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Smith and Jones
Series: Doctor Who -
TV Stories
Series Number: Series 3
Story Number: 189
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Companions: Martha Jones (introduction; joins)
Enemy: Florence Finnegan
Writer: Russell T Davies
Director: Charles Palmer
Producer: Phil Collinson
Broadcast: 31st March 2007
Format: 1x45 minute episode
Prod. Code: 183
Previous Story: The Runaway Bride
Following Story: The Shakespeare Code
"Judoon Platoon upon the Moon."
Tenth Doctor

Smith and Jones was the first story of Series 3 of the revived Doctor Who Series. It was a small reset of the Tenth Doctor's era, that started with (DW: The Runaway Bride), bringing in a new Sonic Screwdriver, Theme Music, Title Sequence and a updated version of the Series 1 and 2 logo; that was used on other media but now were a major part of the titles. It is also the first time in the new series that another companion has joined the doctor, apart from Rose, for more than a Guest appearance.



On meeting the mysterious Doctor, medical student Martha Jones finds her life turned upside-down. A lightning storm sends the Royal Hope Hospital to the Moon, and Martha must cope with the fierce Judoon and a blood-sucking Plasmavore. Her ally in the crisis, the pseudonymous Smith, soon proves he is no ordinary hospital patient.


Medical student Martha Jones is walking to work when she receives a series of phone calls from various members of her family. Each is calling about her brother Leo's 21st birthday party that evening. She is interrupted by a stranger (The Doctor) who takes off his tie, smiles and says, "Like so, see?" and walks off. Bemused, she continues on. She arrives at the Royal Hope Hospital, bumping into a black leather-clad man wearing a motorbike helmet at the entrance, who ignores her. Later, getting her white coat from a locker, she receives an electric shock from its door.

The consultant, Mr Stoker, is leading a ward round including Martha. They start with Florence Finnegan, whom Mr Stoker diagnoses as being salt deficient, and continue on to the Doctor, introduced as John Smith. Martha challenges him about the events earlier that morning, but he denies being present. She wonders whether he might have a brother, but he answers, "Not anymore." Martha listens to his chest and hears two hearts. He gives her a wink and she smiles back at him. Stoker pushes Martha for an analysis of the patient and suggests it is always best to start with the patient's notes. As he picks them up he receives an electric shock and Martha informs him of her own earlier shock, with the other trainees mentioning similar occurrences.

Later, Martha is chatting to her sister on the phone. Martha mentions that it is raining outside, but her sister says the weather is beautiful where she is, just blocks away. She turns the corner and sees the hospital in the middle of its own storm. Martha is dismissive until her co-worker and sister both tell her that the rain is going up instead of down. There is a tremor, and when Martha looks out, she realises the hospital is on the Moon. Many of the patients and staff are scared, but Mr Stoker looks out calmly, while Florence Finnegan searches for him.

Martha and her colleague head for a window which Martha intends to open, whilst the Doctor nips behind a curtain. Martha's colleague panics, telling her that if she opens the window all the air will be sucked out. Martha calmly rationalises that that cannot be true as the window is not airtight, so it would have happened already anyway. The Doctor pulls back the curtain, now wearing a blue pinstripe suit, and tells Martha she is correct. They discuss why they can all still breathe, and the Doctor is impressed with Martha's reasoning. He asks if they have any kind of balcony; Martha tells him they have one for patients to use. The Doctor invites her to go step out onto it with him, warning her they might die. Martha calmly replies they might not, winning the Doctor's further approval. Going out on to a balcony, the Doctor demonstrates the presence of a force field around the hospital. He asks Martha what she believes is going on. She firmly believes the situation is alien interference, noting that it would have sounded crazy a few years ago, but with the Slitheen, Sycorax and Cybermen trying to invade over the past two years, it's much more believable. As she continues to refer to him as Mr Smith, the Doctor informs her of his preferred title. Martha assumes he means "Doctor Smith", but he clarifies he means just "the Doctor".

Huge cylindrical ships appear and land outside the hospital. Black armoured soldiers march out in several long lines. The Doctor identifies them as the Judoon.

