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For the unique Spiked Baseball Bat seen in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, see Slugger (Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel).

The Baseball Bat or Slugger is a melee weapon found in Fallout 3 and Fallout Tactics. In Fallout 3, the bat is branded on one side with a machine-caligraphed "B" in an ovoid shape. Beneath the logo are the words "Since 1879," suggesting the bat's manufacturer has been producing sporting goods since the 19th century.


Fallout 2

A special baseball bat called the Louisville Slugger is available in Fallout 2 as a quest reward.

Fallout 3

Baseball Bat
Attack statistics
dmg/attack: 9
DPS: 12.8574
attacks/sec: 1.4286
crit dmg: 9
crit chance: x 1
skill: Melee Weapons
AP: 25
item HP: 400
repair: Baseball Bats
weight: 3
value: 55
base id: 0000421C


The Baseball Bat is a commonly found Melee Weapon found in the wasteland. The United States was stereotyped a patriotic country, so its very logical to find them everywhere. Being made of wood, they are useful for close combat with raiders, although its recommended to ditch it at level 6, as a more large array of Melee Weapons are available to you.



  • One can be found on the player character's desk when leaving Vault 101 for the first time. All things considered, Fallout 3's baseball bat is a decent melee weapon for early use and helps to preserve ammunition when starting out in the wasteland. Later, much more powerful melee weapons become available, such as the Ripper and Shishkebab. But can be useful if you have the Takoma Park Little Leaguer cap adding +5 to the baseball bat.


Fallout Tactics

damage: 3-11
damage type: Normal
attack modes:
Swing (AP: 4, R: 2)
Thrust (AP: 4, R: 2)
min. Strength: 4
hands req.: 1
weight: 4 lbs.
value: N/A


  • In Fallout Tactics, the baseball bat is called Slugger.
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Weapons of Fallout Tactics

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