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Right click on Slayer Master and select Rewards option to get rewards window.

Slayer reward points are rewarded when a player finishes a task assigned by any Slayer Master (except Turael/Spria) after the player has completed Smoking Kills. The higher level the Slayer Master, the more points are received. Slayer reward points can be traded in to any slayer master for various rewards. The approximate value is 2,814 coins (Based on 35 points per batch of runes).

To start collecting Slayer reward points Smoking Kills must be completed, and hence a Combat level of 85 and a Slayer level of 35 are required. Therefore the player will be able to use Turael, Mazchna, Vannaka and Chaeldar already, and on completion of the quest, Sumona can be used too.

Points are awarded for every task the player completes after their fourth, until they have a task changed by Turael - i.e. the first four tasks will earn no points, but from the fifth task onwards, points will be received. Every 10 and 50 tasks completed will give bonus points - every tenth task gives five times the Slayer Master's normal point amount, and every fiftieth task gives fifteen times the normal amount.

If a player changes their task with Turael/Spria, they will have to complete another four tasks before they can earn points again. Tasks set by Turael/Spria do not count towards the four needed before points are earned, nor do they count toward the total number of tasks completed in determining which one will be the bonus task (i.e. multiple of ten or fifty).
A Player Getting Extra Points for his 10th Task (with Kuradal)

Many players save their points to learn how to craft Slayer helmets. It is advised to save the remaining points to learn how to fletch broad bolts and arrows, and cancel and/or permanently remove tasks. With the extra points, players often cash in 400 for 10,000 Experience, or 35 for 250 Death runes and 1,000 Mind runes. Players are choosing between 2,814 coins and 25 Slayer experience, point for point.

Players who just wish to accumulate points in a short time may choose to get tasks assigned by Mazchna for 9 tasks and then Kuradal or Duradel/Lapalok on the 10th, and then repeat.

It is also possible to cash in for runes, which can be sold for money or Slayer experience. If a player wants, the Slayer points earned can give 1,357,200gp if the player has 400 reward points. Duradel/Lapalok's 50th Task Bonus results in 763,425gp or 5,625 experience.

Obtaining slayer points is a slow yet fun way to make money for players at level 85+.

Points Per Task

Slayer Master Points per Task For each 10th Task For each 50th Task Notes
Turael/Spria 0 0 0 Changing a task with Turael or Spria will make the player need to do another four tasks to start receiving points again. Completing tasks set by them do not contribute to the four needed to start gaining points.
Mazchna 1 5 15 Players are recommended to use Mazchna to complete the first four tasks, to quickly begin earning points. Warning: Even though the first 4 tasks don't give slayer points, they count as 4 of the first 10 for higher amounts of reward points.
Vannaka 4 20 60 An advantage of using Vannaka over Mazchana is that Vannaka gives more experience per task. However, Vannaka's tasks will take longer.
Chaeldar 10 50 150 Chaeldar's tasks, again, will take longer to complete but will give more experience per task.
Sumona 12 60 180 Sumona's tasks are very similar to Duradel's - the main difference is that fewer monsters are set by Sumona. Sumona is not recommended for the first four tasks, as her tasks are often long. Sumona is best used by players who lack the combat and/or Slayer level to use Duradel. To get to Sumona the best travel option is by moving your Player Owned House to Pollnivneach then using a house teleport(tab). Teletablets only take 1 inventory space and are therefore nice to take towards your task. You can also hang a glory in your house to get "free" unlimited teleports to Edgeville (very close to bank). Failing that, another good option is to equip your broomstick, operate it to teleport you to the Sorceress's Garden, exit, unequip it, run to the Shantay Pass, then take the magic carpet to Pollnivneach. If you have a Ring of slaying handy, use that instead. If you have access to the Lunar Contact spell you can talk to her through that. Note: all slayer masters can be contacted via Lunar Contact.
Duradel/Lapalok 15 75 225 Combat level 100 and Slayer level 50 required. Must have completed the Shilo Village quest. These masters are not recommended for the first four tasks, as their tasks are long and relatively hard. However, they are highly recommended for all tasks after, due to the comparatively high amount of points received upon completing their tasks. To get to Shilo Village and to Duradel/Lapolok, the level 3 Karamja Achievement Diary gloves are useful, or alternatively a player can teleport to Ardougne, charter a boat to Brimhaven (or alternatively teleport to their house in Brimhaven) and use the Cart service to Shilo Village. Another way to get tasks from Duradel/Lapalok is to use NPC contact spell via lunar spell book.
Kuradal 18 90 270 Combat level 110 and Slayer level 75 required. Must have completed enough of Barbarian Training to access the Ancient Cavern. Like Duradel/Lapalok, she is not recommended for the first four tasks, but highly recommended for all tasks after, due to the comparatively high amount of points received upon completing her (often long and difficult) tasks. To get to the Ancient Cavern and to Kuradal, the fastest ways are to use a Games necklace to teleport to Barbarian Assault and walk south, or if the Fairy Ring in the Ancient Cavern has been planted by the player, code BJQ will teleport the player straight into the dungeon. Kuradal is on the steps to the southwest. Another way to get tasks from her is to use NPC contact spell via lunar spell book.


