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This article is about the USS Farragut chief engineer. You may be looking for Miles "Smiley" O'Brien.
Born: 23rd century
Died: 2257
Affiliation: Federation, Starfleet
Occupation: engineer
Final Assignment: chief engineer, USS Farragut
Insignia: sleeve insignia.

Chief Smiley was a operations division senior officer serving as chief engineer aboard the USS Farragut in the late 2250s.

In 2257, Smiley was working at the engineering station on the bridge when the Farragut was attacked by the dikironium cloud creature. Smiley was one of two hundred crewmen to perish in the attack, which included nearly all of the ship's senior officers. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Constitution)


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race: Human
affiliation: N/A
role: Trapper
location: Toxic Caves (initially), Klamath after being rescued
appearances: Fallout 2
quests: Rescue Smiley the Trapper
dialogue file: KCSMILEY.MSG

Smiley is the trapper to see about... well, anything that involves the gecko. He claims he was raised on gecko milk. He is also the main squeeze of Klamath citizen Ardin Buckner who puts you on a quest to find Smiley in the first place. He can be found in the Toxic Caves, which he discovered in an attempt to locate the origins of the valuable golden gecko. If you get to the toxic caves soon enough, you might have a chance to save his dog from being killed from the geckos. After you have rescued Smiley, he will appear in The Buckner House in Klamath. Smiley will teach the Player the Gecko Skinning perk as a reward for saving his life. Other than that... well, he's just a source of gecko lore.

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

For the emoticons that are used on the Wiki, see RuneScape:Emoticons.

Emoticons (or smileys) are two-dimensional facial designs made using keyboard keys and are considered slang. The original smiley face was a yellow button with two dots representing eyes and a half circle representing the mouth. Smiley faces represented by using computer keys are also called emoticons. There are many faces used within RuneScape.


Happy emotions

=), :) ,:-),or =] also B) B-)

=) is a symbol used to represent a happy or cheerful emotion. Often players find it quicker to use a 'square' smiley face such as =] since the keys are adjacent and require no shifting. These are the most commonly seen Smileys in RuneScape. (^_^) , :} , or =} can also be used to represent the same message. The capital letter B may be used instead of a : or = to represent glasses or sunglasses.

 :D, =D, or =[) (this last one looks better in game)

=D shows a feeling of strong happiness. It is usually used when something is "laugh out loud' funny and can be used in place of LOL.

 =S, :S

 =S shows that a player is either unsure, is sorry, or it sometimes can even be used to mean that that player is failing at something.


Player 1:****
Player 1:Oops. :S

=X, :x, or even :XXX

 =X usually means either that you are not going to talk, are being secrative about something or another way of saying that you're going to be quiet now.

=P, :P

=P is a symbol for sticking out your tongue in a form of mocking or joking. If the symbol is looked at sideways or rotated by 90°, the smiley face becomes visible. The = are the eyes and the P is the closed mouth shape with a tongue sticking out. When the = is replaced with a :, the eyes of the figure become smaller but the same message is transmitted.


Player 1:I love oranges.

Player 1:=P

=Þ and :þ

The third way to do this is by typing (make sure that Num lock is ON) (Hold down Alt) = Alt + 0222 . This will give you =Þ (however, this only works on Windows computers) the second faces code is (Alt, 0254)

=d and :d

Players may also switch the "P" with a lowercase "d" making the tongue point upwards. Some players consider this offensive, however, as it depicts a person eating/licking their boogers/nose. The "colon and equal sign rule" applies to this face as well. Another version of this is =3d where the 3 represents the nose or mustache.


XD (pronounced "ex-dee") is an emoticon used by a player when he or she finds something very amusing.

XD isn't a very pretty emoticon due to Jagex's word filter, as it returns as Xd. People try to find different ways to purify it by using other characters to bypass the filter. Some other examples are X.D, X[), }{D, X D, ×D and }{[). Bypassing the filter is not permitted in RuneScape, but "XD" is not offensive to players, so it is un-reportable.


