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Series: Torchwood - TV Stories
Series Number: Series 2
Story Number: 15
Enemy: Cell 114
Setting: Cardiff, 2009
Writer: James Moran
Director: Colin Teague
Producer: Richard Stokes
Chris Chibnall(co-producer)
Broadcast: 23rd January 2008
Previous Story: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Following Story: To the Last Man



A burglary turns into a slaughter, and Torchwood suspect alien involvement. The investigation escalates into a city-wide assault, and Captain Jack realises that the whole planet is in danger.


Two burglars break into a flat owned by a woman called Beth and her boyfriend. There’s a struggle, a flash of light, and soon Torchwood are on the scene investigating the grisly fate suffered by the burglars.

Beth cannot remember the events and is taken into custody by Torchwood, who suspect she is not of this earth. When they take her to a cell, she passes a Weevil and it cowers in her presence. Captain Jack, after flirting with Ianto, decides to take drastic measures and subject Beth to a mind probe.

Despite no initial reaction, the probe eventually uncovers alien technology buried under the skin of her right forearm. It emerges that she is an alien ‘sleeper agent’ from a group called Cell 114, yet to be activated and oblivious to its real identity having been given memory implants. They disconnect Beth's implant from the network and decide to freeze her to prevent her from being activated. While the process appears to work, she awakens inside the vaults.

Around Cardiff, three other sleeper agents are suddenly activated, with their right arms transforming into bayonet-like weapons. The change is both immediate and terrifying - a doting husband snaps his wife's neck as she attempts to stop him from leaving, and a young mother walks off while her baby is run over by a car. They carry out a series of suicide bombings at key locations, paving the way for their leader to head for a base containing nuclear warheads.

Beth manages to escape and is found with her ailing husband in hospital. She is struggling to keep her human identity and unconsciously stabs him in his bed as her arm transforms. Jack and Gwen track her to the hospital, which is hit by a suicide bombing carried out by a Cell agent who was a paramedic.

Captain Jack and Gwen convince Beth to temporarily reconnect with the others so that they can track them down, and discover that only one is still alive. They follow the leading sleeper agent to the army base moments before he can detonate the nuclear weapons. Jack is stabbed in the process and the agent tells him that the main invasion force is already on Earth before self-destructing. Back at Torchwood, Beth turns her sword arm on Gwen, forcing the others to shoot and kill her. Gwen believes that Beth knew this would be the case and wanted to be killed.


Production crew


  • A Weevil in one of the Hub's holding cells appears subdued / recoils at the appearance of a Sleeper agent in a similar way to TW: Dead Man Walking and Exit Wounds.
  • Owen jokingly refers to Gwen as "Jessica Fletcher" (the Agatha Christie-inspired sleuth of the TV series, Murder, She Wrote).
  • Mind probes have previously appeared or been mentioned in DW: Frontier in Space and DW: The Five Doctors.
  • The sleeper agents share similarity's to the T-1000 in the Terminator Movies: both are infiltrators who are able to turn their hands into stabbing weapons.

Story notes

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  • Overnight - 3.4 million viewers
  • Official BARB ratings - 3.78 million viewers


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Filming Locations

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Discontinuity, Plot Holes, Errors

  • If the Sleepers cannot be pierced, then how does Beth have ear-rings? She probably got them from the same shop that serves Claire Bennet (if you look at 24:03, when Beth is about to be frozen, you can see that they are proper ear rings, not clip-ons). Possibly she got them before her protective force field was activated as a simple part of her disguise, false memories and all.
  • Why are all the sleepers in Cardiff? Surely they would spread themselves out in order to make the invasion more successful? The Sleepers came to Earth through the Rift, they may have been attempting to secure the Rift and open it with the nuclear missiles in order to summon the invasion force. As not knowing how many they truly are, they could be used for another story Arc.


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DVD releases

  • This story along with the rest of Torchwood Series 2 was released in a complete series boxset in 2008.

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Torchwood Series 2
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DC Comics

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Comic Template Help
"Out in the Cold"

Sleeper (Collections) Vol 1 #1
January, 2003

Previous Issue
Next Issue

Appearing in "Out in the Cold"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Peter Grim




Synopsis for "Out in the Cold"

Holden Carver, a.k.a. The Conductor (although he prefers going by his real name), is placed undercover in Tao's criminal organization by John Lynch, the director of Internal Operations after being fused with an alien artifact that makes him impervious to pain, gives him a powerful healing factor, and allows him to store pain he receives and pass it on to others through skin contact. Holden hates these abilities and constantly wishes to be rid of them. Lynch falls into a coma after being shot by Grifter (who had been brainwashed by Tao), leaving Holden with no link to the outside world.

