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NOTE: This page contains spoilers for those who have not completed While Guthix Sleeps. If you have not completed the quest, and do not want the quest to be spoiled, do not read further.
Release date 12 June 2006 (Update)
Race Human
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? While Guthix Sleeps
Location Warriors' Guild
Sells items? Yes- Strength skillcape
Skill requirement? Combination of Attack and Strength of 130, or 99 Attack or Strength
Quest requirement? No
Gender Male
Examine He looks like a strong warrior.
Notable features Sells the Strength skillcape, killed by Lucien

Sloane is found within the Warriors' Guild, where he runs the shotput minigame until his unfortunate end during the While Guthix Sleeps quest. He also sells the Strength cape. He is found on the second story on the far side of the building from the stairs. You go up the stairs, move the direction opposite of stairs then you go left to 2 big doors.

Sloane wields a large axe, which he claims to have acquired in a bet from Yadech Strongarm, a barbarian. The bet was to catch a squirrel while holding the axe. The barbarian failed, but Sloane chased it up a tree, then cut the tree down with the axe, catching the squirrel, and relieved the barbarian of his rather large axe.

Sloane has a small role in the While Guthix Sleeps quest, belonging to a collection of eight warriors that attempt to save the player from Lucien.

After Sloane is slain by Lucien, a statue is erected in his honour.

He is one of the six soldiers that perish in the fight against Lucien. After the quest, he is replaced by Yadech Strongarm.


  • Sloane seems to be the only Cape of Accomplishment owner who is replaced when he dies (besides Duradel)

Sloane is a Celtic/Gaelic name which means "strong protector."

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