Player 1: I just ate a Big Bowl of Jelly xD

Player 2: OMFG!! xD

<(^.^)> or ^.^

The <(^.^)> and (>^.^<) faces are becoming increasingly popular in online chat these faces express cuteness, or an uplifted feeling. Many players notice similarities between the faces and Kirby, a well known video game character from Nintendo. There are also emoticons like these like ^.^ and ^_^ also ^-^ where you have a cute face with a mouth and ^^ where you have a cute face, but plainer, without a mouth.


Player 1: Hey! Whats new?

Player 2: Just finished Gertrude's Cat and got a kitty! ^.^

Player 1: Aww, how cute!

=3 or :3

"The chibi face" is just to express pure lol, or in any other situation for that matter. The main use for this emote was originally used to be cute, but over time it changeed to the "oblivious" face

O_O or o.O or :o or Oo

The O_O and :o faces represent "OMG" or "WOW", etc. The O_o and Oo faces represent something weird.


Shows a feeling of strong like, friendship, or "love", since it is in the shape of a heart.


Example 1

Player 1: Awesome, godsword shard!

Player 2: =D

Example 2

Player 2 has engaged in combat with the lesser demon Player 1 planned on attacking.
Player 1: Awwww that was my lesser demon
Player 2: =P

Some players don't always use =P as a mocking gesture. Some use the face to represent the player had just said something funny, or done something stupid or embarrassing. The =P can sometimes be very similar to the phrase "lol" ::Laugh out loud)

Player 1 Gets back from bank to agility arena with a friend.
Player 1: Okay pay 200 coins and enter.
Player 2: Oops, I only brought 150 =P

Example 3

Player 1: didnt i just see u in world 8 yesterday?

Player 2: o ya i remember u

Player 1: small world O_o


This emotion is Commonly used for Death.


Player 1: I've come from the dead! Bahahah! x_x

Sad emotions

=( and ;{ and :( and :`-( (looks better in-game) also B(, B-(

These emoticons are supposed to represent a sad or disappointed face. The capital letter B may be used to represent glasses or sunglasses.

=/, :/ and (._.')

This face shows annoyance, but not quite anger. It can also be used to show pity, or in some cases frustration. The third emoticon isn't well known, but can also be used to show confusion.


Player 1: Str lvl?
Player 2: 99, you?
Player 1: 68 =/

-.- or (-_-) and (-L-) and ,'/ (looks better in-game)

These emoticons represent a sigh or being violated. They may, in some cases, represent someone who is irritated.


Player 1 builds a fire and is cooking fish on it.
Player 2 starts cooking his fish on player 1's fire
Player 1: -_-
Player 1: This is my fire.

Player 1 steals Player 2's Abyssal Demon when they were going to attack it
Player 2: You stole my demon -.-
Player 1: Owned.

Player 2 sees a Revenant coming.
Player 2: Rev.
Player 1: I'm training here! -.-

The angry emoticon could be used for player two as well.

Angry emotions

<=| or >=| and =|

The =| face hints toward confusion while the <=| face shows slight shyness. The >=| symbol depicts anger or madness. This can also be used with other emoticons such as >=D or >=(

}=[] or {=[]

The }=[] symbolizes a person yelling with a frown, symbolizing extreme anger. the {=[] symbolizes extreme fear or shock.

.,!,. or _|-|_

This symbol looks like someone's middle finger in the game. This may be highly offensive and intolerable to some players, and may get you muted. It is recommended to NEVER use this emoticon.

