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Skeletal Wyverns (Draconis Ossis) are very dangerous monsters that can drop Granite legs and the rare Draconic visage. Level 72 Slayer is required to kill them. An Elemental shield, Mind shield or Dragonfire Shield must be equipped when fighting wyverns, or else the player will be hit for very high damage. They are the lowest-levelled monsters to drop the Draconic visage, though it's debatable if they are the weakest.

Killing a Skeletal Wyvern is required for the Falador Diary as well as for the wish list of the Odd Old Man in the Fur 'n' Seek quest.


Strengths and Weaknesses

Wyverns attack with either melee or range, as well as a magic-based Freezing-breath attack. This attack can freeze players in a fashion similar to the Ancient Magicks ice barrage spell. Contrary to popular belief, the accuracy of this breath attack is NOT affected by armour. It will hit regardless of your armour; wearing the shields is the only real option that can affect their breath.

With Protect from Missiles, players can mostly avoid damage by using Ranged or Magic with this method. Due to an update, their breath reaches as far as their ranged attack, and therefore a player will still be hit by the magic-based attack. After they become tolerant, the tunnel separating the ice warriors/ice giants from the skeletal wyverns may be used as a safe spot, and because the max range of a crossbow is longer than the max range of the wyvern's attack, Protect from Missiles may be turned off. If the wyvern being attacked gets unstuck from behind the tunnel entrance, exit into the cavern containing the ice warriors and ice giants, but proceed no further - there is a very small spot where tolerance will not be lost. If you move any further away they will not be tolerant anymore. Log out and then log back in again, and then return to the safe spot and tolerance will not be lost.

  • Using the Protect from Melee prayer, along with prayer potions, is recommended because the wyverns hit fairly high and regularly, albeit somewhat slowly. Players can still take damage from the freezing-breath attack, but much less overall damage results with Protect from Melee. Because of the elemental/mind shield requirement, ranging attacks are only possible with one-handed weapons. On the defence, note that when wyverns jump up and emit a blue glow then they are about to unleash a ranged attack. Players can then momentarily switch to the Protect from Ranged prayer and only suffer damage from the ice breath magic attack.
  • Wyverns, being a member of the dragon family, have an incredibly high Magic defence; players using this method often need over 100 casts of slayer dart or spells using blood runes to kill one wyvern.
  • It is worthwhile to first attack a wyvern with a poison type weapon, such as a dragon dagger. Once a poison wound has been inflicted, the player can revert to their preferred attack weapon and style. It seems that skeletal wyverns have a weakness to slashing attacks. It also has been reported that there is a safe place close to the entrance where one can range or mage a wyvern on the other side of the entrance with impunity. This works because a crossbow's range is greater than any of the wyvern's attacks. However, this safespot only works once the Skeletal Wyverns become tolerant.
  • It should be noted that despite being skeletal creatures, they are not classified as undead but rather animated piles of bones. As such, wyverns are not vulnerable to the effects of the Salve Amulet or the spell Crumble Undead. Players should also note that the Fist of Guthix Dragon Slayer Gloves do not give bonuses when fighting them even though they drop the Draconic Visage and the Antifire potion has no effect on the wyvern's ice breath attack. Ice gloves do not help avoid their icy breath either.


Asgarnian Ice Dungeon



100% Drop

Weapons and armours



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Charm drop percentages
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4 - 7%

3 - 5%

48 - 55%

1 - 3%

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2 charms are dropped at once.

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All my long hours of research have finally paid off! Today I discovered an ancient journal in the great library, which detailed a ceremony for giving life back to greater beasts after they have died! I shall finally be able to unravel the secrets of the Skeletal Wyverns!
  • The horns on the sides of the Wyvern's skull look remarkably similar to those on the side of the dragon heads in the dragon forge
  • The reason Skeletal Wyverns are called "skeletal" is that they are dead. This could mean that there once were regular Wyverns somewhere in Gielinor. This has yet to be confirmed.

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