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Slayer monsters

Some monsters can ONLY be killed once players have reached a certain level in Slayer. Not all of them require special equipment.

Some monsters have lower levelled substitutes that count toward the task. For a list of these, see Slayer substitutes.
Different Slayer Monsters:
Slayer Level Image Monster Name Combat Level(s) HP/Slayer Exp Slayer Equipment Valuable/Unique Drops Location
5 File:Crawling hand icon.png Crawling Hand 8/12 16/19 None Crawling hand corpse, Coloured gloves, Dragon Spear,uncut emerald Canifis Slayer Tower
7 File:Cave bug icon.png Cave bug 6/96 5/5(level 6), 95/93(level 96) None Great herblore drops(level 6), Tooth half of a key(level 96) Lumbridge Swamp Caves,Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon
10 File:Cave crawler icon.png Cave Crawler 23/138 22/22 None Dragon spear,Shield left half , Bronze Boots

Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, lumbridge swamp caves

15 File:Banshee icon.png Banshee 23/90 22/22 Earmuffs Black/red Mystic gloves, rune essence Canifis Slayer Tower and Desert Slayer Dungeon
17 File:Cave slime icon.png Cave Slime 23 25/25 None Iron boots Lumbridge Swamp Caves
20 File:Rock slug icon.png Rockslug 29 27 Bag of salt White/gold Mystic gloves (rare) Fremennik Slayer Dungeon and Lumbridge Swamp Caves
22 File:Desert lizard icon.png Desert Lizards 12/24/42 15/25/40 Ice cooler White/gold Mystic boots South of the Uzer and east across the river from Pollnivneach
25 File:Cockatrice icon.png Cockatrice 37 37 Mirror shield White/gold Mystic boots, Cockatrice head, Iron boots Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
30 File:Pyrefiend icon.png Pyrefiend 43 45 None Steel boots Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, Soul Wars
32 File:Mogre_icon.png Mogre 60 48 (Super)Fishing Explosive Mudskipper flippers/Mudskipper hat, Crunchy claw token Mudskipper Point
33 File:Harpie_bugs_swarm_icon.png Harpie Bug Swarm 46 25 Lit bug lantern Shield left half (very rare) Northern most beach of Karamja
35 File:Wall_beast_icon.PNG Wall Beast 49 105 Spiny helmet White/gold Mystic hat Lumbridge Swamp Caves
37 File:Killerwatt_icon.PNG Killerwatt 55 51 Insulated boots Shield left half (very rare) Interdimensional rift
39 File:Molanisk_icon.PNG Molanisk 51 52 Slayer bell Mole claws Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon
40 File:Basilisk_icon.PNG Basilisk 61 75 Mirror shield White/gold Mystic hat, Basilisk head Fremennik Slayer Dungeon and Desert Slayer Dungeon
40 File:Terror_dog_icon.PNG Terror Dog 100/110 85/89 None Granite helmet Tarn's Lair
42 File:Fever_spider_icon.PNG Fever Spider 49 40 Slayer gloves Kwuarm very commonly Braindeath Island, in the basement of the Pirates' Brewery
45 File:Infernal_mage_icon.PNG Infernal Mage 68 60 None Black/red Mystic boots, Black/red Mystic hat Canifis Slayer Tower, Chaos tunnels
47 File:Brine_rat_icon.PNG Brine rat 70 50 None Brine sabre Brine Rat Cavern
50 File:Bloodveld_icon.PNG Bloodveld 76 120 None Black boots Canifis Slayer Tower
50 File:Bloodveld_icon.PNG Mutated Bloodveld 120/146 178/198 None Black boots, Adamant boots (semi rare) Meiyerditch Dungeon
51 File:Phoenix icon.png Phoenix 235 235 None Phoenix Quills Phoenix Lair
