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A skiller or a skill pure is a player that develops non-combat skills while keeping all combat skills at level 1 (staying at level 3 combat). Skillers are often criticized for being "pointless" as compared to building up the same level of supporting skills on a combat character, although the choice of a skill pure is a self-imposed challenge. It is often assumed by players that skill pures are not a player's first account, therefore they are commonly asked "What is your main account's level?" or similar questions. Certain skillers only attain one or two high leveled skill(s), while other skillers have higher overall leveled skills that have no relation to combat. For example, one skill pure may have level 80 Fishing and do nothing but that to make money, while another skill pure will have level 80 Fishing, Woodcutting, Firemaking, and Cooking. There are some cases where some skill pures are mistaken as a bot collecting resources using a macroing program, but as long as players do not infringe the Rules of Runescape, their accounts are safe.


Free-to-Play or Pay-to-play

When an account is made, it is usually in the free-to-play state. There are many free-to-play skillers that decide to stay in this state rather than pay money to become a member. Free-to-play skillers are considered more difficult to train because of limited resources and are restrained to train certain skills.

A member skiller has many more opportunities to train their non-combat skills. New mini-games, locations, quests, and clothing allows them to have access to more resources. Subscribing skill pures have more ways to make money through training profitable skills such as Hunter and Farming.


Some skillers choose to wear expensive or hard to get clothing to differentiate them from new players, although many skillers prefer to spend their gold on skill training rather than fashion. Items with which skillers are often seen include:

More Expensive:

Less Expensive:


These quests are possible to complete while being and remaining level 3 combat. Food and Rings of Recoil may be necessary to complete several of these quests.

Maximum Quest Points (Free-Play): 40 normally but due to the 2 holiday quests Swept Away and Myths of the White Lands that were available to non-members, the maximum is 42.
Maximum Quest Points (Member): 104

Free-Play Member
Black Knight's Fortress A Tail of Two Cats
Cook's Assistant Biohazard
Demon Slayer * Clock Tower
Doric's Quest Cold War
Ernest the Chicken Digsite Quest
Goblin Diplomacy Druidic Ritual
Pirate's Treasure* Dwarf Cannon
Prince Ali Rescue Eagles' Peak
Romeo and Juliet Elemental Workshop I
Rune Mysteries Enlightened Journey
Sheep Shearer Fishing Contest
The Knight's Sword Gertrude's Cat
Hazeel Cult
Hunt for Red Raktuber
In Pyre Need
Jungle Potion
Lost Tribe
Merlin's Crystal *
Monk's Friend
Murder Mystery
Myths of the White Lands
Observatory Quest *
One Small Favour
Perils of Ice Mountain
Plague City
Ratcatchers *
Recipe for Disaster (partly) *
Sea Slug
Sheep Herder
Shilo Village *
Swept Away
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio *
Tears of Guthix
The Golem
The Tourist Trap
The Hand in the Sand
Tower of Life
Tribal Totem


  • In the Observatory quest, you are no longer able to change which constellation you receive. The reward could possibly be combat experience.
  • Only the first 3 parts of Recipe for Disaster are possible for skill pures to complete because of the combat, quest, and quest point requirements. It is good to note that during Pirate Pete's part, you will need to go into combat, but is possible with recoils.
  • Shilo Village has now been updated and your friend must have a bone key to enter the tomb with you.
  • Demon Slayer is possible, but it is also possible to gain combat experience from attacking Delrith (because he is a non-aggressive monster) if you do not hit a 0 with your Silverlight.
  • Tai Bwo Wannai Trio is possible, but you will gain combat experience if you speak to the brothers after the quest.
  • In the quest Ratcatchers, you may gain Hitpoints experience when your cat fights with the king rodent, mind your Hitpoints remainder.
  • In the quest Cold War, you may gain 40 attack experience when you kill the Icelord near the end of the quest.
  • A recent thread was posted in the forums regarding how level 3 skillers were no longer able to complete Merlin's Crystal because they had to wield Excalibur to smash the Crystal. About a year ago, skillers were able to complete the quest without 20 attack. Because of this, Mod Ash posted a comment on the thread saying that he will be fixing this problem, ultimately allowing skillers to once again be able to complete the quest.

Prayer Pure

Main article: Prayer pure

Similar to a skiller, a prayer pure will raise only their prayer giving them minimal combat levels. At level 99 prayer and no other combat skills, a player will be combat level 15. There are many advantages solely to raise the prayer skill as many will do so to distinguish themselves from others. Prayer is very useful for traveling through dangerous areas and fighting monsters for quests. Several quests become available to those willing to raise prayer including The Restless Ghost, Priest In Peril, Creature of Fenkenstrain, Garden of Tranquillity, Ghosts Ahoy, Making History, and various others. One advantage that comes with the Creature of Fenkenstrain is the ability to play Werewolf Skullball, which offers reasonable Agility experience while not being dangerous at all.


  • The low combat of a pure means that many monsters are more powerful than the skiller. Hence certain skill training areas can prove dangerous to them.
  • Certain quests are impossible as some carry combat skill rewards or involve killing a monster (which can be challenging).
  • Large quantities of ring of recoil are often used to kill some monsters without gaining combat experience. At one point, the word spread that an update by Jagex started giving users Attack experience. But, this was merely a rumour that had circulated the skiller community. It is believed the rumour began when someone attempted to kill the Icelord during the Cold War quest with rings of recoil, and assumed the glitched bonus attack exp from completing the quest came from the rings of recoil. It has since been proven that recoils do not give attack experience. Another method for using rings of recoil is to have the skiller damage a quest monster and then have a high level friend wear the ring of recoil and take the damage. The strategy behind this is that, to kill a monster and receive the reward, one must do the majority of the damage to the monster. Damaging a monster with a ring of recoil does not classify as dealing it damage. So, if the only "real" damage dealt to the monster is 1 damage by the skiller, then they will have killed the monster. This method can be used to complete Lost City and Shilo Village.
  • Skillers are unable to wield any weapons or armour requiring a combat-related skill of a level higher than one.
  • To avoid gaining combat levels accidentally, it is recommended for skillers to equip a ranged weapon that they can currently wield, such as a standard shortbow or training bow with no ammunition to prevent accidental combat experience. Simply turning Auto Retaliate "Off" doesn't prevent accidental attacks, so wielding a ranged weapon without ammo is HIGHLY suggested.
  • Slayer is very difficult to level efficiently. Although slayer tasks can be completed using rings of recoil, methods such as using experience lamps and the rewards from penguin hide and seek and soul wars can be used to get experience without actually completing any slayer tasks.
  • It is currently not possible to get guitar emote as a skiller/pure prayer because of the quests that require combat
  • It is hard for skillers to level agility because many of the courses have quest requirements. However, when failing (most) obstacles, a lower number of damage is dealt because of the naturally lower hitpoints level.
  • Another challenge for skillers is the fact that a lot of people don't like the idea of them. Many skillers have to put up with a lot of insulting and negativity from other players. Some skillers have gotten this so much that they have turned the arguing into a hobby, claiming that "The best part of being a skiller is fighting with people all the time."
  • But this is not always the case, as many skillers become what they are due to popularity in skillers themselves, as many people either have a failed skiller or skiller that had gotten old.
  • Many skillers are hacked due to their GP and rare items, so a word to anyone who has a skiller - Keep your account safe!

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