Federal agents gunned down everyone else in attendance and set the place to flame.

Snake spent the next two decades believing that Brown Mary was dead. He wandered the deserts of California as a vagabond traveling from commune to commune.

In 1995, Snake decided to revitalize Fifth World Raga. Although Brown Mary was no longer at his side, he still felt the power of the Ghostdancing. He began acting as a spirtiual guru, inspiring others to get in touch with their own inner being. An animal totem spirit known as Coyote-Old-Man arrived on Earth and met with Snake. He began asking him about White-Buffalo-Woman’s whereabouts, but Snake had no idea whom he was referring to. Before long, he began to realize that Brown Mary was White-Buffalo-Woman, and further – that she was still alive.

By this point in time, agent Cody had learned that his old "friend" Snake was active again. By reinvigorating the spirit cults, he once again represented a threat to his superiors' objectives. Cody met with a young man from the Mammonite quarantine named Brother Christopher. Brother Christopher was the child of White-Buffalo-Woman (and possibly that of Snake as well). He fabricated a story, wherein he blamed Snake for White-Buffalo-Woman’s present condition. He manipulated Christopher’s emotions and convinced him to avenge his mother by assassinating Snake.

Brother Christopher met with Snake at a Fifth World Raga revival concert. Snake told Christopher the truth about his mother, and his past with Agent Cody. Christopher believed him and decided to betray Agent Cody. Cody, angered by his failure to galvanize Christopher to his cause, decided to tie up loose ends once and for all. He withdrew his pistol and fired it at Christopher on the concert stage. Snake leapt in front of the bullet, saving Brother Christopher’s life. He died moments later.

Powers and Abilities


Psychokinesis: While under the influence of the Ghostdancing, Snake had the ability to project and receive mental impressions with other people. He was also able to perceive the mystical reality of the spirit world.


Music: Snake was an accomplished vocalist and guitar player. In time, he eventually became proficient enough with the tom drum that he was able to summon the animal totems of the spirit world.

Strength level

Average: Fred Kominsky possessed the strength level of a man his age, weight and build who engaged in moderate, regular exercise.



Ghostdancing drug, Brown Mary's tom drum.


A red 1965 Ford Thunderbird (which he lost in 1973).


  • Although it has never been fully revealed, it has been implied that Snake may have in fact fathered Brother Christopher prior to Brown Mary's abduction. Snake may have suspected this himself as he heroically sacrificed his own life to save Christopher's. Christopher later adopted the pseudonym - the Snake of Change; another possible allusion of a blood family tie.

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This article is about both the non-poisonous snake (level 5) and poisonous snake (level 35). Another poisonous snake is the bush snake.

Snakes (Serpentes Fellis) are weak monsters found on Karamja. Unlike their bush snake cousins, snakes do not poison. They are aggressive to players with a combat level of 10 or lower. They can also be found in Brimhaven. In Karamja, they can be found near level 3 monkeys and level 14 scorpions.

A snake with a combat level of 35 can be found on Mos Le'Harmless. This stronger snake attacks faster, is poisonous, and also drops a snake hide as a 100% drop. Their poison only deals 3 damage initially, so it is not dangerous to high-levelled players. Killing these snakes is very profitable at the moment. They drop Snake Hides that are worth over 3,000 coins each. Players should bring two to four antipoisons if they choose to kill snakes.




100% Drops

Other drops


  • A Snake spine, which differs from the usual bones dropped, are rare drops after completion of the first part of the Rag and Bone Man quest. It is one of the items in the wish list for the second part of the quest. This bone cannot be buried.
  • The examine text on Mos Le'Harmless snakes may be a reference to the game Metal Gear Solid, as when you die on the game, sometimes Otacon will shout "Snake! Snaaaaake!
  • If you bring a holy symbol and the prayer book from 'The Great Brain Robbery' you can recite to get rid of poison instead of carrying anti poison potions (Recite takes away 1 prayer point) Players may want to bring prayer potions with them and perhaps even the holy wrench to stay for prolonged amounts of time. In fact, you might even sustain your stay indefinitely if you have a high defence level combined with a relatively high prayer.
  • Killing these for money is extremely profitable; an upwards of 300k can be made per hour. The best part is the complete seclusion and closeness to a bank deposit.

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Snake refers to a type of reptile that lacks limbs. Some snakes are known to be venomous.

In 2374, while stranded on an uninhibited class M planet Jonathan Masters was bitten several times by a snake, which had a trio of long fangs. The snake proved to be venomous, though not at a potency to kill an adult human. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "Waiting for the Sun")

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"Snakes, huh? They don't bother me!"
―Luke Skywalker

Snakes were lengthy limbless serpents. They moved about by coiling around limbs or sidewinding across the ground.

There were many kinds of snakes in the galaxy:

There were also creatures with snake-like features or similar names that were not true snakes.


  • Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back toy line
  • You must be a member of Star Wars Hyperspace to view this linkXim Week: The Despotica (Part II: The Pirate Prince) on Hyperspace (article)

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This creature is in the Reptiles class.

15 Hit points
10 Experience points per kill

Summon/Convince: 205/205 (Illusionable)
Abilities: Melee (0-8) it Poison with 1 hp/turn and doing about 15 damage total.
Push Objects:
Est. Max. Damage: 9 hp per turn
Immune To: Earth
Strong To: Energy (-20%)
Neutral To: Physical, Holy, Death, Drown, Life Drain
Weak To: Fire (+10%), Ice (+10%)
Sounds: "Zzzzzzt".
Behavior: Doesn't run when in low health.
Field Notes: A snake is a weak monster that can envenom others with its bite, they are summoned by Orc Shamans. Some player use the snakes summoned by Orc Shamans for training. They Trap the Orc Shaman in a way he cannot shoot any magic missiles at them and then basically have a endless supply of constant spawning snakes. Also, some monsters leave dead snakes as loot.
Location: In almost all grassy areas of Tibia. Also found in Rookgaard.
Strategy: Snakes are very weak monsters; they have the weakest defense. You can even easily kill it with fist even if your fisting skill is 10. Just be aware with its poison if you're still weak.
Loot: Nothing. (Create loot statistics)
See also: Creatures.
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This article is about the opponent in DreamMix TV World Fighters. For the urban cowboy terrorist, see Cobra Commander.
Snake is a character from the Generation One continuity family.

Snake is the ultimate one-man commando. Well, one of them. He carries C4 explosives with him at all times, which he can explode by remote control. He is not afraid to place the C4 directly onto his opponents.


DreamMix TV World Fighters

As part of DreamMix TV's attempt to pull in more ratings, Snake was invited to battle bunches of other beings, including Optimus Prime and Megatron on the television show World Fighters. DreamMix TV World Fighters


  • The character, Solid Snake, is from Konami's Metal Gear series.
  • Luckily for Snake, he managed to participate in a better fighter game, that being Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • The character's Commanding Officer Roy Campbell is voiced by Paul Eiding, who also voices Perceptor. Fancy that.
  • The character has a penchant of distracting his foes with, how shall we say, adult material.
  • In Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Snake goes by the code name "Old Snake". Spoiler alert: Cobra has a Metal Gear.

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