The Judoon advance

As Mr Stoker looks on, Florence Finnegan enters, telling him she needs help. Mr Stoker says he does not believe he can help anyone in the current situation and reflects on his plans to retire and how he believes he will never see his daughter ever again. Florence insists he can help her, and is joined by her two Slabs, who have the appearance of motor biking couriers. Florence explains cryptically why her salt levels were abnormal, and tells the Slabs to hold Stoker as she takes out a straw and walks menacingly towards him.

The Judoon enter and begin scanning people. Their leader removes his helmet revealing a head like a rhinoceros, then issues orders in an alien language; the Judoon draw their guns. One of the trainee doctors, Morgenstern, attempts to speak for the humans, but the leader responds by shoving him against a wall and using a device in order to translate his own speech into English. He then scans the trainee, confirms him as human and marks him with a black cross on his hand. Hiding on a balcony with Martha, the Doctor says they are looking for non-humans, bad news for him. Martha does not believe that he is an alien. The Doctor tells her that Judoon are police-for-hire, and if they decide that the hospital is hiding a non-human criminal, every single person in the hospital could be sentenced to death as accomplices of the alien.

The Judoon continue upwards through the building, scanning each and every human. Morgenstern insists they are only there to conduct a harmless scan on everyone, but a male patient panics and strikes a Judoon from behind with a vase, which merely shatters against the alien's armour. The Judoon leader declares the punishment for this act of physical assault to be execution. The soldiers comply, shooting the man with energy weapons that completely incinerate him. As the shocked Morgenstern tells them they "didn't have to do that", the commanding Judoon replies, "Justice is swift."

The Doctor attempts to access information from a hospital computer but finds to his frustration that the Judoon have wiped the records. He explains to Martha that he had no idea they were coming and that he had only admitted himself to the hospital because he had detected "plasma coils" building up power over the past few days. He asks her if she knows anyone who has checked into the hospital in the last week with unusual symptoms; she says that Mr Stoker would know and heads to his office. When she arrives there, Florence is still sucking his blood through the straw. Martha runs off but Florence orders one of the couriers to go after her. The Doctor meets her in the corridor and they run together to a room with an X-ray machine. The Doctor seals the door with his sonic screwdriver and tells Martha to activate the machine when he says "Now!".

The courier comes in and the Doctor scorches it with radiation, absorbs the excess and expels it into one shoe, which he then discards. Martha, astonished, tells him he is mad, to which the Doctor replies that she is right. He then takes off the other shoe and discards that as well. Discovering that his sonic screwdriver has been destroyed in the process, he expresses regret at first, but then throws it away when Martha calls him 'Doctor' for the first time.

Martha tells the Doctor about Florence and he says that because she sucked Mr Stoker's blood and assimilated him, she will register as human when the Judoon scan her. He explains to Martha that Florence Finnegan is a Plasmavore, a blood-sucking alien. He hurries to find her before the Judoon but it is too late; she has already been scanned and marked as human.

The Judoon see the Doctor and scan him. He registers as non-human and they think he is the Plasmavore. They try to execute him but he escapes with Martha. Meanwhile, oxygen levels are decreasing and Martha's co-worker is giving extra oxygen to a patient. The Doctor tells Martha to give him time to find Florence, then kisses her and runs off, leaving a startled Martha in his wake. The Judoon catch up with her and begin scanning her. They identify her as human, but with traces of non-human DNA (from the kiss).

Meanwhile the Doctor finds Florence tampering with an MRI device. Reverting to his cover story, he pretends to be just another amazed human who has no idea what is happening. She orders her remaining Slab to hold the Doctor while she explains her plan. She says that she will overload the MRI device, frying the brains of everyone in the hospital and half the population of Earth, leaving her free to escape the Judoon because she is safe in the room. The Doctor tells her they are doing secondary scans, so she sucks his blood to defend herself against it. He falls to the floor, apparently dead.

Meanwhile, the Judoon have confirmed Martha is human, and march to the MRI lab. Martha is shocked to see the Doctor dead but realises he sacrificed his life to save them. She scans Florence, who now registers as alien having assimilated the Doctor's blood. The Judoon charge her with the murder of the child princess of Patrivolde Regency Nine. Florence proudly admits her guilt, then orders her minion to attack the Judoon; they swiftly dispatch it and eradicate Florence too, but not before she can activate the overload. The Judoon detect the problem, but declare their duty fulfilled and swiftly withdraw. The oxygen is nearly depleted and the magnetic overload is approaching critical state.

