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Slowga, known here as Slow2, in Final Fantasy V.

Slowga (スロウガ, Surouga), also known as Slow 2 and Slowra, is a more powerful version of the Time Magic spell, Slow. It affects all opponents.




Final Fantasy

Slowra, also known as SLO2 in the Famicom release and Slow2 in the Origins release, is a level 5 Black Magic spell which reduces the speed of a single enemy, reducing its Hit rate by approximately half.

The spell can be bought at Melmond and can be learned by the Black Mage, Black Wizard, Red Mage, and Red Wizard Job classes. In the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary Edition releases it costs 18 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy V

Slowga, also called Slow2, is a Level 4 Time Magic spell, and can be bought for 3,000 gil from Regole, Castle of Bal, Quelb, and Castle Surgate. It costs 9 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy VI

Slowga, also known as Slow 2, can be learned from the Esper Quetzalli. It costs 26 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy X

Slowga is available in Tidus's portion of the Sphere Grid and cost 20 MP to cast. Slowga targets the entire enemy party rather than a single one.

Final Fantasy XI

Slowga is available as a Blood Pact from Leviathan. It is otherwise only cast by certain Notorious Monsters, such as Ouryu and Yali.

Final Fantasy XII

Slowga is only available for purchase at Balfonheim Port. A Time Magick 7 License, it costs 10,400 gil and uses 24 MP to cast. In the International Zodiac Job System version, Slowga is a Time Magick 9 License, it can be learned by the Machinist and Time Mage Job classes, although Machinist must obtain the License for Esper Famfrit first.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Slowga is learned by Ashe, Gijuk at level 5, and enemy Time Mages. It inflicts Slow on a small radius of enemies.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Slowja, also known as Slow 2, is a Time Mage ability. Unlike Slow, Slowja cannot be reflected and calculated. It has a vertical of one, allowing the player some positioning leeway. It costs 520 JP to learn, It has a speed of 15 and costs 30 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

Slowga is cast by piling Blizzara +1 and Clearara +1. The effect last for a long period of time.


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