He quickly rises through the ranks of Tao's syndicate and becomes one of his lieutenants, called "Prodigals". He falls in love with another Prodigal named Miss Misery and befriends Genocide Jones, a super-strong, bullet-proof member of Tao's organization. The series also focuses on Holden's internal struggle over whether or not there is a difference between his actions while serving Tao, who personifies "evil", and his actions while serving Lynch, who is widely seen as "good".

After unsuccessfully trying to escape, Tao learns of Holden's true allegiance (though he always knew and was just "playing" with Holden, hoping that he could turn him to his side) and Holden is forced to live on the run. With the help of Peter Grimm, his most trusted Prodigal, Tao is able to capture Holden and persuade him to become a true villain by convincing him there are no other options and that he is past petty concepts like "good" and "evil". As Season One ends, John Lynch miraculously awakes from his coma.

Coup D'Etat comes to pass and the members of Tao's organization are forced into hiding so The Authority cannot discover them. Holden is now a full-fledged villain and a trusted Prodigal. While on a mission with his own band of Torpedoes (lover-level members of Tao's organization) called the Hounds, consisting of the eager-to-please Pit Bull (introduced in Season One) and the werewolf Blackwolf, Holden is contacted by an agent of John Lynch. Lynch wants Holden to leave Tao and defect back to I.O. He later presents Holden with a member of the alien race who built the artifact that gave Holden his abilities and promises that if he agrees to come back he'll rid him of his powers.

Holden then begins to play both sides against the middle, hoping he will be able to free himself of his obligations to Tao and Lynch and run away with Miss Misery. As this goes on, he tries to reform, despite knowing that he will never again be the man he thought he was before falling in with Tao.

At the end of Season Two, Holden Carver is left in a vegetative state. Lynch puts him under the influence of a psychoactive drug which has the vegetative Holden believe that he is finally retired and living with Miss Misery and his ex-wife, Veronica St. James, on a tropical island. Tao had his tongue ripped out by Holden as a last effort to 'disarm' the main villain of the series before being handed over to Lynch. It is here that the story ends.


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Marvel Database

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Character Template Help

Sleeper (Nazi Robot) (Earth-616)
Real Name
Current Alias

The Fourth Sleeper, SL-4

Base Of Operations
Smith Building, Washington, D.C.; (formerly) Berlin, Germany; the Red Skull's hidden isle; somewhere in Massachusetts; Avengers Island

6' 4"

1064 lbs (484 kg)


Unusual Features
Overly massive head and disproportionately long arms.

Henchman to the Red Skull; Agent of destruction

Place of Birth

First appearance

Tales of Suspense #72
(December, 1965)



History of character is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


Originally the Sleeper could alter its density from its natural tempered steel form to total intangibility. The circuits that controlled this function have burned out and have not been replaced. The Sleeper originally could also generate "volcanic" thermal energy and project it through its face-place. This function has also apparently been eradicated.


Programmed to be moderately proficient at hand-to-hand combat

Strength level

Superhuman Class 10


The vibration of a certain "sonic crystal" caused the Sleeper's intangibility control to malfunction



Generally travels in the Red Skull's jet-copter


Repulsor-ray blasters mounted in eyesockets


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Discover and Discuss

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Serves: 1



1.Add sugar, egg yolks and lemon juice to rum.

2.Boil water with cloves, coriander seeds and cinnamon.

3.Whisk the two mixtures together and strain into a tumbler.


  • Sleeper from How to Mix Drinks by Jerry Thomas—original source of recipe, out of copyright

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ST Expanded

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This article has a
real-world perspective.

Star Trek: Daedalus is a fan fiction series revolving around Captain Christopher Mackenzie and the crew of the USS Daedalus, set in the years following the Dominion War.



The story of the Daedalus are simply stories handwritten over the last 7 years, and have only just begun becoming digitized via the efforts of STEU members Bok2384 & The Doctor, and later on Talon Lardner. The stories begin in 2376 with the re-launch of the Daedalus, and currently go up to the beginning of 2382.