 :O or =O

>O or >o


These emoticons symbolize a look of surprise or aghast. Example:

Player1: I just got killed in the wildy by a revnant with my 2 blue partyhats =(

Player2: :O

Miscellaneous Emoticons

  • <(_&^(|) - Homer Simpson
  • ~(_8(|) - Another variation of Homer Simpson
  • @@@@@@@:) - Marge Simpson
  • \m/(-_-)\m/ and !,,! >.< !,,! \,,/ !,,!; - "Rock on"
  • @(>.<)@ - Monkey
  • >^..^< Or =(^.^)= - or :3 Cat
  • (\/) ! ! (\/) OR ¥ - Lobster
  • []D [] []\/[] []D [] []\[] - Pimpin'
  • <(^@^)> - happy pig
*<=D - Happy party
  • >:{(-,<:{(-,>:{)-,and <:{)- =guy with mustache and goatee,1=angered,2=sad,3=vengefully happy,4=happy

(\_/) (enter) (o.o) (enter) (> <) (enter) (_ _) rabbit

(\_/) (o.o) (> <) (_ _)

  • d^_^b OR d-_-b -Listening to music
  • (~_^) OR (^_~) OR ~.^ ^.~ - Wink
  • (>_<) OR (>.<) - in pain, frustrated
  • (>_>) OR (¬_¬) - annoyed or rhetorical
  • (-_-) - upset, sighing
  • (._.) OR (,_,) - disappointed, bitter
  • (-.-)zzZ OR -_-zzZ - sleeping
  • (X_X) - dead
  • <>< or ><> or {}{ or }{} - Fish
  • *(:> - Penguin. It is used as a faster way as a faster way to talk about Penguin Hide and Seek locations.
  • ><>< - Lollie
  • [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] this shows coal trucks or train
  • Q(^.^Q) or Q(^_^Q) etc. - Boxing Kirby
  • ===[[]]========[[]]==== - Car chase(usually used in conjunction with the scroll animation)
  • (:+[ ] +:) This Represents a Video Game More Likely to be a PSP or a DS.
  • -.-" - Shows stress
  • |\/\/\/| (enter) |____| (enter) - Represents a crown or Party hat.
  • |-o-| TIE Fighter
  • ♫�--.-- ♫ Music listening smiley

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ST Expanded

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Miles Edward O'Brien
Miles "Smiley" O'Brien
Actor: Colm Meaney
Species: human
Gender: male
Born: 1 September 2331
Hair: reddish brown
Eyes: brown
Affiliation: Terran rebellion
Title: rebel leader
Stationed: Terok Nor
Rank: Captain

Miles O'Brien, nicknamed "Smiley", was the mirror universe counterpart of Miles O'Brien in the primary universe. He became the commanding officer of the Defiant and a prominent leader of the rebellion to free Terrans and Vulcans from the tyranny of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.

Kruge thought he was very much like a Terran rebel from an earlier era. ("A Debt of Honor")


In 2371, Smiley transported to the primary universe to acquire a copy of Deep Space 9's database and Captain Benjamin Sisko's help in fighting the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. While aboard the station, he visited Quark and aquired additional starship schematics on the USS Phoenix-X. Sometime after returning to the Mirror universe he began construction on the mirror Phoenix-X. Unfortunately, and unlike the quick construction of the mirror Defiant, his efforts with the Phoenix-X would prove tedious as the ship took four years to construct. (Star Trek: Deep Space 9: "Through the Looking Glass", Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Pure Evil", "Mirrorlyness!", "Broken Pieces")

In 2382, while on patrol with the mirror Defiant, Smiley discovered an Iso-star which transported him to the primary universe. There, he found that the crew of the Phoenix-X had captured Mirror universe criminals bent on joining the Alliance, who were all contained aboard the mirror B`Chnah. He then towed the ship back into the Mirror universe. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Mirrorlyness!")

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File:Smiley.gif NPC Smiley
Location: Venore magic shop, east of the depot and temple.
Occupation: Druid Guild Leader
Notes: Smiley works in The Magic Bazar. He looks like a Demon Skeleton.
Items traded: Sells: Non-premium Druid instant spells and rune spells. Buys: Nothing
See the entire NPC list.

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