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Sly Moore
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Rise of the Empire era


Sly Moore was the Senior Administrative Aide in the Office of the Supreme Chancellor during the administration of Chancellor Palpatine. Her people, the Umbarans, were known to have the ability to influence others with their minds.



Sly Moore

Sometime before 32 BBY Moore was abducted by a tattooed Zabrak assassin and imprisoned for months in an ancient tomb somewhere in the Cron Drift. While imprisoned, she was mentally and spiritually assaulted by long-dead Sith Lords on a daily basis and only her natural strength of will kept her from going completely insane. She was finally rescued by Palpatine, who cared for her until she was ready to be on her own again. The two had formed a close bond and Palpatine eventually admitted to her that he had powerful mental abilities, which he intended to use to bring order to the galaxy. When, intrigued, she asked what she could do for him, he revealed to her his alter-ego of Darth Sidious, as well details of his grand scheme against the Jedi.[1]

Moore became one of Palpatine's loyal allies; she was even known to impersonate his alter ego to force disloyal senators into line.

After the formation of the Galactic Empire, Moore became one of the first members of the Imperial Inner Circle, and was transferred to Byss where she attempted to convert captured Padawans from the Agricultural Corps to the dark side of the Force.

It's believed that Moore was trained in the ways of the dark side by Palpatine. Due to her attempts to convert captured Padawans, which only Dark Adepts could do, she had to have some degree of Force sensitivity.

She also had a rivalry with Grand Inquisitor Malorum. The latter envied his female rival's power and position, and the pair would have the occassional stareoff.

Behind the scenes

Sly Moore was portrayed by Sandy Finlay in both Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

Sly Moore is given as an example of a Force adept in the Saga Edition Core Rulebook, meaning that she is Force-sensitive.


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