The series itself is set in the main Star Trek universe, and includes elements from the novels, comics, and computer games.

Character development

Without a shadow of a doubt, the most successful character ensemble was the triumvirate of James T. Kirk, Spock, and Leonard McCoy, which was an essential ingredient in the success of Star Trek: The Original Series. While a similar character set-up was tried in Star Trek: Enterprise, the writers of the series felt the similar dynamic could be tried with the three main characters from the series, Christopher Mackenzie, Selok, and James Maxwell.

Canon and continuity

The following is considered "canon" in the Star Trek: Daedalus universe:-

Season One

Season One of Star Trek: Daedalus takes place during 2376. During this year, the crew of the USS Daedalus come together and begin their mission in aiding the Cardassians rebuild following the devastating Dominion War.

Main characters

Character Introduced Last Seen
Christopher Mackenzie "New Frontiers..."
Selok "New Frontiers..."
James Maxwell "New Frontiers..."
Siram Elbry "New Frontiers..."
Maria Bennett "New Frontiers..."
"Bob" "New Frontiers..."
Jessica Cruz "New Frontiers..."
Karen Copeland "Preceding Reputations"
Keli H'Lanna "Preceding Reputations"
Melissa Kendrick "Enlightenment"
Jikra Lar "Preceding Reputations"
Reece Myers "New Frontiers..." "One True Way"
Sam Newton "New Frontiers..."
Polera "Preceding Reputations"
Steven Rose "Preceding Reputations"
Theleth "New Frontiers..."
Joseph Tyler "Preceding Reputations"


Episode Name Stardate Synopsis
1.X "Preceding Reputations" 53994.1 Joseph Tyler returns to the Daedalus with a group of junior officers.
1.1 "New Frontiers..." 52948.7 - 53109.7 In the wake of the Dominion War, the Daedalus is dispatched into the Cardassian Union, leading a fleet of aid vessels.
1.2 "...Old Enemies" 53123.7 Shortly after entering Cardassian territory, plans of a simple aid mission turns into a major incident when a dispute breaks out between the Klingons and Romulans concerning their protectorate regions. Captain Mackenzie is ordered to mediate the dispute and avoid bloodshed at all costs.
1.3 "Enlightenment" 53149.8 The Daedalus becomes accidentally trapped in a "dead zone" and finds all its power systems drained. While the crew work together to find a way to generate power, certain issues between them become resolved, and fresh ones begin.
1.4 "The Highest Bidder" 53205.2 The Daedalus docks at Deep Space 9 after escorting an aid convoy back from Cardassian space. At the same time, a mysterious Cardassian arrives on DS9 and seeks Quark's help in auctioning off some priceless artifacts, including the Scrolls of Lisoran. When the highest bidder is later murdered with no evident suspect and the scrolls taken, the Daedalus crew must work with the crew of DS9 to solve the mystery.
1.5 "Resistance" 53349.8 During the Gateway crisis, the Daedalus is drawn to the Cardassian planet, Kora II. On arrival the Daedalus crew discover that an Iconian gateway has opened up on the planet and is linked to a Borg planet in the Delta Quadrant. Unfortunately, it isn't long before the Borg begin to cross over and assimilate the inhabitants. (part one)
1.6 "Resistance II" 53352.7 Following on from the events of "Resistance", the Daedalus crew and the Cardassian settlers attempt to fight off the Borg invaders. (part two)
1.7 "First, Do No Harm" 53409.1 As the Daedalus crew remain on Kora II to help treat the wounded, Doctor James Maxwell discovers that some of the assimilated Cardassians have survived, and wrestles with his conscience and his past.
1.8 "War Stories" 53511.0 Ambassador Worf boards the Daedalus for transport to Starbase 375 so that he can be briefed on an urgent diplomatic situation brewing in the Briar Patch. During the voyage, Worf and the Daedalus crew talk about some of their combat experiences during the Dominion War.
1.9 "Krotek Nor" 53559.7 The Daedalus accompanies the USS Tucker and the USS Marvick on a mission to aid the Cardassians in the construction of Krotek Nor, on the edge of the Cardassian system. However, are the minor technical difficulties plaguing the station down to poor workmanship, or down to more sinister motives?
1.10 "From Out of the Darkness" 53575.9 While patrolling the Demilitarized Zone, the Daedalus receives a distress call from the center of a nearby asteroid belt. But what is an old man doing trapped inside an asteroid?
1.11 "Shakedown" 53893.2 After being docked at Starbase 375 for several weeks, the Daedalus is fitted with an experimental black hole propulsion drive. After testing the drive and then coming to a full-stop, the Daedalus crew discover that they haven't moved an inch. Believing the test to be a failure, the crew head back to Starbase 375 and learn that they haven't moved across conventional space-time, but crossed dimensions in an alternate mirror universe.
1.12 "Hopes and Fears" 53923.1 (part one)
1.13 "One True Way" 53953.1 (part two)

