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Old Republic era[1]

"Slyssk may not be the best starship thief in the galaxy - but he's certainly the fastest!"
―Marn Hierogryph

Slyssk was a male Trandoshan ship thief, who joined Marn Hierogryph and Jedi Zayne Carrick through their adventures in the Mandalorian Wars.




A docile follower

Slyssk: "I've heard it all my life. How did your egg get into the nest, Slyssk?"
Marn Hierogryph: "I understand. Kids can be cruel."
Slyssk: "What kids? That was my mother!"
—Slyssk and Marn Hierogryph

Mocked as frail and meek by even his own mother, Slyssk did not enjoy "the hunt" like most Trandoshans, so instead he made himself a career as a pirate. Slyssk was a skilled starship thief, but his career was hindered by incompetence as a pilot. Slyssk joined the Raff Syndicate pirate group before quickly being kicked out.[2]

Slyssk on Serroco

It was Slyssk who delivered the Little Bivoli to the Jedi Padawan Zayne Carrick and his Snivvian companion Marn Hierogryph on Ralltiir in 3,963 BBY. Recognizing Gryph as a wanted criminal, Slyssk demanded more than the originally agreed upon price and refused to be persuaded otherwise, seeing his chance to "make something happen". However, the pair faked saving his life, and he declared Gryph his ghrakhowsk. For Slyssk, this was his first and only time anyone ever saved his life. Shortly after, the Bivoli's true owners showed up forcing the three to take off. Once in orbit, they learned that the Bivoli was a civilian supply ship for the Republic Navy, the only ship that was available for stealing, and were forced to follow the fleet into hyperspace, to the planet Serroco.[1] On Serroco, to maintain their cover, Slyssk demonstrated exquisite cooking skills in serving almost the entire Republic Fleet at Camp Three. Slyssk, along with Gryph, was still present on Serroco during the Mandalorian nuclear attack.[3]

However, Slyssk and Gryph managed to escape the planets destruction by hijacking a troop transport with half a sleeping battalion. Thus, when they reached Chandrila, they were declared heroes used in Republic propaganda. Eventually, they both were picked up by the Moomo Brothers for a mission on Taris. Their employer, Jervo Thalien, told them to find Senator Haydel Goravvus in exchange for clearing both Zayne and Gryph's names. While Gryph led the resistance with the Hidden Beks against the Mandalorians, led by Cassus Fett, Slyssk and the Ithorian bounty hunter, Dob Moomo, to retrieve Zayne for assistance.[4]The duo found Zayne on Omonoth and brought him, as well as Jedi Knight Alek Squinquargesimus, Mandalorian Rohlan Dyre, and Jarael to Taris. After Zayne, disguised as a Mandalorian with a jet pack, jumped off the Moomo Williwaw they were flying in Slyssk and the rest of the group took off looking for a place to land.[5] However, as the resistance on Taris failed, Slyssk and the Moomo Williwaw escorted Constable Noana Sowrs's children safely to Alderaan and returned to rescue Zayne and Gryph from the Rakghoul infested planet of Jebble.[6]

When the Williwaw headed to Coruscant to deliver the Sith artifacts Zayne and Gryph found in the Sanctum of the Exalted, they had to land on the Swiftsure to steal the Deadweight. However he had a panic attack so Gryph gave him some credits to stay at a hotel.

An active member

Slyssk disguised as a Raff Syndicate Captain

After the events of Vindication, Slyssk left Coruscant with Gryph, with Zayne joining on after his briefing with the Jedi High Council. However, to leave the planet, they needed a ship. Slyssk was assigned to purchase a ship, which he had never done before. A saleslady offered him the Hot Prospect, which she claimed was a "gem of a ship". In reality, it was a gem miner, utterly dirty and full of dead mynocks. Gryph used Slyssk's life debt to its fullest by having the Trandoshan clean up the ship. Slyssk took to this task wholeheartly, actually enjoying the work.

Soon, the group found themselves in a bind while trying to con the Raff Syndicate. They had to fool Nunk Plaarvin into believing that a Syndicate captain was on the station, and neither Zayne nor Gryph could play the role. Slyssk dressed up in skins, weapons, and even dead mynocks, in order to pretend to be an important courier for the Syndicate. Though he had some difficulty maintaining a fierce and angry temperament, they pulled off the scam successfully, tricking Plaarvin into thinking that the Syndicate wanted to meet with him on Jebble. Afterwards, the people at the auction bought the rights to a planet the crew was talking about.

While Gryph was busy planning their next scam, the rest of the crew located a missing luxury yacht, the Chancellor Fillorean. Having gain confidence from what happened on Metallos, Slyssk was ready for anything. But the moment he opened the airlock, he found the entire ship was full of dead bodies, all asphyxiated. The only survivors they found were Toki Tollivar and his droid companion K-OB7, or Kayo. The former denied any knowledge on what happened. While the others investigated, Slyssk prepared food. Suddenly, some unseen force started to strangle him. Zayne had no knowledge on how to block it. Luckily, Rohlan was able to open his wind pipe to allow air in. It is later discovered that Tollivar was the attempted murderer, a hidden Sith adept who had a murder lust. He was about to make Jarael his next victim only to be killed by Rohlan, along with Kayo, who restrained his master. Slyssk once again became a coward after this incident and had to be medicated whilst he recovered. This meant that he had to be left aboard the Hot Prospect for Gryph's next scheme on Jervo's World.

When the Hot Prospect arrived on Wor Tandell, Slyssk contacted a friend he knew that owned a plantation there to let them use the plantation to land on and to ride the Tandreed. When Alek stayed at their camp to talk with Jarael, Slyssk was on hand to cook yet again. After a confrontation between Alek and Rohlan Dyre, the Hot Prospect left the planet to root out the Crucible in the Koornacht Cluster.

Whilst Carrick and Jarael were aboard Sariyah Budan's ship, the rest of the crew were standing by to collect valuable Thorlide crystals in the Cluster. Slyssk had worked out how to use several of the systems on the Hot Prospect to mine the crystals including the particle accelerator and even pointed out to Gryph that they could use the ship's centrifuge to process the crystals themselves, much to the Snivvian's glee. When Carrick and Jarael decided to free the slaves of the Sungrazer cooperative, Dace Golliard arrived aboard the Gladiator to bring a halt to the disruption. When the Crucible ship attacked, Slyssk was unable to move the Hot Prospect around to retaliate due to the heavy fire on the ship's attitude thrusters. To escape, Carrick told Slyssk to shut off the inertial compensators whilst he jammed the massive centrifuge aboard the Hot Prospect. The result sent the mining ship into a sudden spin allowing it to escape.


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