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The Sky Fortress Bahamut is a massive airship in Ivalice, the world of Final Fantasy XII.

Designed by Doctor Cidolfus to be Archadia's ultimate airship, the structure is so large that there is not enough power for it to maintain its critical systems for most of the game. Such energy is only obtained once the Sun-Cryst has been destroyed by Reddas, allowing Vayne Solidor to pilot the craft.



Hovering over Rabanastre, the Bahamut can only be reached by airship. Entering the Sky Fortress crosses a point of no return, since it is the final dungeon of Final Fantasy XII.


Bahamut, with the Alexander for comparison.

The Bahamut serves as a capital ship, aircraft carrier, and superweapon for the Arcadian armies. It carries a large complement of fighters and has rapid-firing cannons placed on the hull, and utilizes a multitude of glossair rings to support its massive structure. However, the most prominent features of the Bahamut is the Cannon Superstructure placed near the top, as it is capable of causing of destroying multiple airships with a single shot.

The Battle

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The Bahamut is the flagship of the ultimate Archadian Fleet involved with crushing the Resistance. It first demonstrates its power by firing upon several Resistance airships hovering over Rabanastre. The ships are quickly swallowed up in the inferno, but the show of power failed to deter the rest of the Resistance fleet. So the air battle over Rabanastre began, and the Resistance was able to hold its own against the Imperial forces. However, the Bahamut continued to serve as a serious threat to the Resistance ships, and nearly destroyed the Resistance flagship Garland, instead destroying three ships behind it.

Towards the end of the battle the Bahamut's glossair rings stop due to the attacks of the resistance ships and the battle going on within between Vayne and the party, and the fortress begins to fall toward Rabanastre. Balthier, however, manages to get the rings running again. It crashes just outside of the city, embedding itself in the ground. In the epilogue, it is shown to have been covered with plant life, and a small lake has been constructed at the base.




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