Season Two

Season Two of Star Trek: Daedalus takes place during 2377. During this year, the crew of the USS Daedalus leave Cardassian space behind and move into the largely unexplored region of the Scorpius Reach.

Main characters

Character Introduced Last Seen
Christopher Mackenzie Continuing from Season One
Selok Continuing from Season One
James Maxwell Continuing from Season One
Siram Elbry Continuing from Season One
Maria Bennett Continuing from Season One
"Bob" Continuing from Season One
Jessica Cruz Continuing from Season One
Karen Copeland Continuing from Season One
Melissa Kendrick Continuing from Season One "Clan Mackenzie"
Jikra Lar Continuing from Season One
Fabian Montana "The Daedalus Incident"
Sam Newton Continuing from Season One
Polera Continuing from Season One
Steven Rose Continuing from Season One
Theleth Continuing from Season One
Joseph Tyler Continuing from Season One

Main plot points

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


Episode Name Stardate Synopsis
2.X "Clan Mackenzie" 53994.1 As Chris Mackenzie chases Drevan across the Alpha Quadrant, he is forced to face his demons and his past. But he doesn't have to do it alone.
2.1 "Into the Reach" 54028.9 After a year in Cardassian space, the Daedalus is assigned to the Scorpius Reach. But what challenges await the crew in this largely unexplored region of space.
2.2 "Relics" 54106.1 After constant nagging, Dr. Maxwell decides to take some shore leave and visit his two sons on Nordsk Prime. Unfortunately, his ex-wife and her new husband are also on the planet.
2.3 "Cultural Contamination" 54243.6 The Daedalus receives a distress call from an unknown vessel which is using communications technology which the Federation possessed in the 22nd century.
2.4 "Class of '57" 54314.4 Following the death of his old Academy field instructor, Chris Mackenzie meets up with his fellow classmates on Earth to mark his passing and reminisce about old times.
2.5 "Ghosts" (part one)
2.6 "Sleeper" (part two)
2.7 "Song of the Cetacea"
2.8 "Tafaho"
2.9 "Diplomatic Implausibility"
2.10 "The Daedalus Incident"
2.11 "Distant Realm" (part one)
2.12 "Viva la Vida" (part two)
2.13 "Defenders of the Realm" (part three)

Season Three


Episode Name Stardate Synopsis
3.X "Contact" 54987.3
3.4 "Fracture" (part one)
3.5 "Echoes" (part two)
3.8 (part one)
3.9 (part two)
3.11 "From Out of the Darkness"
3.12 (part one)
3.13 (part two)

Season Four


Episode Name Stardate Synopsis
4.X "Turbulence" 56003.7 The Daedalus is ordered to participate in the Great Starship Race. Mackenzie isn't keen on the idea until he realises that Montgomery Andoh and the Africa are also participating. Also taking part in the race is Jefferson Montana, estranged father of Fabian, recording for the Slipstream program.
4.1 "The Merchants of Venizio"
4.3 "The Honored Dead" 56XXX.X Mackenzie travels to Earth to attend Captain Andoh's memorial service. Together with his former Nova Squadron classmates, they reminisce about their Academy days.
4.4 "The Followers of Xant" 56XXX.X (part one)
4.5 "The Redeemers" 56XXX.X (part two)

External links

  • Star Trek: Daedalus at the Open Scrolls Archive
  • Star Trek: Daedalus blog

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A sleeper, also simply known as a bed, was a piece of furniture or location that was used primarily as a place to sleep. Some took the form of solid or semi-solid mattresses, while others could mold themselves to the being who slept upon them and react to their movements.


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