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Rebellion in Theed


Escort of Borvo the Hutt

Skirmishes in the Naboo Countryside

Invasion of Naboo


32 BBY


Naboo countryside and swamps


Naboo tactical victory; civilians driven from homes.


Trade Federation


Captain Kael


  • Many civilians and their homes
  • Several houseboats
  • Many fighters and tanks
  • Many STAPs
  • Many gunboats

Following the Rebellion in Theed, the Royal Naboo Security Forces were scattered. Naboo's Queen had fled the planet to plead their case in the Galactic Senate. Two soldiers, Captain Kael and Lt. Gavyn Sykes fled the battle in captured Trade Federation speeders. The Federation started attacking the Naboo countryside in retaliation and was ready to move into the Swamps. The two soldiers fought to save civilians in the Skirmishes in the Naboo Countryside.


Several enemy STAPs started chasing Captain Kael, who ordered Sykes to destroy them. They saw several more enemies attacking the Naboo houses. The two engaged the droid forces, saving a number of civilians. Sweeping the rest of the countryside, they destroyed more forces until they reached a large cluster of farms. The Federation was intent on wiping out the Naboo farmers, but Sykes destroyed several waves of droids. More droids were inbound, and the two soldiers knew they had to escape. They fought their way down the road. A tank blocked their way, but Sykes destroyed it; he also shot down a droid starfighter while flying over a bridge. Sykes and Kael crossed the bridge and entered into a security hangar, entering a pair of police cruisers. They flew into the swamplands, right in front of a large attacking Federation force.

The Swamps

The massacre was already underway when Kael and Sykes flew into the swamps. They saved several houseboats from destruction, including the leader of a trading village. He gratefully told him of a police officer named Vedd Deviss stuck on the far side of the village and suggested he could join their force. The two soldiers flew on to find Deviss, destroying many fighters and gunboats on the way. At the end of the village, they engaged droid bombers intent on leveling the area. After shooting them down, Deviss took off to fly with them. He suggested they could ally with a smuggler in the mountains.


  • Star Wars: Battle for Naboo

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