Frustrated, Martha tries to resuscitate the Doctor herself, eventually thinking to apply pressure to both his hearts. He awakens and unplugs the machinery. Martha passes out and the Doctor picks her up, crying for the Judoon to save them as they take off. It starts raining again and the hospital is transported back to Earth where Martha's sister Tish is waiting. Martha watches the Doctor leave and sees him head toward a strange blue box, but while she is distracted by her sister both the Doctor and the box disappear.

At Leo's party, the family are arguing over Annalise (Martha's father's girlfriend), who mocks Martha's claims of having been to the moon and cites the publicly released cover story (involving everyone in the hospital being drugged in a conspiracy). The argument spills into the street, increasing in animosity as Martha's mother vents her resentment toward Annalise, but Martha spots the Doctor. She follows him around the corner, to see him standing before the blue box, whereupon he introduces himself as a Time Lord and the box as the TARDIS. He then offers her a trip to thank her for her help, but she tells him she does not have the time – she cannot go off into space with him, she has to go into town the following morning and pay bills. He informs her that his ship is also a time machine. She does not believe him. The TARDIS dematerialises and rematerialises; the Doctor steps out, holding his tie. Martha realises that this accounts for their encounter earlier that day. She asks him why he didn't just tell her not to go into work. He explains; "Crossing into established events is strictly forbidden ... except for cheap tricks"

She then cautiously enters the TARDIS and is amazed that it is bigger on the inside. The Doctor talks about Rose, saying that they were "together" and that she is now "with her family", but says Martha is not replacing Rose; he is just going to take her on one single trip to thank her for saving his life. She flirts with him, saying, "You're the one who kissed me." He assures her that it was a genetic transfer, and she explains that she is not remotely interested – she only goes for humans. As he turns away, though, she looks quite sadly at the floor. The Doctor powers up the TARDIS. As the TARDIS flies through the time vortex it begins to shake violently, while the Doctor and Martha shake hands over the console. The Doctor says, "Welcome aboard, Miss Jones!", to which she replies, "It's my pleasure, Mr. Smith!"



  • Director - Charles Palmer
  • Writer - Russell T Davies
  • Producer - Phil Collinson
  • Co-Producers - Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner
  • Cinematographer - Ernest Vincze
  • Film Editor - Matthew Tabern
  • Set Decorator - David Morison
  • Sound Editors - Doug Sinclair, Paul McFadden
  • Foley Artists - Kelly-Marie Angell, Dave Humphries
  • Technical Director - Matthew McKinney
  • CG Supervisors - Jean-Claude Deguara, Nicolas Hernandez


  • Both Rose Tyler and Martha Jones were persuaded to travel with the Doctor based on the TARDIS's time travel capabilities.
  • Bram Stoker and Vampires - The head of the hospital is called B. Stoker. This is a reference to Bram Stoker, the author of the Dracula novels about vampires. In this episode, the character is attacked by a creature with vampire-like qualities.
  • When Florence reveals that she is an alien, the Doctor (while acting) asks if the hospital has an ET department.
  • Rose, Martha and Donna have all been persuaded to travel with the Doctor whilst standing in an alleyway, though Martha is the only one of the three who hadn't seen the Tardis interior beforehand.
  • The Doctor, when looking at the slab he said "Solid leather, all the way through, someones got one hell of a fetish"
  • Florence sets up the MRI scanner to overload, a label on one of the scanner screens seems to read "UAC" with the "A" represented by a stylised logo, reminiscent of the Union Aerospace Corporation logo from the DOOM 3 computer game - being another possible tie-in with the Doom / Doom II door sounds in The Impossible Planet

