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Slow (スロウ, Surou) is a recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series. The target with it will be struck with the Slow status. There is also the more powerful spell Slowga which casts Slow on all opponents.




Final Fantasy

Slow, also known as SLOW in the Famicom release and Slow1 in the Origins release, is a level 2 Black Magic spell that can be bought in Pravoka and can be learnt by the Black Mage, Black Wizard, Red Mage, Red Wizard, and Ninja Job classes. It slows down the speed of all enemies, reducing their Hit Rate. In the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary Edition releases it costs 5 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy II

Slow is a White Magic spell which reduces the speed of one or all enemies, reducing their Hit Rate. As the spell's level grows, the potency and the success rate of the spell increases. The effect can stack, however multiple castings on the same enemy will decrease the spell's success rate. Any character can learn Slow by having them use the Slow Tome (called the Slow Scroll in the Origins release).

Slow Tome
Effect Allows the target to learn Slow when used outside of battle. Casts Slow VIII on all enemies when used in battle.
Buy In Fynn, Mysidia
Find In N/A
Won From N/A
Cost 3,000 gil (Origins)
2,000 gil (Dawn of Souls, 20th Anniversary Edition)

Final Fantasy IV

Slow is a White Magic spell. Costing 10 MP, it reduces the speed at which enemies act. Most bosses are not immune to Slow, so it usually proves a sound strategy to use it at the start of a battle.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Slow is a White Magic spell that can be cast for a cost of 14 MP. It lowers the targets speed which means it takes longer for the target's gauge to fill. Rosa, Porom, Fusoya, and White Mages always have this ability. Leonora can learn it at level 13.

Final Fantasy V

Slow is a Level 1 Time Magic spell and costs 3 MP to cast. It can be bought for 80 gil at Walse, Karnak, and Istory.

Final Fantasy VI

Slow is a Grey magic learned through the Espers Siren at a x7 rate and from Quetzalli at a x20 rate. It costs 5 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy VII

Slow is the second level magic on the Time materia and costs 20 MP to cast. The spell targets a single enemy unless paired with an All materia and can be reflected. It is a very useful spell as many of the bosses are vulnerable to Slow status.

Final Fantasy VIII

Slow is available very early in the game from of the enemies that are encountered near Balamb. The spell can only target single enemies and is not as useful as previous incarnations, but is effective against a number of early bosses in the game. The spell also only junctions well with Speed, Status Attack, or Status Defense, but there are several better options for junction with Speed than Slow.

Drawn From:

Refined From:

  • M-Stone Piece - 5x Slow
  • Spider Web - 20x Slow

Final Fantasy IX

The Slow spell returns to being a Black Magic spell, as there is no separate Time Magic. As with the previous installments, the spell causes the active time gauge to fill more slowly. Vivi is the only party member who can use the spell. Slow can be learned for 20 AP from the Ice Staff or Magus Hat and costs 6 MP to cast. The spell is fairly effective against many of the bosses in the game, particularly Beatrix, as it has a 60% accuracy rate.

Final Fantasy X

Slow resides in Tidus's area of the Sphere Grid and costs 12 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy XI

Slow is White Magic available both to White and Red Mages. It will reduce the frequency of enemy attacks as well as increase cast and recast times on magic. Higher level enfeebling magic of the same type is also available to Red Mages exclusively. Slow's upgrade is Slow II.

Final Fantasy XII

"The flow of time for the character is slowed, increasing time required to act. Remove by casting Haste."

Slow is a Time Magick 1 License and one of the most effective magic spells that can be used in almost every boss battle. The spell slow can be purchased in Rabanastre, Barheim Passage, and the Nalbina Fortress and costs 8 MP to cost.

In the International Zodiac Job System version, Slow can be learned by two Job classes, Time Mage and Red Mage.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Time Mages have the ability to cast Slow, which decreases the rate in which the affected unit's CT gauge fills, for 8 MP. It has a speed of 50 and costs 80 JP to learn.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Time Mages, as well as Famfrit, have the Slow spell for 12 MP.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Slow can be cast by fusing the Life Magicite with any of the three Element Magicites (Fire, Thunder, and Blizzard).

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

Slow can be casted by piling Blizzard and Clear. It last for a short amount of time.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

Slow is a level 1 Enfeebling Spell, exclusive to the Black Mage class, and caps at level 100. It reduces a target's agility, can be used once per battle, and up to twice a day.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

Slow is again cast by stacking Blizzard and Clear.


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