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Resting is used to heal in a safe place without the need to use Stimpaks or healing skills. The player is unable to rest if there are enemies nearby, the player is being irradiated, or if the bed is owned.


Fallout and Fallout 2

In Fallout and Fallout 2, you can rest in any place, as long as you're not in combat, using the Pip-Boy 2000 alarm clock function.

Fallout 3

Beds are used to heal completely by sleeping. You can not sleep in an owned bed (if the owner dies the bed won't revert to an unowned state). Many places have unowned beds for player to use freely. Sleeping for any amount of time in a bed will heal your health and any crippled limbs, but will not get rid of any rads you have accumulated. You will not recover health from selecting to sleep but then canceling.

If you wish to pass a period of time but there is no bed nearby, you can wait for up to 24 hours. This allows you to use shops that are closed at certain times or pass in-game time for any other reason. Health is not restored as it would in sleep, and if there are enemies nearby, or are being irradiated, you will not be allowed to wait.

Well Rested

Main article: Well Rested

If you sleep in a bed you own or rent (such as in your Megaton house, Tenpenny Tower Suite, Kenny's Cave, or a rented room) you will become "well rested" and gain a 10% bonus to experience gained for 12 hours.

Free Locations

  • Probably the quickest way to a free bed is to quick travel to Big Town. There is a free bed just a couple of steps away from the point you arrive near the Guards chair at the entrance.
  • Grayditch; quick travel there and you will find free beds in both Brandice's house right next to where you arrive and in Wilks' house right across the street.
  • Residence area of Vault 106, after you kill the insane survivors.
  • Arefu, In the last house, named the West Residence.
  • Inside the Jury Street Metro Station, initially guarded by 3 raiders.
  • At the Super Duper Mart, in the ladies room & near the pharmacy, initially guarded by 2 groups of raiders (one roaming, one local). Also expect some action when you fast travel to the location, just run inside if you are too damaged and sleep first.
  • With The Family in the Meresti Metro Station, upstairs. Watch out for the mines on the way in.
  • Just south of Dukov's Place, in the little raider camp. Initially guarded by 2 raiders. Some strong but stupid Super Mutants nearby.
  • The houses in Minefield can be unlocked which contain many beds inside, it may be desirable to get rid of all mines and the sniper (Arkansas) though.
  • In your Megaton house, after you complete The Power of the Atom by disarming the bomb. If you detonate the bomb, the house is (obviously) destroyed.
  • In your Tenpenny Tower Suite, after you complete The Power of the Atom by detonating the bomb. If you disarm the bomb, you will never receive the key to the suite.
  • Springvale School, directly in front of you as soon as you enter; it has a corpse and some bits of victims lying around it, but it is still usable. Fast traveling to the location will place you directly in front of the door you use to reach the bed. Note that you'll have to clear the raiders from that floor first, but once this is done, it should no longer be a problem.
  • Having trouble in the downtown DC area? Super Mutants and Talon Company whittled down your health? Look around for any residence- usually there is one, and it will have a bed inside. Since it is a new map area, you can duck in out of a firefight and sleep with no interruptions.
  • There are two cots and non-respawning footlockers in Rivet City's common room, on the Midship Deck.
  • The article Fallout 3 player housing also provides numerous locations with "free beds".


Sleeping in these will provide you with the "Well Rested" bonus.


The Point Lookout add-on provides an additional Well Rested bed in Kenny's Cave, provided you pass a speech check, have the Child at Heart perk, or retrieve Kenny's special Teddy bear.

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From TibiaWiki

Image:Sleeping2.gif Sleeping allows a player to Regenerate Soul Points, Hitpoints, and Mana.

To sleep, you must first have a Premium Account. Next, and just as important, is access to a bed that is in a House or Guildhall. Finally, you simply need to "use" the bed and you will automatically be logged out while your character sleeps.

While sleeping, you will regenerate mana and hitpoints at a rate of four per minute, as long as the food you have eaten lasts.

Soul Points will be gained at a rate of one soul point every 15 minutes. It does not matter if you have killed a creature recently, you will always gain one soulpoint every 15 minutes while sleeping.

Food is also consumed at a different rate while sleeping. During normal play, if you are completely full, your food will last for 20 minutes. While sleeping, the same amount of food will last for 1 hour and 40 minutes (100 minutes).

This article uses material from the "Sleeping" article on the Tibia wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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