Story Notes

  • Exclusive previews of the episode were also held in five venues across Wales. The Cardiff Bay Odeon, Swansea Odeon, Wrexham Odeon, Aberystwyth Arts Centre and Pwllheli Neuadd Dwyfor all screened Smith And Jones on the morning of 31st March, hours before the television broadcast.
  • The title of this episode alludes to the last names of Martha and of the Doctor, using his usual alias of John Smith. It may also be a reference to the comedy duo of the same name or the Western television programme Alias Smith and Jones. In the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures novel The Eight Doctors, the Eighth Doctor's new assistant Samantha Jones pointed out the same coincidence with their names.
  • Swansea's Singleton Hospital was used to represent the hospital for location filming although the scene in which the Judoon enter the hospital was actually filmed in nearby Swansea University's library. The university commemorates this anually during freshers week with a Dr Who display.
  • In the book Doctor Who: The Inside Story, a piece of concept art by Peter McKinstry shows a concept sketch "burnt out" sonic screwdriver. The book came out some time in advance of the airing of the episode.
  • Nicholas Briggs provides the voices of the Judoon, he has previously voiced the Daleks and Cybus Cybermen.
  • The line "Judoon platoon upon the Moon." was written as something of a joke towards David Tennant. The Scottish accent, which is Tennant's natural one, makes it difficult to pronounce the sound/syllable "-oon" in an English accent.
  • Although this marked Martha's TV debut, followers of Doctor Who fiction had already been introduced to her earlier in the month in the Quick Reads novella, Made of Steel.
  • A window cleaner cradle scene intended for use in this episode was reused for Partners in Crime.


  • 8.71 million viewers - BARB final ratings
  • 8.2 million viewers - Overnight ratings
  • 1.00 million viewers - BBC3 Repeat ratings


  • It was believed (prior to broadcast) that the Sontarans were to have appeared in this story (due to the Judoon's appearance).

Filming Locations

"The scene where Martha and the Doctor meet in the alley is next to the Market in Pontypridd, South Wales.

Discontinuity, Plot Holes, Errors

  • If Galactic Law prevents the Judoon from searching for their fugitive on Earth, why doesn't it prevent them from stealing an entire hospital? (Because they're not technically on Earth when they are searching for the fugitive. It's called a loophole, which many laws have).
  • In the street, Tish was not holding her phone, in the next shot she was. '
  • In the shot where the other medical student was stopping Martha from opening the windows,in the first shot she had her hands up the top of the window, in the second they're down the bottom.(Why couldn't she have moved them? The cameras do not record every second of the action. This could have been planned or a mistake, but it wasn't an error.)
  • How does Martha know what the Cybermen were called? (In DW: Doomsday the Cyber-leader broadcasted a message on television, and used the word in that broadcast.)
  • A hospital should have bottled oxygen that could be used to prolong the time that they could breathe that is never shown being used. (Near the end, a bottle of oxygen for the patient is shown going into the red; this proves that the hospital was using the oxygen, Plus, the people were panicked over what happened, increasing how much oxygen they were using up)
  • The Judoon clothes are seen to flutter while walking when the camera has a close up shot while they march out of their spaceships; there is no air on the moon, so how can their clothes flutter in the same manner back and forth as on Earth? (It may be their legs moving that makes their clothes flutter, not the air.)
  • How can the Judoon march on the moon when it's one sixth earth gravity. (The Judoon aren't from Earth, they may have been born on a planet that has very little gravity. Or their suits could be helping them.)
  • When Martha is making her rounds with the other medical students she listens to both of the Doctors' hearts. As a med student, she should know that she had her stethoscope in her ears backwards. Everyone makes hilarious and obvious mistakes. Although this definately an overlook on the BBC's part.
  • The Judoon confirmed Florence as a plasmavore, but if she drank the Doctor's blood, wouldn't she have been confirmed a Time Lady? (The Judoon scanners have been increased to Setting 2, so they might have been able to deterimine her race.) The Doctor made up the fact that they had increased the scanners to Setting 2. However, despite being female, she still had Time Lord DNA, not Time Lady. The Blood is most likely an illusion and the scanners may just be detecting alien life as in anything not human, and known they were looking for a plasmavore so when the scanner said alien they assume that the alien is a plasmavore as Earth is suppost to be ignorant of the existance of aliens.
  • Why does the Judoon seem to ignore Martha after taking a scanner off a Judoon. Would they not arrest her for stealing? Martha was too quick for them, and she was able expose Florence so the Judoon continued with the task at hand and they may wish to overlook the theft as she showed them up for being wrong.
  • Apparently Martha is the first person since "Mr. Smith" was admitted to Royal Hope the day before to do so much as listen to his heart, or check his pulse, blood pressure or body temperature, or run a blood test, as any of those should have alerted medical personnel to his physical differences. And if so, what exactly is on the chart that Mr. Stoker chided her for not consulting?(Time Lords have been shown to have excellent control over thier bodies, so it's not unfeasible he was able to pass at least some of his tests on that merit)
  • Why is Mr Stoker called Mr rather than Dr? 'In UK hospitals, only surgeons go by the title Mr, and yet Stoker is clearly depicted as a non-surgical consultant. We don't know that for sure he could be working as a locum on that ward
  • The scene in the X-Ray room appears to break a number of laws of Physics. Firstly, where does the power come from to increase the radiation by 5000%? [Perhaps it's from the sonic screwdriver's power supply.] Secondly, the Doctor absorbing all the radiation and expelling it into his show without damaging the shoe or making it dangerously radioactive is rather implausible, they may not be earth made and therefore able to withstand damage. The Doctor also stated he had absorbed them all and it was completly harmless now.
  • The Plasmavore turning the MRI scanner into a weapon doesn't work very well. Firstly, a magnetic pulse might disrupt electronic devices, but it shouldn't kill a person. And a strength of 50,000 Tesla would have no noticeable effect at a distance of 250,000 miles. It certainly wouldn't kill half the Earth's population. Maybe the Plasmavore is an absolute fool?
  • Why doesn't the blood loss cause the Doctor to die or regenerate? the Doctor has survived a heart attack, being struck by lightning and even the vaccum of space his Gallifreyan pyshiology probably helps he survive losing his blood. Remember as part of his physiology he has a two hearts - perhaps two circulatory systems and only one of them was completly drained.
  • The Royal Hope Hospital is practically next to the spot the ship crashed in Aliens of London, and yet that story claimed that the nearest hospital was actually the Albion hospital. London is a big place and the Albion hospital may have been the closest and the Royal Hope could be one nearby. There are lots of hospitals in London that are fairly close together.


