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A view of Bhujerba

The Skycity of Bhujerba (空中都市ビュエルバ Kūchū Toshi Byueruba) is a location in the land of Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII. A floating city, it tries to maintain neutrality at all times, but recent events have forced its residents to ally with Archadia.



See also: Sage Knowledge 53-78#SK 53: Bhujerba.

Bhujerba is located in the Sky Continent of Dorstonis, above the Naldoan Sea. A floating city-state, Bhujerba thrives solely on the export of magicite mined in the nearby Lhusu Mines. Originally founded by Moogles, who were the first pioneers of airship travel, Bhujerba became an airship docking port and expeditions discovered more magicite mines, increasing Bhujerba's revenue. During the age of the Galtean Alliance, House Ondore took over the administration and initiated a system to control the magicite mining activities; by closing exhausted mines to let the magicites recover and opening new mines elsewhere. This guarantees continuous production of magicite. It is rumored that should the magicite supply be exhausted, Bhujerba and the rest of the Sky Continent would descend to the surface; these rumors are yet to be proven true.


Ruled by Marquis Halim Ondore IV, Bhujerba tries to maintain its neutrality amongst all nations. It was even the mediator between Archadia and Dalmasca when they signed their peace treaty. However, they have recently entered into a formal alliance with Archadia, although the Archadians have no real power over Bhujerba. In reality, though, Bhujerba has allied with the resistance, in hopes of bringing down the Archadian Empire.


The people of Bhujerba speak with an accent similar to "Indian English". Many of their terms are actual words from the actual Sanskrit language. The most common word is Bhadra, which is a formal address, not unlike the English use of Sir/Madam or Mr/Ms/Mrs. The dialect is also seen, when approaching the guides of the city, as they will have the title of Parijanah, which fittingly means "guide".

Other Bhujerban words:

  • Amba - Mother
  • Bhadra - Good
  • Hanta - Great!
  • Kah - Who
  • Kastam - Alas
  • Madhu - A wine beverage, is Honey in Sanskrit
  • Murkha - Fool
  • Parijanah - Guide
  • Raksas - Monster
  • Sainikah - Soldier
  • Svagatam - Welcome


Note: The items available for purchase change throughout the game. These items may not all be available at the same time.


Targe's Arms

You may wish to consult the List of Final Fantasy XII Weapons article for more information on individual weapons.

Weapon Cost
Iron Sword 1200 gil
Oak Staff 400 gil
Javelin 1400 gil
Assassin's Dagger 1400 gil
Capella 1400 gil
Oaken Pole 1300 gil
Aevis Killer 1500 gil
Zwill Blade 1700 gil
Weapon Cost
Cherry Staff 800 gil
Broadsword 400 gil
Dagger 200 gil
Shortbow 500 gil
Altair 500 gil
Longsword 700 gil
Mage Masher 700 gil
Silver Bow 1000 gil

Rithil's Protectives

You may wish to consult the List of Final Fantasy XII Armor article for more information on individual armor pieces.

Armor Cost
Leather Headgear 500 gil
Bronze Chestplate 500 gil
Topkapi Hat 500 gil
Kilimweave Shirt 500 gil
Sallet 1000 gil
Scale Armor 1000 gil
Buckler 1000 gil
Horned Hat 700 gil
Ringmail 700 gil
Calot Hat 700 gil
Shepherd's Bolero 700 gil
Armor Cost
Iron Helm 1400 gil
Iron Armor 1400 gil
Bronze Shield 1200 gil
Headguard 300 gil
Leather Breastplate 300 gil
Pointy Hat 300 gil
Silken Shirt 300 gil
Bronze Helm 700 gil
Bronze Armor 700 gil
Leather Shield 600 gil

Street Vendors

There are two vendors, one in Khus Skygrounds and one in Lhusu Square. You may wish to consult the List of Final Fantasy XII Items and the List of Final Fantasy XII Accessories article for more information on these individual items.

Wares Cost
Sweep 16200 gil
Turtleshell Choker 9300 gil
Potion 70 gil
Antidote 50 gil
Eye Drops 50 gil
Phoenix Down 250 gil
Echo Herbs 50 gil
Gold Needle 100 gil
Alarm Clock 50 gil
Handkerchief 50 gil

Clio's Technicks

You may wish to consult the Technick article for more information on individual technicks.

Technick Cost
Poach 7000 gil
Charge 1700 gil
Horology 2000 gil
Souleater 6400 gil

Mait's Magicks

You may wish to consult the Magick article for more information on individual spells.

Spell Cost
Raise 1900 gil
Cura 1500 gil
Vox 300 gil
Stona 800 gil
Water 800 gil
Immobilize 600 gil
Disable 600 gil
Break 900 gil
Reflect 800 gil
Spell Cost
Blind 200 gil
Protect 200 gil
Poison 500 gil
Shell 300 gil
Sleep 700 gil
Oil 600 gil
Silence 400 gil
Dark 500 gil


  • The Bhujerban Madhu quest takes place here. It is possible to find casks of the drink and give it to some miners near the mine entrance in exchange for far more gil than what selling it would yield.


Other Appearances

Itadaki Street Portable

The Skycity of Bhujerba appears in Itadaki Street Portable as an area. The Strahl can be seen in the background.

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