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A Cape of Accomplishment is a cape that symbolises the highest level of accomplishment in a particular skill. This means that the player has obtained level 99 in any of the skills available, or has completed all of the quests in the case of the Quest point cape. The Capes of Accomplishment were formally released on 18 October 2006 after having been alluded to several times within the forums, after Jagex had received many complaints of dedicated high-levelled players not being able to have much to flaunt with.

Capes of Accomplishment cost 99,000 coins each and are obtainable from specific NPC masters, who can be seen proudly displaying the cape. The NPC is located in a place related to his/her skill. These capes can only be bought and equipped on a members' server, but once equipped they may be worn on non-members servers (minus the stat adjustments). Capes also come with matching hoods, although the hoods do not offer any bonuses. As they cannot be traded, the only way to obtain a Cape of Accomplishment is by reaching level 99 in a skill, or by completing all of the quests.

When someone achieves a secondary level 99 skill, their earlier cape of achievement receives a graphical enhancement in the form of a "trim" in a different colour. This is irreversible. Those so called "trimmed skillcapes" can be used to show that someone has more than one skill on level 99. An exception to this is the quest cape. This cape cannot be trimmed, nor can it be used to trim other capes of accomplisment.
Strength and Range emote being shown.



Equipment bonusses

All the different capes of accomplishment (also called skillcapes), provide the same stat bonusses. The only difference between the trimmed and untrimmed versions is the trimmed version has an additional +4 prayer bonus.

Cape of Accomplishment (Untrimmed)
Hover over image for type
  Attack bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
+0 +0 +0 +0 +0
  Defence bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning
+9 +9 +9 +9 +9 +9
Other bonuses
Strength Ranged Strength Prayer Magic Damage (%)
+0 +0 +0 0
Cape of Accomplishment (Trimmed)
Hover over image for type
  Attack bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
+0 +0 +0 +0 +0
  Defence bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning
+9 +9 +9 +9 +9 +9
Other bonuses
Strength Ranged Strength Prayer Magic Damage (%)
+0 +0 +4 0


Main article: Skillcape (emote)

Each cape comes with a special emote that can only be performed while wearing it. The emotes are meant to represent the cape's respective skill.

A player performing the Agility cape emote.

Skill Boost

In addition, wearing the cape and selecting the "Boost" option in the equipment menu temporarily boosts the player's effective level in the cape's skill by one, up to 100. This does not apply to the Quest point cape. The Hitpoints, Prayer and Summoning capes have a one-minute cool-down period between uses of this effect. The effect of every cape's boost cannot be reactivated until the skill has dropped back to 99.

Trimmed capes

Most capes have two styles, regular and trimmed. If a player only has one level 99 skill, the cape will be in the regular style, otherwise it will be trimmed; there is no way to manually choose the style, as it is entirely dependent on the number of level 99 skills one has. Trimmed capes have an additional Prayer equipment bonus (of +4) over the regular capes, but other than appearance, this is the only change. Once trimmed, a skillcape will never be untrimmed again. Regular capes will automatically be changed into the trimmed style the instant the player obtains a second level 99 skill, regardless of whether a second cape is purchased. It is also possible to trim your skill cape in a free-to-play world, provided that you have one 99, or you are wearing an untrimmed skill cape at the time. The exception here is the Quest point cape, which does not have a trimmed style, even if the player has two or more level 99 skills. It also does not count towards the two level 99 skills needed for a trimmed cape.


When you reach any level in 99, or complete all the quests, you can wear a stylish hood that goes with the main colour of the cape.

List of Capes of Accomplishment

Skill Skillcape Location Seller
Agility cape Agility arena Cap'n Izzy No-Beard
Attack cape Warriors' Guild Ajjat
Construction cape Varrock, Falador, Seers' Village, Ardougne Any Estate agent
Cooking cape Cooking guild Head Chef
Crafting cape Crafting guild Master Crafter
Defence cape Lumbridge Melee combat tutor
Farming cape Draynor Village Martin the Master Gardener
Firemaking cape Seers' Village Ignatius Vulcan
Fishing cape Fishing Guild Master fisher
Fletching cape Catherby Hickton
Herblore cape Taverley Kaqemeex
Hitpoints cape Duel Arena Surgeon General Tafani
Hunter cape Feldip Hills Hunting expert
Magic cape Wizards' Guild Robe Store Owner
Mining cape Mining Guild Dwarf (only those at guild entrance)
Prayer cape Monastery Brother Jered
Ranging cape Ranging guild Armour Salesman
Runecrafting cape Varrock Aubury
Slayer cape Kuradal's Dungeon Kuradal
Smithing cape Mudskipper Point Thurgo
Strength cape Warriors' Guild Sloane/Yadech Strongarm
Summoning cape Taverley Pikkupstix
Thieving cape Rogue's Den Martin Thwait
Woodcutting cape Falador Wilfred
Quest point cape Draynor Village Wise Old Man

Rarity of 99s

For the number of players with level 99 in skills, see level 99 .

Strength is currently the most common 99 skill in the game, followed by Cooking and Fletching. Below is a list of the order of the skills depending on the number of players having 99 in it. However, Cooking is said to be the easiest skill to achieve level 99 in, followed by Fletching and Firemaking.

