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Mission to Prakith[1]


Mission to Had Abbadon[2]


Massacre on Soheras Trench[3]

Skirmish on Dac

Second Imperial Civil War[4] / Genocide of Mon Calamari[3]


137 ABY[3]




Mon Calamari victory[3]

Civilian casualties

Various Mon Calamari refugees[3]

"Acklay base Sea Lion, this is Shark Squadron Leader. Have located the fleeing fishead colony. Am transmitting coordinates to start attack run."
"Copy, Shark Leader. We have them in our sights. All units, open fire. Let's cook some Calamari.
―Shark Squadron Leader, and the operator of the Sea Lion

The Skirmish on Dac took place in 137 ABY, and was a continuation of the genocide ordered by Emperor Darth Krayt to punish the Mon Calamari for the collaboration with the Galactic Alliance Remnant. In the waters of their homeworld Dac, a group of Mon Calamari refugees were ambushed by Krayt's Shark Squadron of subfighters, which deployed from the underwater battle station, Sea Lion. The Sharks began to kill every Mon Cal in sight under the belief that the natives had no defenses; however, they were surprised when a squad of Mon Calamari Rangers, led by a Mon Cal named Tanquar, arrived to assist their kinsmen. Battle immediately ensued, and a squad of Aquatic assault stormtroopers was sent into the depths to deal with the refugees by commander Sturves of the Sea Lion. Before the troopers could even begin their assault on the Mon Cals, they were unexpectedly attacked by Imperial Master Treis Sinde, who defeated them all in short order.

Sinde then infiltrated the Sea Lion and engaged the remaining crewmembers in battle. He managed to cause an explosion in the station which left it critically damaged, and many of the crew dead or wounded. Sinde was then confronted by chief Bor Alsek, with whom Sinde had served many years prior. After a brief exchange, Sinde was forced to kill Alsek in self-defense. The Imperial Master then exited the station, which was taking on massive amounts of water. Defeated, the Sea Lion and its remaining Sharks fled the scene, leaving the Mon Cal Rangers to revel in their victory. However, Master Sinde was less-than pleased with the Rangers' performance, and reminded them what they were truly fighting for—the survival of the Mon Calamari race.

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  • Star Wars Legacy 32: Fight Another Day, Part 1
  • Star Wars Legacy 33: Fight Another Day, Part 2 (Mentioned only)

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