52 File:Jelly_icon.PNG Jelly 78 75 None Mithril boots, Rune full helm, Shield Left Half (rare), Good monster to obtain level 3 Clue Scrolls from Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, Chaos tunnels, Soul Wars, Mahjarrat Ritual Site Cavern
55 File:Turoth_icon.PNG Turoth 83/85/87/89 76/77/79/81 Leaf-bladed spear/Leaf-bladed sword/Broad arrows/Broad-tipped bolts/Magic Dart (hence Slayer staff) White/gold Mystic robe bottom, Leaf-bladed sword Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, Chaos tunnels, Desert Slayer Dungeon
56 File:Warped_terrorbird_icon.PNG Warped terrorbird 81/143 150/200 Crystal chime Rune Kiteshield Poison Waste Slayer Dungeon
56 File:Warped_tortoise_icon.PNG Warped tortoise 96 87 Crystal chime Rune Pickaxe, Rune warhammer Poison Waste Slayer Dungeon
57 File:Mutated_zygomite_icon.PNG Mutated Zygomite 74/86 65/75 Fungicide spray Nature talisman Zanaris
58 File:Cave_horror_icon.PNG Cave Horror 80 55 Witchwood icon Black mask (semi rare) Mos Le'Harmless Caves
59 File:Wild_jade_vine_icon.PNG Wild jade vine 167 250/2,500 Any woodcutting axe plus secateurs Jade vine seed, 2,500 slayer experience, 202 Woodcutting experience Farming patch, Lord Handelmort's Mansion, East Ardougne
60 File:Aberrant_spectre_icon.PNG Aberrant Spectre 96 90 Nosepeg Black/red Mystic robe bottom, Lava battlestaff, Rune Full Helm, very common herbs, seeds Canifis Slayer Tower
63 File:Spiritual_ranger_icon.PNG Spiritual ranger 112+ Varies with different gods None Various Arrows God Wars Dungeon
65 File:Dust_devil_icon.PNG Dust Devil 93 105 Facemask or Gas Mask Dragon chainbody (extremely rare) Smoke Dungeon west of Pollnivneach, Chaos tunnels
68 File:Spiritual_warrior_icon.PNG Spiritual warrior 115+ Varies with different gods None Various armour from Steel to Rune and level 3 Clue scrolls God Wars Dungeon
70 File:Kurask_icon.PNG Kurask 106 97 Leaf-bladed spear/Broad arrows/Broad-tipped bolts/Magic Dart/Leaf-bladed sword(uncommon) (hence Slayer staff) White/gold Mystic robe top, Kurask head, Leaf-bladed sword Fremennik Slayer Dungeon and Desert Slayer Dungeon
72 File:Skeletal_wyvern_icon.PNG Skeletal Wyvern 140 210 Mind/Elemental shield, or Dragonfire Shield Granite platelegs, Draconic Visage Asgarnian Ice Caves
75 File:Gargoyle_icon.PNG Gargoyle 111 105 Rock hammer Black/red Mystic robe top, Adamant boots, Granite maul

Canifis Slayer Tower, Chaos tunnels ,

Kuradal's Dungeon

78 File:Aquanite_icon.png Aquanite 114 125 None Amulet of ranging Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
80 File:Nechryael_icon.PNG Nechryael 115 105 None Rune boots Canifis Slayer Tower, Chaos tunnels
83 File:Spiritual_mage_icon.PNG Spiritual mage 120/121/123 Varies with different gods None Dragon boots God Wars Dungeon
85 File:Abyssal_demon_icon.PNG Abyssal Demon 124 150 None Abyssal Whip, Abyssal demon head

Canifis Slayer Tower, Abyssal Area ,

Kuradel's Dungeon

90 File:Dark_beast_icon.PNG Dark Beast 180 220/225.5 None Dark Bow, Death talisman

Temple of Light ,

Kuradal's Dungeon

1. Although the official game manual states that skeletal and zombie hands only require level 5 slayer to kill, their only known location at present is the Meiyerditch Dungeon. This dungeon is avaible only during and after the Legacy of Seergaze quest, which requires level 31 slayer.

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