  • Mr. Saxon - Behind Martha in the alleyway are several "Vote Saxon" posters, as well as Oliver Morgenstern saying that Mr Saxon's right.
  • The Doctor is delighted that the Royal Hope Hospital has a shop. He says that he "loves a shop." In New Earth he lamented the lack of a shop. In Silence in the Library this once again happens when Donna points out the presence of a shop. The Doctor once again replies that he "loves a shop."
  • When the Judoon ask the Plasmavore to admit the confession, she says "Confess?! I am proud of it." which is similar to what the Doctor said to the Time Lords about his illegal actions: "I not only admit them, I am proud of them."
  • The events of this story are mentioned in NSA: Revenge of the Judoon.
  • The phrase 'burn with me' is used again in '42.
  • Martha mentions her cousin Adeola (also played by Freema Agyeman), who worked at Canary Wharf. This is a reference to events in Army of Ghosts, as well as to a character previously portrayed by Agyeman. (This information was also conveyed in NSA: Made of Steel, a novella released prior to the broadcast of this episode.
  • Anne Reid appeared in this episode as a Plasmavore. Reid's last appearance in Doctor Who was in the Seventh Doctor story, 'The Curse of Fenric', which featured 'Haemovores', which were vampire-like humanoids.
  • The Plasmavore has slabs. The Uvodni had slabs in SJA:Warriors of Kudlak.
  • In the episode Turn Left, everyone except Oliver Morgenstern dies from oxygen starvation. Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith, Maria Jackson and Clyde Langer stopped the MRI from wiping out life on half of Earth but also died.
  • Several events in this episode are mirrored in the Series 4 episode "The Stolen Earth". After the hospital is moved to a different location in space, Julia immediately assumes it is night, just as Sarah Jane does when the Earth is moved. Also, in both episodes, someone asks a question about someone, only for the character to suddenly arrive unnoticed, and the other character says "Why don't you ask them yourself?" In this episode, the exchange is between the Doctor and Martha, and in The Stolen Earth, Donna says this to him.
  • This episode marks the third time the sonic screwdriver has been destroyed. The first time this happened was in DW: The Visitation and the second time was in DWM: The Flood
  • The Judoon reappear in DW: The Stolen Earth.
  • The Doctor, for the first time on screen, makes reference to once having a brother. No more is made of this throwaway reference. When Planet of Fire aired in 1984 there was speculation that the Master, just before his "death" at the end of the story, was about to identify himself as the Doctor's brother.


DVD Releases

Series 3 Volume 1 DVD Cover
  • Smith and Jones, along with The Shakespeare Code and Gridlock, was released on DVD under the title Series 3: Volume 1
  • It is also included in the Series 3 DVD boxset.

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