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Slave Hunt

location: Rivet City
given by: Mei Wong
reward: karma
location to the Temple of the Union (if you help Mei Wong)

Slave Hunt refers to an unmarked quest in Fallout 3.

When talking to Mei Wong in Rivet City, you can find out she is an escaped slave and therefore scared of Sister, a Slaver who is visiting the city.

You have a couple of options (other than ignoring the situation entirely):

  • Aid Sister in recapturing the slave. You receive bad karma.
  • Tell Sister that Mei Wong is an escaped slave and let her know you told him. She commits suicide and you receive bad karma.
  • Provide Mei Wong with caps, allowing her to purchase a pistol to defend herself. You receive good karma.
  • Kill Sister.


  • Killing Sister without alerting the guards can be difficult, but there are a few methods:
    • Use the Mister Sandman perk to kill him while he sleeps in his room (located on the upper deck).
    • Use the mesmetron to frenzy him, then kill him (or have him killed by the Rivet City Security) without penalty.
    • Kill him in an isolated location, most likely the stairwell. You can catch him there alone at around 3:00 AM, when he leaves the Muddy Rudder to go to his room. If he is not alone in the stairwell (others could also have just exited the bar with him), stall him by any means necessary (such as standing in his way) while the stairwell empties, then try to kill him quickly and silently.
    • Find him in the Weatherly Hotel and wait around. At approximately 6PM he'll leave and head for the flight deck, which should be empty at this time. Kill him silently, using something like the Dart Gun or a melee weapon, as the Rivet City Security guards in the nearby building may hear and become hostile.
  • Killing or mezzing Mei Wong is equally difficult; Rivet City doesn't take kindly to repeat Slavers. Most of the same tactics will work.
  • Even if you have already paid Mei Wong 25 caps to buy a pistol, she will still comment on being glad that Sister is dead (if you have killed him).
  • Paying Mei Wong to buy a pistol is actually the only way she will disclose the location of the Temple of the Union to you; killing Sister will not get you this information.
  • If wearing the Chinese stealth suit, you can use a silenced weapon to kill him without alerting anyone.


  • Karma (see above)
  • If you help Mei Wong out, she will give you the location to the Temple of the Union.


  • Mei Wong may not actually buy a pistol after you give her the money. (confirmed on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3) You could rectify this by reverse pickpocketing a pistol and ammo to her.
  • Sister may not disappear after giving the money to Mei Wong.
  • It is possible to capture Mei Wong with the mesmetron, however, the dialog is the same as if you capture another.
Rivet City

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