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Skirmishers are typically ?/W class combos which generally lack the endurance to stay in melee like a warrior primary can, but still provide a useful service in combat. Skirmishers need not be associated with warriors at all, and might simply make use of spells or skills which require touch range to activate. The root word skirmish is defined as a minor fight incidental to a larger movement, or a small contest between two parties. As such, skirmisher tactics revolve around secondary or tertiary tanking, harassing tactics, and spike damage.

Secondary/Tertiary Tank

Secondary/tertiary tanking is like sheep herding. The idea for secondary tanks being to block monsters from softer targets and direct them towards the primary warriors, or serving as a means of penning monsters in for AoE spell damage. Tertiary tanks serve the role of "mage guard," protecting against targets who make it by both primary and secondary tanks. They are important for party survival in mob situations, but generally are the least important builds and are considered optional especially late game where non-warrior primaries can take far too much damage to tank at all. Warrior stances and certain other skills (such as Blurred Vision) are staples of secondary/tertiary tanks for late game survival.


Harassing tactics revolve around specific close combat skills for fast, influential effects. Thunderclap or Glimmering Mark and a lightning weapon, Ward spells, Mark of Rodgort and a fiery weapon, or Earth Shaker/Aftershock combos are all widely successful as harassing build combos. After completing their task, these skirmishers retreat to wait for their combo skills to refresh and lessen health loss. Harassers are more popular in PvP than PvM, but are useful in either situation.


Spike damage melee builds usually revolve around unleashing a torrent of spells and skills in close combat quickly, then retreating to recover lost energy and/or health. For example, a necromancer with Dark Aura and a variety of touch and/or sacrifice spells is potent in close range (mainly due to Dark Aura's area effect when triggered by sac spells, Touch of Agony in particular which can easily exceed 100 damage combined which bypasses armor). After a quick run of the combo spells, when health and/or energy is depleted, the skirmisher retreats to recover for another run.

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Biological information


Physical description
Skin color

Dark gray/brown


Larger, more muscular subspecies of Kig-Yar

Military and Political information

Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol
Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher


Covenant Empire

"A new species joins the familiar antagonists: a cousin of the Jackals called the Skirmishers, who are deadly and cunning enemies who attack in packs and flank secured positions."
—Game Informer, February 2010[1]

The Skirmisher is a subspecies of the Kig-Yar.[2]


The Covenant uses them as close-range combatants, attacking in packs and using flanking tactics (as opposed to Jackals, which are often used as defensive and long range combatants). Physically, they seem to be similar to the normal Jackals, but their heads and skin color are very different from their cousins.[1] Physically, they closely resemble Dromaeosaurs.

The Jackal and Skirmisher are of the same species, with the larger, more heavily muscled specimens comprising grenadier-type units (Skirmishers) and the smaller, more lightly built specimens seeing deployment as dedicated ranger or sniper units (Jackals). This is a significant change from engagements prior to 2530 when mixed units were more common.[2]



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The Skirmisher was a Tartan-class patrol cruiser in the Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War.


  • Star Wars: Empire at War


  •  Tartan patrol cruiser in the Databank

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