Rank Skill Frequency Reason
1 Strength 121,860 Strength is popular among pures, who tend to have low Defence and very high Strength. Very cheap and easy to train.
2 Cooking 102,471 Cooking is one of the fastest and easiest 99s to achieve. It requires little attention.
3 Fletching 88,962 Fletching is one of the fastest and easiest 99s to achieve. It doesn't require a lot of attention and is fairly cheap. It can produce money at higher levels depending on the method used.
4 Attack 85,969 Attack is also popular among pures, though pures and lower levels tend to level Strength first. Very cheap and easy to train.
5 Hitpoints 77,286 99 Hitpoints comes passively with other high combat skills. Most players will achieve 99 in some other combat skill before they achieve 99 Hitpoints, making the untrimmed version semi-rare.
6 Defence 63,064 Even though Defence is ignored by pures, it is quite common among tankers. This skillcape is least common skillcape among the melee skills.
7 Woodcutting 58,207 Woodcutting is an easy 99 to achieve. It can be done quickly with no profit or slowly with quite a large amount of money. Little attention is required.
8 Ranged 53,312 Ranged is a very useful skill. It is one of the fastest 99s and is popular in both PvP and PvM.
9 Magic 46,550 Magic is possibly the most difficult combat skill to master. It is not particularly hard, but it requires a lot of attention and can be very expensive.
10 Firemaking 36,946 Firemaking is one of the fastest 99s to achieve. It requires a lot of attention but is fairly cheap.
11 Fishing 25,380 Though Fishing is not particularly fast, little attention is required, and it is profitable.
12 Prayer 14,466

Prayer is one of the fastest 99s to achieve. However, it is extremely expensive and is often achieved for the cape or to max combat rather than for its utility.

13 Hunter 14,102 Hunter is a tedious 99 to achieve. Although it may seem slow at first, at higher levels it becomes quicker. Constant attention is required; it is a popular skill for money.
14 Thieving 12,321 Thieving is one of the fastest 99s to achieve depending on the method. However, it requires constant attention.
15 Crafting 8,618 Crafting is a fairly fast 99 to achieve. It requires very little attention but can be expensive, although a few methods, like flax training, make it profitable.
16 Slayer 7,411 Slayer is levelled alongside combat. However, players will almost always achieve 99 in all other combat skills before reaching 99 Slayer. It is often achieved simply for the cape, but it produces money.
17 Smithing 6,470 Smithing can be a fast 99 to achieve. It requires some attention and is generally expensive, depending on the method used.
18 Farming 6,239 Farming is a fairly easy 99 to achieve. It can be trained passively as plants can go unattended for long periods of time; however, depending upon how you train it, you will either gain or lose a lot of money.
19 Mining 5,157 Mining is a tedious 99 to achieve. Though it is not particularly fast and constant attention is required, it is profitable if the ores are banked, which is not required to level up quickly.
20 Agility 4,932 Agility goes at a slow-medium pace. Constant attention is required. The skill is often achieved simply for the skillcape, rather than for utility as it produces no money.
21 Summoning 4,513 Summoning is one of the fastest 99s to achieve once all the charms are gathered, which is extremely time consuming and costly.
22 Construction 4,190 Construction is one of the quickest skills to master. However, it requires constant attention and all effective ways of training are expensive.
23 Herblore 4,083 Herblore is a fairly fast 99 to achieve. It doesn't require much attention, but may be extremely expensive.
24 Runecrafting 3,214

Runecrafting is a tedious 99 to achieve. Though it is slow, and it requires constant attention, it is currently one of the best skills for money once a high level is achieved.

Updated January-29-10.


The Fishing skillcape with colour errors.
  • In the Warriors' Guild section of the game guide, there is a screenshot of a player wearing a Fishing skillcape which had coding errors, making the trimmed section of the cape purple, similar to the 2008 glitch. This was merely an error done by Jagex while experimenting with in-game screen shots.
  • While the capes themselves are members-only, if they are already equipped upon entering a free world, the emotes can still be performed even though the cape itself becomes a "member's object".
  • On 29 October 2008, skillcapes were updated to include audio, making the skillcape emote the fourth emote with audio. Other emotes with audio include Trick, Air Guitar, Idea, Freeze, Around the World in Eggty Days, and Dramatic Point.
  • The Capes of Accomplishment still show the old style skill symbols, and have not changed since the symbols' graphical upgrade.
  • There are 27 NPCs in RuneScape wearing Capes of Accomplishment. One for each skill and one for each Estate agent.
  • The Wise Old Man is the only cape seller not to wear their respective cape.
  • Trimmed capes tend to make a player's words higher when sitting in the rest position.
  • The Grim Reapers cloaks are actually the legendary Reaping Cape of Accomplishment, according to a Postbag from the Hedge.
  • The trim on the Firemaking cape seems to be smaller than the trims of other Capes of Accomplishment.
  • The Armour Salesman is the only NPC that wears the hood with the cape.
  • A bug allowed players to drop the skillcapes for their first 99 and when they achieved their second 99, the dropped skillcape was unaffected by "trimming" and could be picked up and worn still as an untrimmed skillcape..
  • Ignatius Vulcan, the master of Firemaking, is the only NPC who has his cape trimmed.
  • There was a glitch associated with most Capes of Accomplishment in which the player could perform the emote while sitting down.
  • A glitch concerning the Dagon'hai robe bottom and Capes of Accomplishment appears when walking. Part of the robe bottom is visible through the cape.
  • Untrimmed Summoning capes are thought to be the rarest untrimmed capes in game with 8 currently in game, followed by Slayer and then Construction.
  • If a player does the skillcape emote over a trap door in a POH and someone pulls the lever, then the person will not fall, and continue to perform the emote. It also works for being teleported out of the house. This glitch was fixed on 11 January 2010.
  • With the release of the Dragon Platebody concept, there seems to be concept drawings for a new types of skillcape.
  • After reaching 99 in every possible skill, and completing all the quests, the message when you click 'Random Objective' says "Congratulations, you have completed the game." "GO OUTSIDE! ~Love Jagex"


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