Category Item Cost in Points Notes
10,000 Slayer Experience 400 10,000 instant Slayer experience.
Ring of slaying 75 Provides a Ring of slaying with 8 charges. The ring has 8 teleports to the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, the Slayer Tower, the Desert Slayer Dungeon, and Tarn's Lair (even if the player hasn't completed The Lair of Tarn Razorlor  miniquest). Each teleport uses one charge. The ring can also be used for checking slayer assignments - this uses no charges.
250 casts of Magic Dart 35 Provides 250 Death runes and 1000 Mind runes - enough for 250 casts of Magic Dart. Level 50 Magic and level 55 Slayer is required to cast Magic Dart. This is recommended for players wishing to make money off slayer points. Selling these runes for Mid on the Grand Exchange will earn about 100k.
250 Broad-tipped bolts 35 Provides 250 Broad-tipped bolts for use with Crossbows. Level 61 Ranged is required because you need to wield a rune crossbow to use these bolts. Level 55 Slayer is required to use Broad bolts.
250 Broad arrows 35 Provides 250 Broad arrows for use with Bows. Level 50 Ranged and level 55 Slayer is required to use Broad arrows.
Ability to fletch Broad arrows and Broad-tipped bolts 300 Level 52 Fletching is required to fletch Broad arrows, and level 55 is required to fletch Broad-tipped bolts.
Ability to craft Rings of slaying 300 Level 75 Crafting is required to craft Rings of slaying.
Ability to craft Slayer helmets. 400 Level 55 Crafting is required to craft Slayer helmets. A Slayer helmet is crafted from a Black mask (with no charges), a Spiny helmet, a Facemask, a Nose peg, and a pair of Earmuffs. The Slayer helmet gives all the benefits of the aforementioned items, and defence bonuses comparable to a Rune full helmet. Once created, the Slayer helmet can be dismantled at any time, giving all the materials used in its construction. See article for more information
Skip Assignment 30 Skips the player's current assignment without penalties - four more assignments won't need to be completed for the player to start earning points again.

If tasks are not from Chaeldar, Sumona, Duradel or Kuradal, this is not worth buying, unless you are near a 10th or 50th task-- then it may be worth buying. It would take more than four tasks to regain the points used in buying this service.

Remove Assignment 100 Skips the player's current assignment without penalties and permanently removes the assignment from the player's task list - the player will not be assigned that monster again. There is a maximum limit of 4 types of assignment that can be cancelled on one account. Canceling the removal of monsters allows the monster to be assigned again, but does not refund points spent removing the monster.

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