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This article is about non-player characters who give slayer assignments. For the term for a player with level 99 Slayer, see Slayer cape.

Slayer Masters are non-player characters who give Players Slayer assignments. There are currently seven Slayer Masters which give tasks. Some slayer masters require players to achieve a minimum Slayer and combat level before giving slayer assignments. The slayer masters differ in the difficulty and number of Monsters they assign. After the Smoking Kills quest is completed, the completion of every task, starting after the 4th completed in a row will grant Slayer reward points, excluding Turael/Spira. As of 11/9/09 all Slayer Masters have a right-click option Get-Task.



Turael, and his replacement, his daughter Spria, are the easiest Slayer Masters. They have no minimum combat or slayer level requirements before players may receive assignments.

Tureal and Spria is located in a small house south of the General store in Burthorpe. The quickest ways to reach them are to use (roughly in this order):

If a player receives an assignment they do not wish to do, both Tureal and Spria may give an easier assignment if the player talks to them. This always works if the assignment is for a creature that isn't assigned by them. Normally, Tureal and Spria will not reassign a task if they can assign that creature themselves. For example, if Duradel assigned a player Desert lizards, then Tureal/Spria may not change the task, as they too assign desert lizards. However, if the number of creatures to be slain is far greater than what he would assign, it is possible that he will change the task. For example, if Duradel assigned 140+ Kalphites, then Tureal/Spria will change this, as they would not assign that many to kill. In this case, Tureal/Spria will give a new assignment, a new creature to slay or fewer of the same creature - its an entirely new drawing so you can receive the same monster. Note that it is impossible for a player to get Tureal/Spria to reassign a task that they gave out.

Completion of a task assigned by Tureal/Spria will not grant any Slayer points


Mazchna is the second easiest Slayer Master. During While Guthix Sleeps he tells the player that he is "practically immortal". To be assigned monsters from him, you must have a combat level of at least 20.

Mazchna is located northeast of Canifis. The fastest ways to reach him are to use (roughly in this order):

Completion of a task assigned by Mazchna will grant you 1 Slayer point.


Vannaka is a medium Slayer Master. To be assigned monsters from him, you must have a combat level of at least 40.

Vannaka is located in the Edgeville Dungeon, East of the Wilderness gate. The fastest ways to reach him are to use (roughly in this order):

  • The Paddewwa Teleport of Ancient Magicks, arriving at the entrance to the dungeon.
  • An Amulet of glory teleport to Edgeville, north of the dungeon entrance.
  • Fairy ring code DKR, arriving east of Edgeville.
  • Varrock Teleport after using Diary to move location to south entrance of GE.
  • Use the combat bracelet to teleport to the monastery which is just west of Edgeville.

Completion of a task assigned by Vannaka will grant you 4 Slayer points.


Chaeldar is a hard Slayer Master. To be assigned monsters from her, you must have a combat level of at least 70, and have completed Lost City.

Chaeldar is located in Zanaris. The fastest way to reach her is to use a Fairy Ring to go to Zanaris. Otherwise, one can reach her by entering the shed in the Lumbridge Swamp whilst wielding a Dramen Staff.

Completion of a task assigned by Chaeldar will grant you 10 Slayer points.


Sumona is a harder Slayer Master, usually assigning similar monsters to Duradel but fewer of them. She was added on 5 June 2008 as the central figure behind the Smoking Kills quest. To be assigned tasks by her, players must have completed the quest. To qualify for the quest and thus use Sumona as a slayer master, players must have a combat level of at least 85 and a slayer level of at least 35.

Sumona is located in a house in north-central Pollnivneach. The fastest ways to reach her are (roughly in this order):

Completion of a task assigned by Sumona will grant you 12 Slayer points.


Duradel and his replacement, Lapalok, are the second hardest Slayer Masters. To be assigned monsters from Duradel, or Lapalok, players must have a combat level of at least 100 and a slayer level of at least 50. Also, to be able to enter Shilo Village, where Duradel and Lapalok live, players must have completed the Druidic Ritual, Jungle Potion and Shilo Village quests, which themselves require various minimum levels of skills (all told, 3 Herblore, 4 Smithing, 20 Crafting, and 32 Agility).

Duradel and Lapalok are located on the platform bridging the river at the fishing shop in Shilo Village. Although Duradel and Lapalok are usually north of the river (or sometimes on the bridge), they cannot be accessed from north of the river. Instead, enter the fishing shop south of the river, climb the ladder there, and cross the bridge to get to them. The fastest ways to reach Shilo Village are to use (roughly in this order):

Completion of a task assigned by Duradel/Lapalok will grant you 15 Slayer points.


Kuradal, Duradel's daughter, is the highest and hardest Slayer Master. She requires at least 110 combat and 75 Slayer. She can be found in the Ancient Cavern past the Brutal Green Dragons and up the stairs that lead to the Dragon Forge. There are only three ways to access her (ordered by fastest to slowest):

  • Using a charge of the Ferocious ring, which teleports the player directly to Kuradal.
  • Using the Fairy Ring code BJQ. Before it can be used, however, the player must repair the Fairy Ring from inside the Caverns, using 5 Bittercap mushrooms and a spade. This will activate the ring and allow normal transportation to and from Zanaris.
  • Entering the Ancient Caverns by jumping the whirlpool off the jetty that is on the northern shore of the Baxtorian Falls lake.

Completion of a task assigned by Kuradal will grant you 18 slayer points.


NOTE: This section contains spoilers for those who have not completed While Guthix Sleeps. If you have not completed the quest, and do not want the quest to be spoiled, do not read further.
  • All of the slayer masters, except Sumona and Kuradal, have weapons. Turael has a Steel halberd, Mazchna has a sword shaped somewhat like a scimitar, Vannaka has his infamous one-handed steel two-handed sword as well as the Legends' Guild's dragon square shield, Chaeldar has a purple Battleaxe, and Duradel has Rune claws, while his replacement, Lapalok, wields a single iron claw.
  • Turael, Vannaka, Duradel and Kuradal are human. Mazchna is a demon. Chaeldar is a fairy. Sumona appears to be human but actually is a manifestation of Amascut The Devourer, a goddess of destruction.
  • There is actually an 8th slayer master - Catolax, although he is deceased, and players cannot get tasks from him. Catolax is found in the Smoking Kills quest.
  • During the While Guthix Sleeps quest, Turael, Duradel and Mazchna and 5 other warriors band together to fight Lucien. Turael and Duradel die, while Mazchna, being immortal thanks to his demonic form, is only seriously wounded and survives. After the quest, Duradel is replaced by Lapalok, who looks quite similar to him and gives the same tasks. Turael is replaced by his daughter, Spria.
  • On 3 December 2009 (and the days after), a mysterious woman named Kuradal teleported in and out of slayer locations (such as the Chaos Tunnels, Taverley Dungeon, etc), surprising the slayers nearby.
    • Kuradal used the Stat spy lunar spell on a person doing a slayer task, while saying "Hmm... you'll be coming with me."
    • When examined, the chat box outputted "Who was that?".
  • This led to much speculation of a possible slayer guild or slayer master on the RuneScape Forums. On 8 December 2009, she became available as the new Slayer Master, and revealed that she was capturing the monsters to add them to her dungeon in the Ancient Caverns.

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