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All slayer masters operate a Slayer Equipment shop, selling various tools and weapons for use against certain monsters they assign. All slayer masters offer the same shop, at the same prices.

The Slayer Equipment shop inferface.
Slayer equipment
Level to Wield/Use Image Item Cost From Slayer Equipment Shop/
Other Method of Obtaining
1 An Enchanted gem. Enchanted gem 1 coin Contacting Slayer masters.
1 A Black mask. Black mask Rare drop from Cave horrors Gives a +15% Attack and Strength boost against the players Slayer assignment. Requires 10 Defence, 20 Strength, and 40 Combat to wield.
10(1) A Facemask. Facemask 200 coins Protecting against the environment within the Desert Slayer Dungeon and the Smokey Well, and against Dust devils' attacks.
15 A pair of Earmuffs. Earmuffs 200 coins Protect against Banshees.
20(2) A Bag of salt. Bag of salt 10 coins each Finishing off Rock slugs (one per slug).
22(2) An Ice cooler. Ice cooler 1 coin each Finishing off Desert lizards (one per lizard).
25 A Mirror shield. Mirror shield 5000 coins Protecting against Basilisks and Cockatrice (requires 20 defence to wield).
32(2) A Fishing explosive. Fishing explosive 60 coins Luring Mogres.
33 An Unlit bug lantern. Unlit bug lantern 130 coins Harming Harpie bug swarms (equipped in shield slot, must be lit to work).
35 A Spiney helmet. Spiny helmet 650 coins Protecting against Wall beasts (requires 5 defence to wield).
35(1) A Witchwood icon. Witchwood icon 900 coins Protecting against Cave horrors.
35(3) A Slayer helmet. Slayer helmet Free, after purchasing the ability to make it for 400 Slayer reward points. Provides the protection of a Spiny helmet, a Facemask, Earmuffs, a Nosepeg, the +15% attack and strength boost of an uncharged Black mask, with defence bonuses similar to that of a Rune full helm. It is crafted from a Spiny helmet, a Facemask, Earmuffs, a Nosepeg, and an uncharged Black mask, with 55 Crafting.
35(3) A Slayer ring. Slayer ring 75 Slayer reward points for one, 300 Slayer reward points for the ability to make them Gives the functions of an Enchanted gem, but also tells current Slayer reward points, and provides teleports to the Slayer Tower, the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, the Desert Slayer Dungeon and The Lair of Tarn Razorlor (providing the miniquest has been completed). Has 8 charges, one charge is used up per teleport.Crafting a ring requires level 75 crafting, an Enchanted gem (which can be purchased for one coin from a slayer master), a Gold bar, and a Ring mould.
37 A pair of Insulated boots. Insulated boots 200 coins Protecting against Killerwatts.
39 A Slayer bell. Slayer bell 150 coins Luring Molanisks.
42 A pair of Slayer gloves. Slayer gloves 200 coins Protecting against Fever spiders.
55 A Leaf-bladed spear. Leaf-bladed spear 31,000 coins Killing Turoths and Kurasks.
55 A Leaf-bladed sword. Leaf-bladed sword Received as a drop from Turoths and Kurasks Killing Turoths and Kurasks.
55 Some Broad arrows. Broad arrows 60 coins each, 250 for 35 Slayer reward points Killing Turoths and Kurasks.
55 Some Broad-tipped bolts. Broad-tipped bolts 250 for 35 Slayer reward points Killing Turoths and Kurasks.
55 Some Broad arrow heads. Broad arrow heads 50 coins each Fletching Broad arrows, after purchasing the ability to do so, with 52 Fletching.
55 Some Unfinished broad bolts. Unfinished broad bolts 50 coins each Fletching Broad-tipped bolts, after purchasing the ability to do so, with 55 Fletching.
55 A Slayer's staff. Slayer's staff 21,000 coins Allowing the use of the Magic Dart spell to kill Turoths and Kurasks.
57 A Fungicide spray. Fungicide spray 300 coins Finishing off Mutated Zygomites (10 per refill).
57(2) A refill for a Fungicide spray. Fungicide 10 coins each Refilling Fungicide spray.
60 A Nose peg. Nose peg 200 coins Protecting against Aberrant spectres.
75(2) A Rock hammer. Rock hammer 500 coins Killing Gargoyles (this item is not equippable).
Quest items
32 A Super fishing explosive. Super Fishing Explosive Made by Herblore (After Kennith's Concerns) Luring Mogres and deal them 15 damage.
56 A Crystal chime. Crystal chime Obtained during Path of Glouphrie Weakening Warped tortoises and Warped terrorbirds. Using this item on them makes them vulnerable for about 30 seconds. After this period of time, one must re-use them on the monster.

1. Although the Facemask requires level 10 Slayer to wield, the player cannot hurt Dust Devils until level 65 Slayer. Similarly, the Witchwood icon can be wielded at level 35 slayer, but players cannot harm Cave horrors until level 58 slayer. What's more odd is that the Nose peg can't be worn until 60 Slayer, but the Slayer helmet, which contains a Nose peg, can be worn at 35.

2. These items do not have a Slayer level requirement, but are only useful at these levels, as that is the level their respective monsters require.

3. The Slayer helmet and Slayer ring does not have a required Slayer level, however, to purchase the rings, or gain the ability to make the helmet or rings, the player needs complete Smoking Kills, which requires level 35 Slayer.


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