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Wakka lines up three Fire Element slots.

Slots is an ability that appears in several games in the Final Fantasy series. It is usually associated with the Gambler class. Slots works like a slot machine, and various effects would happen when certain combinations were made.




Final Fantasy VI

Mysidian Rabbit, one of Setzer's many slot outcomes
Main article: Slots (Final Fantasy VI)

Final Fantasy VII

Cait Sith uses Slots as his Level 2 Limit Break.

Tifa Lockhart's Limit Break uses a series of slots to determine damage and success of each hit.

Final Fantasy VIII

Selphie Tilmitt uses Slots as her Limit Break.

Slot randomly chooses a spell and the amount of times it will be cast. Slots do not use up any stocked magic.

Selphie also has four special spells only available via Slots:

Slot Description Description
Full-Cure Completely restores the party's HP and removes all status ailments.
Wall Casts Protect and Shell on the entire party. This is essentially a much weaker version of Mighty Guard.
Rapture Causes wings to appear and immediately dispatches multiple enemies from the battlefield. This does not work on heavy, Earth-bound enemies such as the Ruby Dragon.
The End Destroys almost any enemy, including Omega Weapon; Ultimecia, who is the game's Final Boss can also be affected and will immediately say her final words. However, it will fail on the undead and against the relay battle with X-ATM092.

Further diving into the game code reveals a number of other spells specific to Selphie, including Percent (a Reduce-HP-to-1 move similar to Matra Magic or Quistis' own Micro Missiles), and Catastrophe (major damage to all enemies). These two spells were inexplicably removed from Selphie's spell list in the final build of Final Fantasy VIII, but are still visible using third-party data exploitation programs.

Final Fantasy X

Wakka uses Slots as his Overdrive. His Slots are easier to stop than Setzer's or Cait Sith's. The faster it's completed, the more damage it does. Wakka gains new "Reels" as a random prize in Blitzball tournaments and leagues. Each Reel has a different ability.

Element Reels

Wakka spins the slots, with the four magical elements: Water, Fire, Thunder and Ice. If three similar icons (I.e Fire-Fire-Fire) were lined up, Wakka would unleash a fire-elemental Blitzball attack all enemies with full damage. If two out of three were the same, Wakka would unleash one attack at random with this element. If all three were different, Wakka would just attack at random, but with more attack power than a normal attack.

Attack Reels

Wakka spins the slots, this time with various attack multipliers (1 Hit, 2 Hit as well as a Miss slot). The multipliers that are stopped determine how many attacks take place; for instance, If Wakka lines up 1 Hit, 1 Hit, 2 Hit, he would attack the enemy 4 times. If the symbols lined up are all the same, the attack is doubled; ie, three 2 Hits will attack 12 times (6 attacks x2). Wakka can win this Reel in a Blitzball Tournament.

Status Reels

Wakka spins the slots, with many negative status effects (Poison, Sleep, etc.). A status effect would only occur if three of the same status effect slots were lined up. Wakka can win this Reel in a Blitzball League after appearing in 250 battles.

Aurochs Reels

Wakka spins the slots, with random combinations of the Element and Status Reels. If the three Aurochs symbols are lined up, Wakka will unleash a huge non-elemental, non-status attack on all enemies. The number of Aurochs symbols that appear depend on the current number of original Aurochs on your Blitzball team (I.e, if you have Tidus and Botta on your team, two would appear). Wakka can win this Reel in a Blitzball Tournament after appearing in 450 battles.

Final Fantasy X-2

The Lady Luck dressphere uses slots as one of its combat abilities. This ability can create most if not all of the negative status effects for the enemy, cause significant damage, but also has a very real potential to heavily damage if not kill the player. These Reels are incredibly easy to cheat and abuse, as the player can pause the game while the reels run, and press X right before they align in the right slot.

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City of Heroes

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Slots can refer to one of several different things depending on context. Most common references are to the power slots that hold enhancements, or those gained for salvage or other market related uses.

  1. Increasing Invention Capacity
  2. Enhancements
  3. Leveling Chart
  4. Character Slot

This article uses material from the "Slots" article on the City of Heroes wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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